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Let the People vote in 2014 to nullify ACA

It would not take a lot to get signatures on a petition to get the ACA on a ballot so the people will nullify it. Let your state and Federal Reps know.

I need to do some research and see how to get an issue on a national ballot. all help will be appreciated.

Let "We the People" take a stand on ACA.

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California is proof positive

California is proof positive that direct democracy through referendum is the last thing you want. It will always lead to majority voting away the rights of the minority no matter how noble original intention.

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed

Support candidates for State

Support candidates for State Legislature positions who will nullify it. We have a good number of them running in the Republican primary this year in Texas. Getting the issue its self on the ballot for the General Election in your State is a good idea as well.

Support these Liberty Candidates and find and add more !

2016 Presidential Candidates Exposed!

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Missouri has already nullified it

but I don't see any difference in the states that have obamacare.

Missouri tries to nullify federal health care and gun laws

It would never work.

Most people would agree that Obamacare needs to be repealed but they would never repeal the AFFORDABLE Care Act. After all everyone wants affordable care.

Remember under Bush when the first 700 billion "stimulus" was proposed everyone said NO, but then they changed the name to Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and it passed with everyone's blessing.

I still can't find/remember what it was originally called.

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Can you show me a time when govt is involved

that prices go down?

LOL. I can't.

Nor would I be crazy enough to say it would or does. The thing is that people/sheeple look at the name but not the content. So letting "the people" vote on it would be a crap shoot at best. Most see the affordable part of ACA and say "yes" that's what we want.

Also you have to remember that WE are still a minority in this country. Most people look to government for guidance, help, sustenance or any number of things.

One sure way to get ACA repealed is if the media would come out against it. The media is what runs this country because they set opinion. So technically it doesn't matter if it is government or the people who vote on it as long as it is the media that decides whether it is good or bad.

Who runs the media? In the end they work for their advertisers and who are the biggest advertisers on TV and movies? Insurance, Pharmaceuticals and Hospitals/Doctors. Automotive also but they already received their bailout.

It doesn't have to be a conscious conspiracy. It is the ugly result of mass media.

The best way to nullify

The best way to nullify it:

Dont sign up or give them any of your information.

Change your withholding at work so you dont get much of a return back. They cant "tax" you then.

The "govt" started believing

The "govt" started believing their own hype "that everyone wants National Healthcare". Glad to see they are wrong - don't participate.