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Need advice on precinct chair attempt *Updated today 1/13

Update 1/13
Well we had lunch today. Things started out pretty smooth as we talked about how long we lived in the area, what all we did, etc.
But towards the end of the meal the red flags started going up.

She tip toed into what her political philosophy was and ended up giving her spiel on what all she believes in. In summary, african american, looked at Obama in 08, didn't like him, voted GOP, some uncle was on a county GOP committee, she joins our county, believes the Tea Party started in the Faith and Freedom Coalition (Palin, other co-opted Tea Party people), wants to make a change in her community that african americans can vote and be involved in GOP, etc. Basically a lot of establishment talking points and involvement with the faux tea party.

It was my turn and this is where the flags went off. Told her about my involvement, voting for Kathie Glass in 2010 for Tx Gov, two party duopoly (! red flag), Ron Paul's 2012 campaign, sham at state convention, write in campaign for Ron (! red flag), austrian economics, Hayek, Mises, Liberty movement (! red flag; she asked what their website was), then I started getting into some deep shit about how the country is made up of individuals and not voting blocs and that you can't force people into corrals that we are bustling with energy for Freedom and the original intent of the Tea Party was to remove entrenched Repubs and Dems which she countered and started talking over me how, and I quote, [her]"No matter what everyone in the GOP has to vote together", [me]"You can't force two groups to do what you want (our two county tea party groups apparently had a falling out) if they want to be two separate tea parties that is their will, you can't control it", [her]"no you have to because everyone in the GOP has to work together"...
[her] "blah blah blah I like some Democrat candidates too but I can't vote for them and if you held a gun to my head on who I'd vote for between Democrats and Republicans it would be Republicans all the time."

Lunch ended seconds after that statement. I paid for her meal and we walked out together and I told her good luck.

It's on now! I am going to run for precinct chair. I'm not going to let this sad party loyalty ruin this nation a second longer, she has a challenger!

(! red flag ) = her pupils dilated, nervous twitch occurred, body language changed to defensive

My contact had to back out of lunch today and we agreed to reschedule next week. Sorry to get yalls hopes up. Till next week!
DPers, lend me your knowledge.
I am running for precinct chair in a heavily 'establishment' suburb of Houston. There is an incumbent in my precinct who is also the party's web-admin. I stood up and announced my intent to run in December and that person approached me, shook my hand, and we talked briefly on how long we each lived in the precinct. I actually went to school with her brother in the smaller grades.

We brought up the idea of having lunch together to get to know each other more (no not that way) and we are meeting tomorrow.

1st) I think this meeting is to see if I am "in with the establishment". The county president intends to invite only establishment candidates to their meetings and events through the primaries so I get the vibe I wont be liked if I win my chair.

2nd) Should I be truthful at this lunch tomorrow? Or should I say I am a Romney supporter rah-rah-rah! I'm leaning towards being honest with her even though it will set off alarms with my county's leadership.

I remember the opposite was true at the 2012 convention "shut up about Ron Paul and just get on as a national delegate, then let it out". We all had to disguise ourselves as RP supporters or the establishment would all vote against us, which they did any ways because I openly booed our governor while sitting in our CD's section of the auditorium.

Thoughts? Anyone else running for Precinct chair?

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Have you ever played poker?

(or dated a girl?)

After you ante up, do you immediately show everyone all of your cards and play an open hand?

When you sell a product, do you tell your buyer all the things wrong with the product? Or do you sell the features that are value add to the buyer?

Think about the Great Communicator. Think about how to win friends and influence people (something I know I could do better with as well).
Think about your audience.

Do you have a driving need to confess everything to everyone all the time. Notwithstanding the details of what you would confess, people don't like emotional-bag blabbermouths in general.

So, if you are trying to get votes or win a seat or influence someone, why not focus on your SIMILARITIES, STRENGTHS and how you can ADD VALUE to them, rather than insisting they understand all of your inner thoughts and desires?

Good Luck

Have a polished speech prepared. Look professional, confident.

Your liberty beliefs are more popular than you might think.

Talk to as many "Voters" as possible beforehand.

Go to all the meetings. You don't want to come across as the outsider looking to throw a wrench in the plans.

Many core republican voters are just misguided but at heart believe as you do.

On a different note a Texas black female republican is a rarity. At the Texas convention last year I saw one
black kid about 12 years old and no others. Hmmmm..... might help to get to know her to see where she is coming from. Help her to see the truth in full. If she is leaning away from Obama she has a good start.

Whoa! You said a lot...wow...but be careful!!!

Ask her what she thinks about the NRA and its origins.
Ask her if she'd support a Republican that compromised the 2nd amendment.

I wonder if tape recording is legal in TX w/o consent. It would be nice to get her on the record.

She doesn't sound very principled. You got your work cut out for you as there is no way you can let her remain precinct chair! It's definitely on! Glad to see you're up for the fight.

One activity to get face time with your constituents is going door-to-door having republicans sign Rand Paul's petition to sue the NSA for wiretapping Americans. However, you'd need wireless internet on a tablet. Petition's at randpac.com.

The more times you go door to door, people will see you're dedicated and will totally vote for you over the competition!

I don't advise you advertising about going against the GOP. You kinda do have to sell yourself as a GOP team player...or at least pretend to! So be careful with that!!!


So she's Black? If she is, why not ask her what she thinks of Elbert Guillory?

If it was me, I could care less what yours or hers BS is about who BLAH BLAH BLAH is right.

I could careless who thinks what about the tea party (First tea party I went to was in 2005 by THE SONS OF LIBERTY and REDMAN SOCIETY, who have been doing it since they origianlly did it in Boston!!! And maybe why Ron Paul dropped it?).

Can she do the job?

I'm seeing Ron Paul Republicans completely MISS THE BOAT because you think you're on DP, and then you buy her lunch? WHY are you buying her lunch?

It's a BUSINESS not some pissing match. I have the same CRAP happening here with a good guy, Ron Paul Republican, wants to be chair. Would I vote for him? NO. It's not that we agree or don't agree on issues.. I agree with him more than the contender, but as a treasurer.. I KNOW the contender will have my back because he KNOWS the business of the GOP (IRS). I know the RP GOP doesn't KNOW how to run a meeting, what forms are, how to support candidates, what's he going to do, lead us in sign waves? Yep, that's about the extent of it.

We have some pretty BIG egos who want to be cheif but they won't do the lessor jobs, and it hurts no one but us.

What happens if you become Chair, your committee is fined whopping fines, your treasurer quits, you get notice from the state to put up or quit? The community doesn't fund you but blames YOU? I think it was a waste of your time and money (you bought her lunch??? WHY???) BRIBE?

deep sigh.. good luck.

Granger is right on the mark on this one.

The downvotes to her reply only prove her point. Are you trying to get elected or insist on having a "pissing match".

Lemme see, he's a good guy, a Ron Paul Republican

and you won't support him because your other guy has your back, sounds like GOP politics as usual. Until the people in the GOP lose the mentality that it has to be business as usual or get lost, they're going to lose. Keep it up. You're doing what freedom fighters want to see, the destruction of the evil machine.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I didn't see Granger say she wouldn't support a Ron Paul Republi


I saw her saw that she wouldn't support a jack@$$ regardless of their political philosophy. (not saying the Op is a jack@$$, just stating in general.)

In that I agree with her.

(Generally stated:) Get your $*it together, come to the table prepared, be on time, don't look like a jack@$$, don't act like a jack@$$, be a worker, put in your time, and you'll be surprised how fast you'll advance.

She didn't even support Ron Paul...

"(Generally stated:) Get your $*it together, come to the table prepared, be on time, don't look like a jack@$$, don't act like a jack@$$, be a worker, put in your time, and you'll be surprised how fast you'll advance."

Good luck with that! I've done all that and more only to see the jackass GOP lie, cheat, and steal. And it's not just the jackass Gop, the other 3 sides will do a number on you too.

Why do you think The Granger "You Da Man" is here?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown


She didn't support him after he dropped out and the campaign send the asenine press release about suspending the campaign?

Sure, the case could be made to continue supporting RP. I did.

But it's not a stretch to see why people wouldn't either since he communicated he dropped out.

Huh, right back at ya!

I don't ever remember Ron dropping out. I remember Rand pulling a Granger, but not Ron!

Besides, a real Ron Paul American would've never endorsed Romney, OR sign a loyalty oath. Compromise and justify all you want but it takes courage not cowardice to take a principled stand!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Yep GOP as usual

As treasurer, I have forms that need to be filed ON TIME (some within 24hrs), or we get SLAMMED with MASSIVE fines that can undo a committee. So if the Ron Paul guy doesn't know the forms, the times, the fines, the conections, and I get sick, or I have an engagement like an extended trip to Israel.. the chair needs to file.

The Ron Paul supporter,, and I seriously mean this.. GREAT GUY!!!! But he has no clue and isn't intersted in having a clue. So basically, because he doesn't KNOW and doesn't want to know, that ENSLAVES me.. or I go and come back to MASSIVE FINES and state / fppc demanding a termination paper or pay up.. and if you don't then, it get personal.

Is the Ron Paul GREAT GUY going to take the fall, or dump it on me? I'd say he'd dump it on me. So for me.. GREAT GUY who doesn't know the biz has no biz being the chair.

It has to be the business as usual because of LAWS.. and if you don't like the laws, you either work to change them from within, or suffer the consequnces.. Isn't thousands of dollars going to liberty candidates better than paying fines to the IRS?

As for losing Ira.. so what of we lose the Republic and gain a Democracy with one party to rule them all. Isn't that what you want? It's obvipous you want Sharia courts and refuse to fight. All you;ve got is a big nasty mouth.. all bark and no bite.

I've never refused to fight when the fight is just.

Anyone who disagrees with you and your kind is automatically a muslim loving jew hater, so I prefer to sit over here and enjoy freedom over your tyranny. Call me what you want, but most everyone here knows what you are.

The Republic IS lost. We already have a democracy. The only thing left for a patriot to do is RESIST! (Not join the one party system we have now) Resisting instead of joining takes more courage than you'll ever muster up.

Your love and compliance for all things LAW will be your undoing. Hitler had lots of laws too. I could see you right there wearing your armband, after all it's a law, right Grange?

Good luck little poodle nipping at heels, good luck on your journey to irrelevance. You're doing to the GOP what you did for many many years at the Libertarian/Green/whatever flavor of the month you like Party. We're thrilled to see you in the GOP. Bring on the collapse. We couldn't do it as fast and as efficiently without you.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Granger, I think you are making too much of this.

There are many precincts without chairs in Texas. It's not a high rank job. If the chair shows up on voting day to conduct the precinct meeting every couple of years they would be better than some. Basically, it's the lowest elected position and just gets your foot in the door to bigger Republican meetings.

As for buying lunch, it might just be because he is a gentleman. Not a power play.

Granted it's the lowest

Granted it's the lowest position. But if we all snag these spots, we control the local GOP!
-We control which issues get highlighted
-We control what stance to take on the issues
-We control who gets to be in the limelight to run for office.

Ultimately, we get to bring a constitutional voice to the GOP.



That could very well be, I admit.

I'm sure the big part of my not understanding is my being a granger where we have conventions state and national.. very much like the GOP. We learn RROO, how to write inniatives, resolutions, hire and work with lobbiests.. and to be honest, I really love how the Grange is set up committees selecting and presenting resolutions to the floor and when people who are really good with RROO.. it's exciting to see how they work it. It's encouraging because it makes you want to know RROO better and get in the game.

When it comes to meetings and organizing, as a granger.. the "Master" we are now changing that to, president, is not more important that the Overseerer, VP, or Lector/sec/ chaplin.. we all have our roles, and what's important is that the role is preformed well.

I see that many in the GOP are members of fraternal organizations that taught them what the Grange taught me.. so this has made it very easy for me to get in the GOP and climb ranks quickly because the establishment is open and supportive only for the fact that I understand the organization, not because they agree with my perspective, or have serious reservations about me because of my open Ron Paul support.

I'm seeing something very disturbing to me from some Ron Paul Republicans. They want to be chair, that is a fact. They do not want to be treasurer or secretary or sub committee chair. They do not know RROO, insist we don't need to do it like that, so they have no appreciation of how RROO gave the minority the opportunity to win. They get in and become exactly what they said they opposed. They become dictators, build secret aliences, don't have open meetings. They don't know or understand how to climb.. they do dumb stuff like keep everyone on the floor, don't advance or enable folks to rise in the ranks.. they don't hold fundraisers, make the cost very expensive for individuals.. and at conventions.. they keep to their group rather than reach out. They think everyone should be attracted to their Ron Paul book and are offended when the majority don't care. They have no problem bashing those they don't agree with and a very hard time enabling their committee to actually do something.

I have been very straightforward to the establishment about how their neglecting to make a point to go to the tables and meet the folks and give invitations.. I raise eyebrows.. but I also see how they listen and make an effort to reach out, as we have pending meetings where the established GOP is now trying to reach out.. so what happens? The Ron Paul Republicns, not all, but many, reject it.

I don't believe in telling people to do what I won't do or haven't done.. I personally have no interest in being a chair, very happy with my role as tresurer on many levels.. but to have a chair that doesn't know what my job demands, if I was sick, couldn't do the job.. I'm not going to vote for that person even if they have RON PAUL tattooed on their forehead.

I understand about "being a gentleman".. but in politics.. and as a woman.. they're not on a date. Don't get me wrong, I buy lunch for people all the time, invite people to meetings and pay because I invited them. She invited him to lunch. If it was me who invited a opponate to lunch, I would pay.. I wouldn't allow him to pay. So that's why I don't understand why he is paying.. this is politics, not "dream date". If it's an investment (and it is), it wasn't a good investment. It doesn't say, gentleman to me. Was Ron Paul buying us lunches? Did that make Ron Paul less of a gentleman?

See what I'm saying?

I am very interested in this statement.

[When it comes to meetings and organizing, as a granger.. the "Master" we are now changing that to, president, is not more important that the Overseerer, VP, or Lector/sec/ chaplin.. we all have our roles, and what's important is that the role is preformed well.]

What is a granger?

What is a master?

Why would the title master be changed to president?

What is a overseerer?

Are these GOP positions?

If so what position do you hold?

If not then what position do you hold?




A Granger is a member of the Fraternal Order of Patron's of Husbandry

A Master is the "President". Master is a term from 1867.. A Master is not what we think of Master today.. being Master means you have responsibility and answer to the members and community.

The overseer (Vice president) leads the sub committees and acts when the president is not available.

The Grange (what we call it) is non- denominational politically.. and one reason it is so much fun, Republicans, Democrats and Independents work together, debate, serve on committees, listen and share soutions. We are interested in solutions.

I'm just a regular member.. When I joined DP I was Lecturer (secular), my post faces the Chaplin (spiritual). My focus was on history. most lecturers are into music.

You have a good point.

More important than a "chair" position is the Exec Comm vote on the next committee level higher than where you are looking to be chair.

For example, a 1st vice of a county may have an exec comm vote on the state central committee equivalent of the vote of the chair of the county.

Why be a chair if, as 1st vice, you get the same vote?

Furthermore, if you can control your local e-board by taking sec, treas and first and/or second vice, then who cares about chair?

"...you want to know RROO better and get in the game."

This is one of the things that sours me on the GOP. It is a GAME. And those that know the rules win. Some Republicans are very patient and good about helping the newcomers learn. The Texas State Chairman, Steve Munisteri displayed this quality at the last State Convention. But sometimes the old timers will whip out an obscure rule to get their way. It is fair in a way, but also discouraging.

Your point about qualifications is well taken by me. If you want to be in the PARTY, play the GAME. :-)
Those who want to try something different should do it on their own. They very well may come up with something better than the standard RROO meetings. Honestly, the process is inefficient and needs to be updated, IMO.

What isn't a game?

And you are RIGHT ON about some being patient.. I'm seeing a big reach out to us.. I'm even a little humbled.. my grumbling has paid off.. and now I'm holding my breath because the Ron Paul Republicans are basically boycotting it even though the establishment made this event inexpensive ($35.00 breakfast and dinner and transportation though it is going to be up here where no one comes to campaign..

THANK YOU very much for saying "play the game".. that's how we can update the game, which I agree with you.. it needs to be updated. So many have the computer skills and ability to make a huge difference..

Speaking of Texas.. our past two conventions in CA might as well have been "Texas Invasion".. it was ALL about Texas, as if CA was a lost cause. Then I read that within the last year, three TX GOP billionairs died. Rove, DeVore and Perry are Rock stars in CA GOP... (barf).

GOP is a lost cause. Too

GOP is a lost cause. Too corrupt.

We are better off hanging a group BA at them all than thinking they will turn this country around.

Be Your Own Media!!!

That's quite over the

That's quite over the top.

Look at KY, we got Congressman Massie and Senator Rand Paul!
Third party hasn't done jack!

Ron Paul couldn't do anything as 3rd party. He made all the progress as a Republican. Gary Johnson was amazing as a Republican; but he got little done being in the LP. I wish he'd come back to the GOP in NM and run for Senate.

Show me proof of a better strategy than taking over the GOP and I'm all ears.

I want nothing to do with

I want nothing to do with this corrupt party; they have shown their true colors and they will show it again.

Be Your Own Media!!!

As long as good men turn a

As long as good men turn a blind eye and do nothing...you will be proven right.

But that goes for all evil.

I myself will continue to bring constitutional common sense to the GOP. Ron Paul advised this to all of us back in 2008. I ignored him then but in 2012, I saw the amazing progress he made in:
1. Iowa's GOP
2. NV's GOP
3. Maine's GOP

I want to continue that trend because there are more elected representatives that are Republican than are not. Take over the GOP and you control ALL of those elected republicans. : D


Get your head out of the sand, stand on your hind legs and fight

Yes the Republican Party is corrupt in certain quarters. It isn't all corrupt, just misdirected. We, the newest libertarian Republican PD's, are doing what should have been started in 1972. We are preempting the Republican Party.

I have voted a straight Libertarian ticket since 1972, except for one presidential election, and, I still regret that.

I was very active until I got tired of being hit in the back of the head with the two by four of political reality for twenty-eight years and dropped out of the Libertarian Party after the 2002 convention.

Writing letters to the editor just ain't getting it. Libertarians are too easily marginalized as in, "Oh it's just another Libertarian. Don't pay any attention. They want to legalize prostitution," or, "I like what you're saying but you can't get elected and I want my vote to count."

Ron Paul's successes early in 2012 prompted me to get involved again. I ran for Republican Precinct Delegate and won. Then political reality hit me again as I witnessed the RNC skullduggery that took place in Michigan to deny Ron Paul a fair hearing by the state party members. I could have resigned but I was encouraged to stay and fight by my C4L and other libertarian friends who are also PD's. There are a lot of us.

As a PD I was a delegate to the 2012 state convention during which we narrowly missed defeating the Establishment chairman by 41 votes out of 2008 cast. Why we lost was because many anti-establishment delegates went home the day before rather than pay for a hotel room and stay for the vote.

As a Republican PD I cannot be marginalized. I have my say frequently at the county executive meeting and the congressional district executive meeting. I speak as a pure Libertarian. I don't pull any punches about the party's lousy voting record in the legislature.

I spoke at other Republican functions. I had the state chair squirming when I stood up and asked why a Republican governor would support Barry's Exchange and the Medicaid Expansion during the open discussion at a big deal training seminar recently.

You could do a helluva lot more as a Republican Precinct Delegate than writing letters to the editor as a Libertarian. When you're a precinct delegate you're a libertarian Republican, and, there are more of us every primary election. Join up and help us make a difference.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

I wish you all the luck in

I wish you all the luck in the world walking around your neighborhood just to get them shuffled into Line A or Line B. Might as well tell them to contribute billions in this 2 party facade! Good for the economy. This is laughable.

Nothing will happen until people have had enough. Maybe that is what is necessary to take our country back. GOP will just give us more of the same, Pro Israel war banter, military contracts and fraud and deceit, big government, and corrupt courts, lack of compassion, lack of freedom, war on drugs, ignorance towards marijuana, and frankly selfish learned behavior.

I wish you luck with your new found love. I found it to be like watching paint dry, only corrupt and waste of money and time to watch people I despise.

I did enjoy the freedom loving people in the group, but what a minority they are. And the GOP didn't welcome them. So fk the GOP.

Be Your Own Media!!!

No. They had their chance.

No. They had their chance. Their ignorant members and corrupt ties showed their true colors. I have more integrity than that. I wish them all the luck as they continue in their inhumane ways, god and country, wars, and big government. These fools collectively still think 911 was done by Muslims.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Thanks for the encouragement

Thanks for the encouragement

Southern Agrarian