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"This country would be reduced to chaos" (Video)

The following clip from the 1982 film Gandhi reminds me of recent dialog. I thought it was relevant to America's current situation and needed to be shared.


I venture to say that the people who currently rule this country are as foreign to the average American as the British were to the Indian people (Don't believe me? Watch the new video Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power which is currently going viral). If the People peacefully declined to obey their rules and acknowledge their authority, victory would not be far off.

If you haven't watched the entire movie, I highly recommend it. Gandhi is a man we should all admire.


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Ron Paul is not a statist. He

Ron Paul is not a statist. He fights the state and it's abuse of power.

What is he?

Seems you can't say.

Again, you must be the most

Again, you must be the most downvoted person here. You're responses are all the same wrote each time and you never address anything specific. You just keep repeating your statist mantra. Read my sig line kiddo, you have no clue what Ron Paul really is, just what you want him to be to fit your particular agenda or the agenda of your handlers. Either way, you don't belong here.

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed

Why are my downvotes an interest to you?

Do you downvote me? Is being part of a collective on DP a thrill for you?

Why do my downvotes not stop me?

Maybe I'm SUPER GRANGER and can stand without worrying about what a collective with an agenda thinks.

It's up to Nystrom to say whether I belong here, not you. And this "You don't belong here".. I don't get that mentality, well I do, but we no longer post aboit religion here.

PS you take what Ron Paul says, twist it for your own agenda, Ron Paul is a Republican. You;re a loser.

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You are in violation with your last sentence


#5, personal attacks on members.

Mr. Nystrom already told you to leave the country, and this site, months ago. Perhaps later he apologized?

Your perspective is not welcomed by most of the members here. Please, find another place to share it. I'm not saying don't share; just don't do it here. "Don't go away mad; just go away."

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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I take your post as a personal attack

you can get rid

of a legislature and keep the judicial system.
Government and the judiciary have completely different origins.
...a major mistake the founders made was not having an independent judiciary, at least from the standpoint of individual liberty and government accountability.

Or we could have law reform that decriminalizes all behavior that doesn't directly, proximately, and nonconsensually harm another.

Or we could have commonly owned infrastructure instead of a government owned infrastructure.

Or we could dispossess the legislature from all power to(fill in the blank)-this is similar to the state's constitution.

Or we could empower a legislature with only the power to (fill in the blank)- this is similar to the federal constitution.

There are many ways to have a functioning society without a legislature micromanaging/injuring/controlling/stealing from each individual.

It's funny as in strange

To me, the judicial system is the problem.

I believe that life does not happen in a vacuum, and that if there is not a goal, some other power will prevail. Right now, I don't much like what I'm seeing in the world prevail.. so I like Ron Paul's idea of smaller govenrment..resptoring the Republic to the constitution/Bill of Rights, and ending this UN Agenda before it ends US.

I know what ron paul's smaller government means

what does smaller government mean to you?..
Less government spending?
Less government employees?
Less powerful legislature?
Ron Paul's smaller government included all three. Mine does too.

About a judicial system...
do you not like the way the government has run their judicial system or do you not like having a relatively peaceful way to settle controversies?

I am appalled at the way the government has abused society with their judicial system, but I am pro having a peaceful/amicable way to settle disputes.

Yep. I agree

Ron Paul did not say:
Become an ancap, eliminate ALL government and end the USA. Which is what many here seem to think Ron Paul is saying.

What we have now certainly isn't the solution to the problems

you've listed. Humanity will always have its problems. However, the problems just get bigger when power is concentrated. The State is the deadliest creation ever conceived of by Man. It's hard to argue otherwise when government was the leading cause of unnatural death in the 20th Century - around 300,000,000 people. That number does not include military deaths.

If government ended tomorrow, would you go out and start killing and looting? Would the people you know?

The way I understood it

Ron Paul is for a smaller government, restoring the constitution/Bill of rights. And to me, that is the solution.

Ron Paul said the GOP has ost it's way, and that is an understatement, so I have found this to be a very good fight, not a cake walk.. but I can see that we are the future.

Personally, I am where I am after years of study, survival training, farming.. being self reliant.. I have a good relationship with all my neighbors, and they would give me anything I asked for, so I have no need to steal.. I guess you know I have done volunteer work since I was a teen.. still do random acts of kindness.

I can admit, that I kniow people who would immediately form gangs and bully, murder, steal to take what they want.. and I suspect that drug abusers and those who are driven into a maddness because they need stability.. lack of medications, food, can drive good people to do bad things. Fear causes people to do things they would not normally do. Plus, we live in a society where there are many angry people.. and all I have to do is look ay countries experiencing civil war and genocide to see how fragile societies are and how quickley things can became "Lord of the flies".

So for me, while I NEVER thought I would be a Republican.. Ron paul was RIGHT ON about the GOP and I do see a silver lining.. a smaller government.

Some folks, perhaps you, I know me, thrive when we are left alone.. we produce, we contribute, we help as we can.. I'm not interested in being a dictator, and I don't imagine yo9u are. But I know people who can not handle freedom.. they have to have uniform and plans or they are lost.. if someone is not directing them.. they don't know what to do with themselves.

Or.. did you ever see the movie "The Gods Must be Crazy"

There would be some short-term violence

until people found that others weren't going to put up with it. The American people are very well armed and most are good people.

As for drugs, the free market would act over time to bring the prices down - including drugs that are now illegal.

Personally, I live in a neighborhood of mixed race on the poor side of town. Having direct experience with the folks around me leaves me with a much higher opinion of humanity that it seems most have. I've had conversations with people varying from gang members to a Nobel laureate.

Folks are folks.

Folks are folks in stable times

When there is food, energy, and medicine.. folks deal with their problems.. but when there is riots, runs on stores, people living in fear, pan epidemics, roaming gangs.. folks aren't folks anymore. Their normal lives are shattered.. they're not going home and turning on the TV.

And I'm curious, because you've seen what was a peaceful protest turn into a three year civil war in Syria (and there are many countries histories show us) with MIC from other nations arming gangs, people pouring into the borders willing to wage fights for land/ water.. You think Mexican cartels are going to take a break and get with your idea of "Well, it's will be rough for a little while.."

What I see with your plan is good people being slaughtered by invading nations desperate for the natural resources America has that they desperatly need.

Folks are folks.. yep, and that's why rape, murder, beatings, theft, lying, cheating happen. You ever look at pictures of Syria? Do you think those folks wnt that?

We all have breaking points eh? You think the elite are going to step out and not take advantage of no government? Where in the world have you ever seen that? And all we need are natural disasters to come into play.. never ending forest fires, mud and rick slides, earthquakes, hurricanes to shake things up.

I don't think it would be short.. I think we would see never eanding war, death, destruction.. no clean water..no food and I think we would be invaded by other nations.

Guess someone doesn't like Gandhi

Mystery downvote with no discussion.

+1 I Like


With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.