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Poll: Political Independents Hit Record-High 42%

Forget Democrat or Republican. Americans who say they're politically independent hit a record-high 42% on average last year, the Gallup Poll says.

In a year when attitudes about Congress and trust in government plunged to new lows, Gallup says the percentage of Americans who considered themselves independent in 2013 was the highest in the 25 years it has measured it.

Americans who identify with the Republican Party dropped to a record-low 25% last year while Democratic identification stayed at 31%. The high point for Republicans was in 2004 when George W. Bush won a second term and GOP identification was 34%, Gallup says.


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Sounds great but...

Sounds great but as long as the rules and image of the two party system are in place and independents and 3rd party candidates cant truly qualify and get on national debates and coverage, then there could be 5% Reps 8 % Dems and 87% Independents and the system still stays the same.

Either find a way for Independents and / or 3rd party to really have shot at competing and far play or take over BOTH parties from within.

Organize Third Party Moles!

Infiltrate both Communist Parties with Third Party Moles do destroy from within....then when the time comes Vote the Commies out.....take over their assets, then charge and try them for their Treasonous Acts.

Just my thoughts...LOL

Think Truth...Trust Truth...Rely on Truth!

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I never identified with either party until 2007.

I had to register Republican in order to support the only politician in the primary I ever believed in. Otherwise I was considered "unenrolled".
How many are there like me? What would the numbers show if counted again? What will the numbers show in 2016?

Yes!! and the DPers have

Yes!! and the DPers have played a great role in waking up people.

the problem is

that the majority of independents dont vote, whereas the majority of republicans and democrats do vote.


because they're not sure who to pick, and let's face it have they had great choices or really only TWO choices (both basically the same)?

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Only 58% more to go.

Look at it this way, we are almost halfway there.

That's a great way to look at it.

Independents don't get much of a vote in Oklahoma. We're working to change that though. We have a very restrictive closed primary system that is far from fair. They are pretty much forcing you to be either a donkey or an elephant. If there are any of you from Oklahoma and would like to join with the group and push the independent agenda, please visit... http://www.okies.info/

The GOP is a party that is on life support

They are ready to die. Soon the Libertarian will take them over. I love seeing things like this. Die GOP DIE.


Especially IMO for one of Dr. Ron's legacies: those for the 2008/2012 Campaigns who are inspired to run for political office

Looks like..


Is an idea whose time has come!

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A Whopping 25%? That High?

**"Americans who identify with the Republican Party dropped to a record-low 25% last year while Democratic identification stayed at 31%."**

And of course now that Karl Rove and Roger Ailes are blatantly trying to ram Chris Christie--a guy who wouldn't beat Hillary Clinton in his own state--into the 2016 nomination, that number should fall even further.

Christie May Not Run

I am glad to see that Christie is in trouble with his most recent scandal and is considering not throwing in his hat because of it. Who will they turn to? Jeb Bush? Just what we need. Imagine Jeb vs Hillary.

Oligarchy: Government by a few, especially by a small faction of persons or families.

For four decades we have had two families in high power positions in Washington: Bushes and Clintons from CIA Director (GHW Bush) to Vice President (GHW Bush)to President (GHW Bush, B. Clinton, GW Bush) to Secretary of State (HR Clinton)!! That sounds like an Oligarchy to me.

If all the sheeple have to choose from is a Bush and Clinton (in their eyes,) the Oligarchy continues.

Share it.

Spread it. Pass it around.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

The Dem percentage is higher

because they give away more stuff, while the Repubs pretend they don't like it.lol

Can't wait for the day when

Can't wait for the day when we have more viable parties running and winning against these statist scumbags.

If interested

this group has been finding principled success



now, that is the key word.

Hmm I wonder why!

Could it be because the false, staged left/right paradigm is being found out?!?

That they are both truly authoritarians against the interests of the people and liberty?