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Need advice on precinct chair attempt *Updated today 1/13

Update 1/13
Well we had lunch today. Things started out pretty smooth as we talked about how long we lived in the area, what all we did, etc.
But towards the end of the meal the red flags started going up.

She tip toed into what her political philosophy was and ended up giving her spiel on what all she believes in. In summary, african american, looked at Obama in 08, didn't like him, voted GOP, some uncle was on a county GOP committee, she joins our county, believes the Tea Party started in the Faith and Freedom Coalition (Palin, other co-opted Tea Party people), wants to make a change in her community that african americans can vote and be involved in GOP, etc. Basically a lot of establishment talking points and involvement with the faux tea party.

It was my turn and this is where the flags went off. Told her about my involvement, voting for Kathie Glass in 2010 for Tx Gov, two party duopoly (! red flag), Ron Paul's 2012 campaign, sham at state convention, write in campaign for Ron (! red flag), austrian economics, Hayek, Mises, Liberty movement (! red flag; she asked what their website was), then I started getting into some deep shit about how the country is made up of individuals and not voting blocs and that you can't force people into corrals that we are bustling with energy for Freedom and the original intent of the Tea Party was to remove entrenched Repubs and Dems which she countered and started talking over me how, and I quote, [her]"No matter what everyone in the GOP has to vote together", [me]"You can't force two groups to do what you want (our two county tea party groups apparently had a falling out) if they want to be two separate tea parties that is their will, you can't control it", [her]"no you have to because everyone in the GOP has to work together"...
[her] "blah blah blah I like some Democrat candidates too but I can't vote for them and if you held a gun to my head on who I'd vote for between Democrats and Republicans it would be Republicans all the time."

Lunch ended seconds after that statement. I paid for her meal and we walked out together and I told her good luck.

It's on now! I am going to run for precinct chair. I'm not going to let this sad party loyalty ruin this nation a second longer, she has a challenger!

(! red flag ) = her pupils dilated, nervous twitch occurred, body language changed to defensive

My contact had to back out of lunch today and we agreed to reschedule next week. Sorry to get yalls hopes up. Till next week!
DPers, lend me your knowledge.
I am running for precinct chair in a heavily 'establishment' suburb of Houston. There is an incumbent in my precinct who is also the party's web-admin. I stood up and announced my intent to run in December and that person approached me, shook my hand, and we talked briefly on how long we each lived in the precinct. I actually went to school with her brother in the smaller grades.

We brought up the idea of having lunch together to get to know each other more (no not that way) and we are meeting tomorrow.

1st) I think this meeting is to see if I am "in with the establishment". The county president intends to invite only establishment candidates to their meetings and events through the primaries so I get the vibe I wont be liked if I win my chair.

2nd) Should I be truthful at this lunch tomorrow? Or should I say I am a Romney supporter rah-rah-rah! I'm leaning towards being honest with her even though it will set off alarms with my county's leadership.

I remember the opposite was true at the 2012 convention "shut up about Ron Paul and just get on as a national delegate, then let it out". We all had to disguise ourselves as RP supporters or the establishment would all vote against us, which they did any ways because I openly booed our governor while sitting in our CD's section of the auditorium.

Thoughts? Anyone else running for Precinct chair?

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Gotta' love the red flags! lol.

You chose the fun route. :) I look forward to hearing how it turns out.
I find this historical quote appropriate for the situation:

"The time for war has not yet come, but it will come, and that soon; and when it does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard." ~Thomas Jonathan Stonewall Jackson

updated, see above

updated, see above

Southern Agrarian

My guess

she's getting a background check done on you. It's called vetting.

Be yourself, you will get a

Be yourself, you will get a lot more supporters in the long run. Next, get a list of all the people who vote in your last precincts primary and send letters or contact them for support. Spend a few days at early voting polls and election day at the polls (beyond the specified border of course) shaking babies and kissing hands. Precinct chair is mainly about name recognition and you want your name on their mind when they vote. Good Luck

Ulfilas, first off, congrats

Ulfilas, first off, congrats for going for the position.

I'm going to give you the advice I wish I'd heard more of when my husband and I were in a similar position two years ago.

In short -- just be you. Go with your gut: no subterfuge, no rah-rah for anything or anybody you aren't rah-rah for.

Truthfully, I think DP folks can get a little too wrapped up in what separates us from what we consider typical Reps. We get fixated on the few cards we hold and don't look at the whole deck. We forget that someone who believes four out of the five things you believe and is willing to work his butt off for them is worth more than someone you agree with entirely and doesn't do squat.

I wish that I'd come in as a precinct person without having listened to folks on this form and another one. I wish I'd come in more honest, wearing all the excitement Ron Paul inspired in me toward conservative principles on my sleeve. I wish I'd reserved more suspicion for the folks who talk and talk and don't do anything, rather than the folks who disagree with me on some issues but are willing to pull up their sleeves and work.

Go to lunch. Be yourself. All your efforts and attention won't be as much fun if you start with something other than who you are and what you can bring to the table.

Good luck.

You may *Edit*

find some useful info on what to expect at the precinct level on my Robert's Rules, Delegate Info, Caucus & State Conventions (Video Library) post. It has a "Related posts" and "Caucus & State Convention Videos" section on it which may be indirectly helpful. There were a lot of discussions about strategies and tricks the establishment used on Ron Paul supporters, though there was some disagreement about what to do about it.

Wow thanks for the link

Wow thanks for the link

Southern Agrarian

Your welcome~

It's an older post, but I periodically pull it out and dust it off around election times, adding new content here and there.

Stay Honest

I would pass on the meeting. In any case, stay honest, but their is no need to let her know your views. Talk in terms of the importance of beating the Democrats & other things you know you can get her agreement on. I'm a PC myself, but it's not nearly as difficult in my district as it sounds in yours. Just keep it general and on subjects you know you will agree on such as Obamacare & defeating Democrats.

This advice may have been given

But in case it hasn't: You are under no obligation to tell ANYONE who you voted for in the past.

BEST thread yet!!! THIS is what it's all about!

Before I can answer...I'm not from TX so I don't know the layout of your GOP.

How big is your precinct? For me, my precinct is just 6-7 neighborhoods. It makes up 1/36th of my town! So it's relatively a small area. Houston is likely more densely packed than my suburban town. So how big is your precinct? A couple blocks? 10 blocks? 20? I'm not even sure if Houston has an urban layout in blocks...you might just be sprawled out like the suburbs. Houston is large landwise.

1 Portion of a neighborhood

1 Portion of a neighborhood of about 17,000 people. Though my precinct holds maybe 1,000 or less. I can block walk it to every house in two days probably.

Southern Agrarian

Same here! Our precincts

Same here! Our precincts have about 600-1000 voters. Mine is about 900. Every primary, the turnout is usually about 50-60 republicans! Pathetic! And we're a republican dominated town and county!

I'm assuming your elections are every 2 years? Ours are every 2 yrs.

You've got 3 scenarios:
1. Go all out Ron-Paul-inator guns blazing. (establishment will try to stop you obviously)
2. Only stick to the issues! Do not mention Ron/Rand Paul! (establishment will STILL try to stop you!) Go for the slam dunk issues. The key here is to focus on WINNING issues that only a blatant authoritarian would oppose.
-Balanced budgets
-IRS targeting political opponents
-NSA spying
-Abolish Obamacare
-Any local issues that are popular AND pro-liberty...guns?
3. Play along with the establishment; go incognito and once you get the position follow up with #2.

Of these 3 scenarios I believe #2 is the way to go. However, scenarios #1, #2 ABSOLUTELY require you to go door to door. I think that's best. Going door to door opens the segway for you to inform and educate the electorate. That's what's so key!

#3 is the easy way out. Sure you get the spot but the sheeple remain sheeple. #2 is more of a test. If you successfully inform and educate the electorate then you'll win, and you passed the test! #2 is how you make gains.

Obviously you gotta pick what works best for you, your time schedule, and your goals in getting this position.

Have you managed to get any

Flyers, door hangers, etc From Stovall, Medina, Watts or anyone else?
I have signed up with all of them, I hope they will get back with me.

You have to be able to

You have to be able to stomach the infiltrator approach if you do the go along thing with info slow additions. For years. If you have the patience for it, by all means go for it.

You would be in for the long haul and hopefully you can get our type of people to join with you or the haul is long.

It was not for me and moved my activism energy to a different frontier.

Play the mainstream candidate

Play the mainstream candidate except where opponent is extremely weak or unpopular, then hit hard with a more popular unconventional position. You have access to a resource called unconventional opinions, but you should only take the arrows you need out of the quiver. Get a feel for the electorate and the mood, and just play up the issues that will gain you support.

Now, if you know some of your real truly held views will be very popular and go over well, don't hide them, play them up. But don't play up obviously unpopular views, and be careful with the meeting. Why show your hand? Play that very cold, work information out of him but otherwise be a polite black box.

That's how to win the election. If you just want to make a splash and discomfit some voters out of apathy for a few months and force the press to neg cover your views, then yeah lay it on thick.

But if you want to win and then prove the value of your views through results and action, then use the first strategy and don't worry about the purist peanut gallery who just want exciting headlines.

"Or should I say I am a Romney supporter rah-rah-rah!"

Either wake the people up out of their stupor or let the party die.

Here are the options:

- Pretend to go along to get along, in the end they will have learned nothing and will continue as usual.

- Stay in the background and not be heard, again they will have learned nothing and will continue as usual.

- Print everything out from the following link and assemble the pages into a 3 hole slash jacket. Give one to the secretary, and have a few extras to give to others.


You can compile your local/state and distribute that as well.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Or let the party die?

Because you LOVE Hillary so MUCH that you want a ONE PARTY RULE like the People's Republic of Communist China?


Please keep up, my dear. It is time to wake up. It already is a one party rule. Didn't you look at that material?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Actually it is NOT

Even Nader could see the difference between Coke and Pepsi, they may both be cola in a world thirsting for water, but there is a difference, and for those of us who accepted Ron Paul's invitation and got into this fight, and we are actually fighting, as we are like water, because YOU, my dear, KNOW, I have been completely open, honest and helpful to you.. and this is how you thank me? By begrudging me and those who accepted Ron Paul's invitation, lumping us in with coke and pepsi (and there is a difference between coke and pepsi) then I have to wonder.. what do you have to offer beside hit lists? Destructionsist are a dime a dozen.. may being a cheap trick is costing you more than you realize?


Granger, your feathers are ruffling again! I have not begrudged you!

Results are what matter. As you well know, my yield speaks for itself.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Results are not what matters

It's not a matter of winning or losing, but how you play the game.

When you take the generous gift of transparency and help from one who is being like water, in the name of friendship, and soil it, it is YOU wear the mud.

You're not being very transparent. What's your mission? Because if destruction is all you got.. well.. how's that for results when you have NOTHING GOOD to fill the vacuum you pay an extremely high price in the name of "results".

If I was a chicken, you might ruffle my feathers.. but I am not a chicken I AM GOP

"Results are not what matters"

"I am not a chicken I AM GOP"

I am r3VOLution. Fear me not, but rather join me.

For Liberty

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I don't agree

The rEVOLution that I joined in 2007 was Ron Paul's invitation to join the GOP, which I did not. Not until 2011 when I saw THE TRUTH.

The first bastardization of the rEVOLution was adding a number three, "R3VOLution".. It was by those who refused Ron Paul's invitation, took Ron Paul's message and began to make it their own, anti-USA in the name of pro-USA, but they have NOTHING to offer but hit peices, poor arguments, hassarssment, disruption, arrogance and NO RESULTS that have materialized Ron Paul's message.

This was very confusing to some who continued to wake up to the message and met the r3VOLution.. what did they accomplish? They stopped the tsunami of people Ron Paul hoped for, that was the heart of his message. IOWs, they defused by confusion, Ron Paul's TRUE message. rEVOLution and r3VOLution fought over this,, the rEVOLution remained fighting in the GOP, and the r3VOLution transformed into a "Liberty Movement", since so many had been identified, and rEVOLutionairs knew their mission was to DEFEAT Ron Paul.. kinda like jiu jitsu.

I don't fear you. I got bigger fish to fry.

It's just a shame really, then rather being transparent and working to materialize Ron Paul's message, you would work do hard to destroy Ron Paul's message. And for what?

Cat got your tongue?

Please don't denigrate the

Please don't denigrate the number three.


I'm just telling it as I saw it. In 07/08 I made 20 banners (4' x 12'), helped 5 Meet-ups make theirs, made dozens of yard signs, and hundreds of post cards.. all by hand, and they all said, "Join the Ron Paul rEVOLution". There was no "3" until much much later.. and I was not alone thinking, "WTFIT?"

So what was it? It's not what Ron Paul's campaign was passing out because I have plenty of bumper stickers, cups, apron, tee shirts, key chains, all say "rEVOLution", none say "r3VOLution".

You may be 100% right, but

You may be 100% right, but that doesn't mean the number three is guilty by association. I think someone owes someone an apology.

I think

the number three was by those who refused to take up Ron Paul's invitation to join the GOP. Everyone I know who uses the three refuses to join the GOP.

I don't see any need to apologise for telling the truth as I see it.

Ernie Hancock, originator of the rEVOLution might take exception

to what you're saying. He doesn't play in the GOP Pigpen even though he created the rEVOLution logo. Maybe he's a jihadist!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

"as I see it"

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul