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Trying to understand some politically correct terms

Politically Correctness 101

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In so-called teacher education,

I guess the textbook on disabilities said to only use the term "hearing impaired," not "deaf." For one, not everyone who couldn't hear normally was totally deaf. But even so, the new, i.e., enlightened, term for any and all degrees of deafness was "hearing impaired." Then in class, the professor warned us about that. He said that some within the deaf community were offended by the term "hearing impaired." They were basically saying, "Look, we're deaf. Is there something wrong with that? We're fine with ourselves just the way we are: DEAF. So stop treating it like some dirty word!" In other words, the pc police seem to be divided.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

I don't like being called 'Native American' unless it is to

distinguish me in comparison to an India 'Indian'. Lots of blacks feel the same way. They would rather be called black unless it is to distinguish them from blacks from other countries.

I think it is a media contrived thing to make them seem so right and to jump on others who have not conformed to their made-up lingo.

Calling people what they want to be called

is usually just basic politeness. Words can be used to hurt. Anyone here who stands out from the crowd in any way knows what terms are used to hurt people who stand out from the crowd in that same way. Maybe it doesn't bother you. Maybe it does. If it does bother you, and someone insists on using that word to describe you *because* they know it bothers you, perhaps you're being too sensitive about it, but they're definitely being an asshole.

Take the third panel. The spanish word for black is "negro." In that convoluted way the guy is asking if he can call the black guy there "negro." Why? Why does he want to use the word "negro" to refer to that guy? What's the motive? He knows it's very unlikely to be the term the guy would prefer to be described by. He knows that it dredges up connotations of Jim Crow laws and segregation. So why does he want to do that? What possible non-asshole motivation could he have for wanting so badly to use the word "negro" to describe that guy?

thanks for that comment

I feel exactly the same way. What is this comic lamenting? That you can't be a dick? Oh, you have the right to be a dick and call people insulting names. But I also have the right to call you out for being a dick.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus


And oh so true!