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New Ad From "Team Mitch" Featuring Rand Paul

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That was really touching...

I feel, touched.

Mitch McConnell is awesome guys! You don't get it! Rand just said so!

- - - -

Seriously. Rand's gotta do what he's gotta do. Making fun of this video is like me making fun of your tie.

Ha ha ha! Look at you wearing that useless piece of upholstery!

You have to hand it to Mitch

he is a politician and he knows what side his bread is buttered on. By having Rand Paul in his political ad shows how far Rand has come and the support he has with voters. The senior senator hooking his "wagon" on the junior senator, interesting.


If I lived in his state, I would vote for Matt Bevin. He is a true Constitutionalist and not part of good of boys club. And, let's not forget McConnell's chief campaign manager was once Ron Paul's manager. He stabbed Ron Paul in the back.

Bump for the dinner crowd

Any other opinions?

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

Complaining does not solve the problem.

Get involved. VET these people, put it on paper and pass it out. Voting records should speak, NOT endorsements.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

What an absolute

ass kissing disgrace by Rand Paul. Didn't he learn ANYTHING from his father? McConnell and Reid are the same jumbling, bumbling, soft speaking con-artists, who tote the Corporate/Bankster agendas. McConnell doesn't bring people together, he brings the GOP over to the left. Yes, he might swing to the right on some issues, but he doesn't want to get ran out of office. He has a Freedom Index rating of 62%, that means he votes for Trostkyite/Marxism 38% of the time. http://www.thenewamerican.com/freedomindex/
This is why we will never change government by the ballot box, as people like Rand help Corporatists remain in office!

he learned more than you and others think, it's called politics

and it ain't always pretty.

Ron Paul promises to support Texas incumbents!




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This should really help Mitch alot with Tea Partiers

Good ad. What do you guys think?

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

i hate

politics and that's all that was, a smart move politically though.
mitch has been talking all kinds of anti-tea party crap lately and i'm sure rand is not pleased. i think these soundbites are prior to mitchs most recent screeds. ever since the Benton phone flap mitch has been on a anti liberty tear.

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Hard to watch

It's not a crime, but supporting the leadership, when they are such studied low lifes, is uncomfortable. McConnell originally worked to defeat him, so he seems able to put aside political calculations and make alliances. Does that mean he can compromise, or that he is compromised. I say it remains the former, until he positively acts to subvert or impede a Constitutional agenda.

Actually, McConnell ended up

Actually, McConnell ended up endorsing Rand in a big way. It is political payback now..


at the very least it's uninspiring as all get out. Rand continues to take one step forward then two steps back.

To folks here, definitely

Legislatively, though, he has been leading a liberty agenda with distinction for a young senator, imo, and like no one else.

He's committed to his party. Can he redefine it?

He's not dismissed with same brush used against us in the last two cycles.

Redefine it to what?

A little less aggressive foreign policy? A reasonable sentence for the hero Edward Snowden? Sanctions for Iran? These are not points with distinction in my opinion, nor do they have anything to do with liberty, just the opposite. His idea that if Israel is attacked it's the same as the US being attacked? etc.

On the other hand I applaud him for his stand against NSA, the FED and the TSA. Rand is a mixed bag. I doubt you speak for all of the "folks here." No, he's not dismissed like his father was, but as for the reasons why, this ad is a good example.

Us? I'll be voting for a peace candidate, if there is one.

I'm not trying to speak for people here

How are you taking that away?

There are many here who don't like Rand Paul. They (folks here) would consider the ad uninspiring, for reasons of principle, however it is they define that. There are establishment Republicans who would like the ad.

That he's not dismissed as lunatic fringe because he votes with leadership, was my point. He has acted and voted in a way that supports the party. That does seem to have bought him some credibility with the party apparatus.

While he supported Iran sanctions and Israel, his own initiatives, where he has positively put himself forward legislatively and in the public, have been issues supported by people self identifying as the Liberty community: opposition to the domestic use of drones, a Fed audit, a suit against the NSA, etc. That seems to be where his best efforts are expended. Maybe I'm biased by his dad. I don't see anyone else pushing constitutional arguments in that way.

I was referring to Ron Paul supporters as us. This is the Daily Paul, supposedly people who supported Ron Paul's presidential campaigns. I wasn't trying to make claims to common understanding or cause, aside from support of Ron Paul, which indeed may stretch what is an appropriate assumption for this prickly forum.

thanks for clearing that up

however i've read posts here bad mouthing and dissing ron paul, trolls no doubt. And, yep, i'm spoiled by ron too, and won't settle for politics as usual, and compromising principles. as for elections i feel it's much more important spreading the libertarian message of ron paul.

re: drones, yes rand was great and then he had to blow it by stating he was okay with a drone taking out someone who had robbed a liquor store. one step forward, two steps back rand.

my distrust of him began at the RNC where he was in total denial about the mistreatment his dad and the supporters were getting. he followed that up with an endorsement of romney who to this day he says he admires and respects.
in my opinion if he wasn't ron's son we probably wouldn't even be discussing him, or he'd get equal time with amash, massie, and a few others.