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TPWD goes Ballistic: FEMA Grant pays for militarization of Game Wardens (via LewRockwell)

Is any of this honestly in the scope of what Texas Parks and Wildlife was intended for?
Did they apply for money from one of the FEMA training grants http://www.fema.gov/preparedness-non-disaster-grants ?

    Why is any of this necessary?

game wardens

“We’ve been doing these sorts of things for years and years, but now we’re trying to formalize it and make it consistent,” says Jones of the successful high-tech rescue effort. “We want to be able to deliver the same service to the people of Texas whether it’s in El Paso or Beaumont.”

All of TPWD’s new law enforcement teams are highly mobile and capable of a quick response.

“We can have a team anywhere in Texas in four hours, and that’s the worst-case scenario,” Jones says. “A lot of times it’s much faster.”
Scout Team
This unit, with 25 game wardens, is designed to serve as what the military calls a “force multiplier.”

Team members have received a variety of training and can be used in border operations, dignitary protection or any form of high-risk law enforcement, such as serving felony arrest warrants or hostage situations. "

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While FEMA funds

The military state, tornado victims are shut out.


Ron Paul Was Right


to Lew

Bush's "Texas Navy"

from the article:
"Though the Republic of Texas had a battle-hardened Navy in the 1830s and 1840s, it was former Gov. George W. Bush who first referred to TPWD’s modern fleet as the “Texas Navy.” Since then, the department’s fleet has grown to 564 vessels, including two 65-foot Gulf of Mexico patrol vessels, 26 Safeboats (a high-speed boat with an enclosed cabin that can be used in bays or the open Gulf) and myriad specialized vessels including five gun boats equipped with .30-caliber machine guns."

564 Vessels!


Southern Agrarian

Everyone's got SEAL envy these days

I guess these fools at the "Texas Navy" are no different. Hooyah mission creep!

I wonder if they ever feel ridiculous

Their get-up is so over-the-top as to be a parody of 'law enforcement.'

The only thing missing is a peacock feather and fringed epaulets.

Like kids doing dress up

Like kids doing dress up

Southern Agrarian

Brown Shirts Fer Sure

...and that graphic says it all!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!