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Time to Unplug

Do you ever just feel overwhelmed by it all, to the point that you want to just pretend you no longer care? What's the point of spending nearly all your free time passionately advocating for individual liberty when you hit the wall and start to feel...what's the word? Apathetic?

You wouldn't know it..I still write..I'm putting out a weekly podcast and having a blast doing it...but still...the fumes...

So, perhaps it's perfect timing that I'm cashing in my birthday gift from my wonderful girlfriend, and spending 3 days in the high desert of Joshua Tree, with nothing but ourselves, our 2 Huskies, and all the wonder nature can offer.

Oh, we won't be technically "unplugged"...the phones will be available if need be...heck, we're staying in a cabin..but the "plug" to the constant thought, the constant inner workings of the mind, the constant conversation...needs to be pulled out, just for a few days.

Monday will come, and it will be like the first day of school again, refreshed and ready to come back and continue the battle for ideas.

What's the point of telling you all this? Who knows? Daily Paul isn't always limited to being my liberty forum; sometimes it's just the therapy session.

But farewell my Daily Paul brethren for a few days, and with good luck you'll have a revitalized and refreshed MarcMadness in a few days!

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I wish you peace and relief have fun.

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Unplug and enjoy

I unplug often. Spend some time in nature and see how silly some of the plugged world seems. ENJOY! Look at the stars, they are there to be gazed at.

Have a wonderful time

I always think of Joshua trees as Dr Sues trees... great time of year to hang in a hot spring. BE SAFE, BE WARM HAVE FUN!!!