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New Band Project Aimed at Heading Revolution :)

When I first heard Ron Paul talking about every revolution needing music and youth something clicked, and I knew I wanted to be one of the people creating the music. I have brought my band to what I consider the ultimate test, The Daily Paul. Without further delay I present to you, Dead Horsemen Revival!

Any support, opinions, ideas for songs(I like to try and tell someone else's story), fb thumbs up, YouTube views would all be appreciated! We are working on a website as well (for those who have opted out of Facebook) if anyone knows a good program to use! Below are links to our fb page and youtube page.


YouTube original song titled "How did we get here" (would really like feedback - minus the obvious...the video came out dark)



Thanks DP!

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Let's be fair

It's not a good vid. Congratulations you got a gig, because that's all this vid shows me. No faces, poor sound.. come on.

You need to show your faces, or make the video something to see rather than "what's going on in the background?"

When I began watching the TV in the back.. "You lost me" You became the background music.. no better than some tune you tune out when shopping at Super Saver Food Store.

Be fair to yourself and band.. You have what could be a good song, I don't know, your sound isn't any good.

HAVE FUN.. fun is contagious.. if it's a not fun song, then you really need close ups .

I hope you take this as constructive criticism because I think you guys may have what it takes, but this vid is not fair to you or your viewer.

GOOD LUCK!! Best wishes!!! Now give us a Vid we can get into YOU!!


Good luck.

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