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"This country would be reduced to chaos" (Video)

The following clip from the 1982 film Gandhi reminds me of recent dialog. I thought it was relevant to America's current situation and needed to be shared.


I venture to say that the people who currently rule this country are as foreign to the average American as the British were to the Indian people (Don't believe me? Watch the new video Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power which is currently going viral). If the People peacefully declined to obey their rules and acknowledge their authority, victory would not be far off.

If you haven't watched the entire movie, I highly recommend it. Gandhi is a man we should all admire.


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Hmm, well Gandhi's message in the end may have been "be the change..." and that's all well and good. Lets not hoist Gandhi up to high, though. He was not a good man, and after the way people tore down any "positive" Mandela posts, I figured they would know better than to engage in "hero worship" without knowledge of the hero.

I'll just say this:

Gandhi wasn't a hero. He was a deeply disturbed, racist, pedophile who probably had sex with family members. He also loved killing black people for the Brits.

We need a new word

Maybe "steering committed" or something. People don't need some bureaucrat making their decisions for them.

Imagine how your life would change if the whole bleeping government vanished overnight. Probably not much, other than it'd be a lot easier to get useful stuff done!

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Ghandi is dead.

And India has a thriving government with all the corruptness, death and arbitrary laws as any other. So what does this clip prove? Nothing.

Just more evidence against the State


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The purpose was pure, but the man was not.

The same can be said about Ayn Rand, Eric Blair, JFK, and even Ron Paul.

"Ron Paul is a focal point, a leader and an example, but the message is bigger than the man."

Don't confuse the message with the person.

Admire the myth of the man

But be mindful of the reality of the man.


In general, we shouldn't worship heroes or any man, even if they accomplished a good thing. They are all flawed. And Gandhi was well beyond flawed.

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Thanks for that video link, Faith.

That was a big dose of reality.

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Thank you D

This is great. Love this movie.

To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.

The pleasure is all mine


Storm Clouds Gathering, One Day....

...and "Ghandi" the next.
Never saw "Ghandi" but I think it is time to do just that.

I love this website!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


I didn't downvote, but I'd really like to see what "Victory" looks like to you.

We all become tribes? Suddenly bad people don't exist? No more rapes? No more murders? No more war? No more famine? No more prisons? Everyone has a gun and tons of ammo and no reason to have a gun or ammo? No more sickness? No money or sugar or oil, just LOVE, PEace and happiness forever and ever?

You're going to replace the US federal, states and local governments with what? Nothing? How does that work?


Yet another false stretch of hyperbole to discredit an idea

whose time has long come.

Just because you are not capable of envisioning life with liberty, does not mean it is not possible. It just means you have no imagination, or hope.

I'll ask again, WHY are YOU HERE? (on DP that is.)

If you want an iron fist to rule over you, or you intend to wiled that fist yourself, you don't need to be here on DP. Unless you are afraid that as soon as you attain the power you desire over others, they will simply ignore you.

Maybe that's why you are here, to try to sway us from ignoring presumed power.

You have no say in the matter.

You will be ruled over by some form of government. Get over it and out of fantasy land. It's not a matter of want, it's a matter of reality and you day dreamers will always be slaves until you face the reality of the real world.

I understand what you are saying but what does it have to do

with the above video? It didn't appear that he was calling for NO government but for the British to get the hell out so they could run their own affairs aka have their own government.

As for what you said you are right. The idea that without government people would all of the sudden be "GOOD" is a crock.

The idea that a group of people can be trusted to rule

over everyone else and be benevolent is a crock.

If you think people are bad, why do you condone giving them such power? Not to mention, the tendency is for the worst people to enter government positions.

Whether you like it or not

there will always be some form of government of men and that is fact. And mans government will always be or become corrupt because it is made up of men. Having no government is a fantasy that will never happen for the very tendencies you mention. Just because I point out the facts doesn't mean I "condone" it.

I acknowledge this reality and that is why intelligent people look forward to a righteous Kingdom. Whether you like it or not or agree or not is irrelevant.

I guess one can settle for less

but I'll continue to set lofty goals. It's better to aim high and fall short than it is to aim low and do the same.


In America right now, people have it good compared to many areas where government is unstable.

It only takes one bad person with an AK and rounds to wipe out dozens of GOOD people. It only take one person with a bomb to wipe out dozens of GOOD people.

This is not about GOOD People. I personally believe all people are good people, but they fall into situations that are not good and thus, good people can do bad things. I've seen it and experienced it personally.

If you think other nations will not invade the US.. I don't believe you understand how good we have it, and how others, being GOOD for their people will take advantage of US.

Gang mentality exists.. when I surfed, my turf, my ability to place in the line up.. I found myself in a gang, not because I thought, "Oh wow, I want to be in a gang".

One day.. after making the line-up.. big sets came roaring in.. I got my wave. Some guy that was not from my turf, dropped in on my wave. I did not ask 6 guys to break the the guys board and face and take crow bars to cars and get into a war on the beach, but my place in the line up earned me this unwanted protection. These were good guys.. but the gang mentality swept over them. How dare that guy drop in on me.. I earned respect.. so that's how they paid me respect, by "protecting me".

The only way I could stop this from happening around me, is when someone dropped in on me (as a girl guys who didn't know would challenge me) So, I would have to drown the guy right there in the water and not take the fight to the beach. One on one. And because I'm a strong swimmer and life guard training.. I know how to save and drown people. You don't want to mess with me in the water.. I have a huge advantage HUGE.

We have unwritten rules in surfing.. you learn by "hard knocks" if you don't have a mentor. If government stops.. who is the mentor?

None of the guys who protected me were bad people. They were great guys, good jobs.. nice families.. it's gang mentality and the instict to PROTECT. Because I am a woman, and back then not too many women surfed, and none but Rell Sun went after BIG surf.. so seeing a girl in the big kahuna line up triggered the guys to want to protect me. They were good guys and what they did was wrong, but police, life guards (some of them were).. stayed out of it.. the visitors were told to not return when the police showed up in the parking lot.

And BTW,, we had truces with other turfs.. North swells top line up had permission to surf with us,, south swells we had permission to surf with them. It's just the way it is and no government is going to change it.

The odds of you being killed

The odds of you being killed as a result of anything other than government are about like being struck by lightning.

You will die because of the war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war on terror, for lack of a drug the FDA says you can't have, for eating foods the USDA says you should, for taking a drug the FDA says is safe, for lack of health care because the government has made it unaffordable, or from health care rationing when it's fully socialized, for being forced into a victim disarmament zone, from poverty because the government took over half of your life's labor and gave you empty promises of social 'security' in return, or from driving on socialized roads which are unsafe because only by being unsafe do they get more budget, from contempt of cop, from war. I could go on for pages.

If you are killed by people, you will be killed by government.

The odds of a BAD individual killing you is almost zero. The reason is almost all bad individuals who are smart enough to actually do you harm, are in the government where they can do the most evil.

Your example is perfect. The government police did nothing. The government life guards did nothing. They watched.

Who is the 'mentor'? If you think it's the government, then you are studying to be evil.

And as someone who thinks the 'solution' to stopping a potential fight is drowning someone, I think you are a very good student.


My friends who were life guards and police fought, beat the crap out of the guy too.

Show me your stats to back up what you say about my death being from government.

The states I'm seeing say you are wrong http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/hate-crime/2012/tables-...

Where did US military kill an American on American soil?

You are generalizing whach is collectivist to try to make a very bad point anti-government.. because you really think other nations have NO interest in US resources and they won't use drones on you. foolish, if not outright insane.

Where did US military kill an American on American soil?

1791, Whiskey Rebellion, 6 killed.
1863, New York Draft Riots, 120 killed, 2,000 wounded
1914, Ludlow Massacre, National Guard, killed 4.
1932, Bonus Army, U.S. Army, killed 4, wounded 1,017.
1970, Kent State, National Guard killed 4, wounded 9.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Thank you

we should really be afraid now!!!

How childish!

No wonder you can't fathom being free, you don't understand it at all.


maybe I can't fathom it because my free thinking is within structure.. if you could just tell me as you see it, that would be kind, but it appesrs since you are not kind, I'm having a very hard time invisioning an unkind person like you being free and around me in a peaceful way. Eh?

All you do here is spout pro

All you do here is spout pro statist nonsense and build straw men to defend your positions even though I and many others have already ripped your straw men to shreds in many threads. That's why every one of your posts is downvoted. Add in the pro military pro Israel nonsense and you're obviously a shill or you just got really lost trying to google "I heart Netanyahu."

I have explained it and provided you with a reading list. You can lead a person to freedom but you can't make them want it when they kind of enjoy their slavery.

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed

Ron Paul is a statist

Ron Paul doesn't say, "Kill The Republic!".. He said, "Restore the Rupublic" to constitution/Bill of Rights, with smaller government.

This delusion of a collective that has "ripped me to shreds" is like a Loony Tune, you know where the animated villian never dies... so much for the effectiveness of being "ripped to shreds".

Slavery is a state of mind, the harder you run, the more enslaved you become.

Go figure.

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"Go figure?" Why did you support statist Romney?

I'll down vote anyone calling Ron Paul a statist on this website.

Do you really believe that Ron Paul supports this?:

"A statist system—whether of a communist, fascist, Nazi, socialist or “welfare” type—is based on the . . . government’s unlimited power, which means: on the rule of brute force. The differences among statist systems are only a matter of time and degree; the principle is the same. Under statism, the government is not a policeman, but a legalized criminal that holds the power to use physical force in any manner and for any purpose it pleases against legally disarmed, defenseless victims."
- Ayn Rand

Ron Paul is a statist

Ron Paul is not calling for an elimination of government. Ron Paul is a Republican and a long term congressionman. That is a fact. You can down vote TRUTH, but facts are facts.

Ayn Rand is an Objectivist.. Atheist. Ron Paul is a Christian. So to compasre Ron Paul to Ayn Rand is twisting Ron Paul to fit YOUR agenda, not his. Ron Paul invoted you to join the GOP. Did you?

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"Ron Paul is not calling for an elimination of government."

The elimination of government is not statism, it is anarchy. The Founders would have never written the Constitution if they wanted anarchy.

Ones religion or lack thereof has nothing to do with the definition of a word. Ayn Rand and Ron Paul have much in common. Their religious differences are irrelevant.

What is Ron Paul?

I say statist for minimal government.

What say you?