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Ben Swann - Tonight on the Allison Bricker Show

LIVE! 7pm Eastern / 6pm Central On Daily Paul Radio

Tonight on the show, Ben Swann joins me for the entire hour to discuss the push for an Article V convention, the Chicago gun ban, NSA snooping, your questions and more.

Peace, Love, or rEVOLution!

Listen via iTunes or Winamp: iTunes/Winamp stream

Listen by Phone:
Dial 1-855-873-8244 (1-855-TREUBIG)
Press 1 to access the media
Then press 2 to access the Daily Paul Radio Broadcast

The Allison Bricker Show
7pm - 9pm EST

Toll Free:(888) 252-9911
Twitter: @theABshow

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Slaughts31's picture

Thank you, Mr. Swann. Also Mr. Nystrom, Ms. Bricker, & all...

...who contributed to making the Daily Paul Radio happen. I thoroughly enjoyed this DP Radio original content.

I know of no other website that has these features.

Thank you.



And while you're listening to Ben - vote for Ben!


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Ben Swann is...

Also coming to Austin Jan 18th! Along with ole Gary Johnson among others...


proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

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Don't forget Daily Paul Radio chat for discussing the show

in real time right here on DP.

You can turn on your chat Here. Put a check mark in the box labeled "Chat", click "Save" at the bottom.

During The Allison Bricker Show (7PM EST) and The Jeff Treubig Show (9PM EST), Daily Paul Radio Chat is monitored by the hosts, so you can discuss the day's topic, or add your input/suggestions/questions to the show all while you surf Daily Paul. Or you can always Call in: Toll Free: AB Show -(888) 252-9911 or JT Show - (855)-873-8244 and share your opinions/questions.