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California Crop Circle Turns Out To Be Marketing Stunt by Nvidia Chip Maker

This photo provided by NVIDIA shows a 310-foot "crop circle" in a California barley field that mystified locals this week was explained Sunday: it was a publicity stunt by Nvidia Corp., a maker of chips for PCs and smartphones.
Confirmed! Crop Circle Mystery Solved

Crop circle mystery solved: It was all just a marketing stunt
If and when aliens do ever show up on our planet, they're going to have to go a long way to convince us cynical earthlings they're not just the creation of a technology firm bent on hawking a new product.

In the latest example of an advertisement to go viral, a "mysterious" crop circle found in Chualar, near Salinas, Calif., turned out to be a stunt by Silicon Valley chipmaker Nvidia. The company's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, confessed to the marketing stunt on Sunday evening at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Mysterious Salinas Crop Circle Plowed Over
A mysterious crop circle in the Salinas Valley attracted so much attention that the land-owner hired armed security guards to keep people off the property.

But the crop circle is gone. On Tuesday, the landlord ordered a crew to plow over the entire field.

Aerial photographer Julie Belanger spotted the crop circle as she was flying over the valley Monday morning.

"It was beautiful. Quite beautiful," Belanger told NBC affiliate KSBW. "I believe it's possible that aliens exist, but I don't know if they would bother making a crop circle to give us a message."

Braille experts said in the center of the design is a braille inscription that has the number 192 over-and-over.

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Thought it looked a bit

to linear...too easy to create in that regard.

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Had a feeling it was a hoax from the "lights" video

from the night before the crop circle was discovered. It just stank of fakeness.

I'd like to see how this thing was made so that we can discard this entire "myth" as man-made "ET Propaganda" once and for all.

I used to think maybe HAARP had something to do with how these are made but seems the methods might be a lot simpler than first thought.

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Yes, companies that play tricks on us

That'll earn my trust

Defend Liberty!