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Deregister Any Motor & Become The 100% True Owner

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Is this guy still alive? One

Is this guy still alive? One of youtube comments implied that he passed away. If not, we need the alternative media to interview him so more people can replicate what he did.

The truth is irrelevant and will not stop them from

throwing you in prison and stealing your car or truck.

Get with the program already.

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Its kinda like the irs taxes.

Stop paying them and see what happens.

Tear it down. Its the only fight we have left.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Is license requirement constitutional?

I was stopped in Minnesota recently and asked for my license. I politely asked if I really had to produce it as I thought the the right to travel was a constitutional one. The officer printed out the Minnesota statute that supposedly requires that we have a license. So I took a picture of it. I'd love to hear what you DPers think.

I have not yet figured out how to upload pics here. Statue number is 171.08

Best I can figure

It has been struck down as un-Constitutional by the Supreme Court several times, but the states say the ruling does not apply as driver's licensing does not come under the "Commerce Clause" from which the rulings were made.
They are getting insane with their licenses. In Idaho now, I have to license my KAYAK.

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I'm trying to get to the bottom of this one...

From what I've gathered, yes, you have a constitutional right to "travel."

"Operating" or "Driving" is something different. It is within the commercial capacity, as it is assumed you are doing this activity for a commercial purpose. This is evidenced by your license plates, and your production of a Driver's license (which used to be more clearly called an Operator's License, a taxable and regulated activity, perfectly constitutional). You also registered your car with the state, (which as of the 1970's every state reorganized to form a corporation, now called STATE OF _______, if you want, I could possibly provide you with some documents as to when MN did this) as a commercial vehicle and operate said vehicle under the capacity of a taxpayer, Social Security cardholder. You are a trust member operating a commercial vehicle, with the obligation to follow the rules set out by the State corporation.

There are many levels to this, but, I do know you have to first separate yourself (a human being with rights) from a taxpayer or Social Security card holder (a citizen who has privileges, as long as you identify this way, you are under the obligation to follow the codes/statutes set out). Next you have to be able to provide proof that you are indeed a human not acting as a taxpayer. The car doesn't necessarily need plates, but, the plates are used as a reference to ownership/operation type. Some people use the plates to reference recorded documents with the county recorder. A public notice of sorts which they have created.

If you gave him you Driver's License and insurance, with your plates attached, you are basically telling him you are operating in this capacity. Therefore, you already lost. If you go to a bank, and the loan manager gives you his business card, you only are to assume he has to follow all the rules of his corporation, if he lies, cheats, or performs any fraudulent behavior, couldn't the company press charges, couldn't you? This would be a completely different animal if you were dealing for a loan with your Uncle Merle, because now you are in a different jurisdiction, a different form completely.

"Who are you?" and "What are you doing?" you already answered. Everything that follows starts here.

i love this line of thinking but

I dont think the courts agree with this interpretation of the law.

please keep me informed of any developments where this line of reasoning succeeds in court.

Laws are written with enough

Laws are written with enough ambiguity that nothing is ever clear cut. Even if there are cases where this line of reasoning is sufficient, it doesn't mean it will work in every court room or with every judge.

lots of things are clear cut right now

using your car on the public road requires a driver's license is one of the clear cut understandings the current system has.

I would like to see a practical use for this man's interpretations of the law such that it could be victorious at the trial level or the appellate level. Dave myrland has a youtube channel with a memorandum of law that is quite thorough.

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Great find by the way.

Great find by the way.

Two shorten the road.

When a vehicled is titled the

When a vehicled is titled the state scans the MCO and destroys the original. All the title claims is that the MCO exists, which is an outright lie. That vehicle is therefore the state's property forever. The only way to make a car truly yours is to buy it brand new with cash and never let a state title it in the first place. Good luck with that, and the other sovereign non-registration, non-licensing, and non-insuring nonsense.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

Don't stop there. Sneak in or

Don't stop there. Sneak in or hack in to the records and delete your citizenship entry, destroy all records of you social security number, name, date of birth, fingerprints. Then you won't have to follow any laws. Trust me, it's a law, you won't have to follow... laws...

Why are you being sarcastic?

Why are you being sarcastic? Like its crazy that i want to do this! Dont you want to be free? Im just taking the steps in my life to do that, thats all.

Thanks for being free

I'm doing research to deregister my car, rid of insurances, and the whole scam. Keep the info. coming.

So you don't even believe what you wrote?

"the principle of secession holds all the way down to the smallest dissenting body ..."


Why that title?

I don't see anything about deregistering automobiles.

"sovereign" living

A suggestion: Find and read "The Errant Sovereign's Handbook", it tells how to undo the voluntary slave status by which many honest Americans have unknowingly allowed themselves to be ruled.

Thanks a bunch...

I have been searching for some time to undo the voluntary slavery status so I could die a free man...

currently googling it...

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

Can someone, anyone, post an

Can someone, anyone, post an actual provable story about someone being "sovereign" and not going to jail or paying back taxes? And I don't mean one part of the story, I mean the whole thing. No the mountain man from Montana doesn't count.

Not trolling, just looking for truth.

It's really weird but...

...someone showed me a book they carry everywhere about 6 yrs. ago. He explained he pays no taxes, not income, sales, etc. He had himself join or belong to some ancient group or something. He had to have a government agreement of some sort where he agrees not to receive any government help of any kind and he is exempt of every kind of tax. He also agreed that he will never come against any government authority and they in turn will not bother him. He is allowed to drive anywhere or do anything as long as he abides by regular laws...traffic etc. His car is not registered and he has a different license. He said when a person gets a license they technically are signing to make themselves a ward of their state. All his paperwork was legit and his store receipts were marked tax exempt! I found this very interesting and he was going to show me more. Only knew him for a short time till everyone departed ways. Idk how he did all this but it was the first I ever heard of such a thing.

Illegal Aliens

The ones that don't sign up for any government assistance. They deal strictly in cash, no bank accounts and no property in their name.

Street people who support their way of life by recycling beer cans and soda bottles, pallets or cardboard.

The Amish who are allowed to stay out of Social Security and have their children at home.

different legal concepts

illegal aliens are operating off the record and under the table.

Same with street people

Amish are statutorily exempted.

These examples are not exercising the sovereign individual concept.


Charlie Sprinkle never claimed to be "sovereign". The claim is that he is a not a driver but in fact a traveler. Your next step would be to look up "driver" in the code. Hope this helps.

The cheese stands alone. The proof is in the pudding.

Ok, I'll rephrase.Someone

Ok, I'll rephrase.

Someone post any legit story where some did anything like this and didnt have to pay a dime or go to jail. Make sure you post the court decision.

The Experiment.

Most cases are settled out of court and silence is part of the agreement. It will cost time and jail is a inevitable possibility. Your best bet is to start reading the code, looking up the words in the various law dictionaries and discovering for yourself.

The cheese stands alone. The proof is in the pudding.

Ive looked, for years. I

Ive looked, for years.

I thought this thread, or all the others that Ive asked, would be able to give me some kind of evidence. but there never is any.

Its always "go look it up".

Still waiting...

I got your link here.. it is

I got your link here.. it is a 3 part video - this guy puts his case# and his phone number out. He was pulled over, and said he didn't need a license, but, this guy is not a 'soveriegn' he is a Moor. This guy is 27yrs old and I do not believe his is apart of the whole "AJ and RP" crowd or even knows who they are.

Part 1 is before he goes into the courtroom
Part 2 is after he comes out.
Part 3 is part 3..




A word of caution: documents have been released which indicate there are coIntelPro agents within the RP, AJ, soveriegn, etc movements.

Edit: He also put in a $3k relief for even having to make an appearance.

What happened????? I thought

What happened????? I thought people were interested in this, and I put up, yet not a single fuck was given.

Oh, I know why....

"a. Agents may be placed who will simply argue against the opposition, using delaying and confusing tactics such as constantly demanding references and "proof" of allegations, referring to obscure and difficult to find documents as evidence that the opposition is wrong, and generally forcing the opposition to waste tremendous amounts of time simply defending itself from spurious and irrelevant attacks."

from 1994 Top Secret document, Project CableSplice, which discusses fema camps for christians/whitey.


according to larry becraft, who has been a champion for

individual liberty for 3 decades...

The disinfo agents populate the PAYtriot movement by putting out false legal theories.

Which is why i believe having a clear understanding of basic civics is essential. so that one can easily tell the scamers from the real mccoys.

Thanks for post ing that case info

I will check it out. If you have any additional knowledge on this please post it here.(the DL thing)