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Ben Swann Interview on Allison Bricker Show (Audio)

Good morning Daily Paul,

Some folks indicated to me that they either missed the interview or were unable to access the stream, due to the heavy load on our server (guess this is a good problem :)

As such, here is the interview with Mr. Ben Swann, for your listening pleasure.


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Nice to know Ben is philosophically an anarchist



Ron Paul said the other day that he thought that if the Fed believed Bitcoin was a threat, they'd have done something about it.

That led me to realize that the Fed does not see Bitcoin as a threat. Then the question is, are they stupid? Or, do they know they don't have to worry?

How hard would it be for the Fed to manipulate Bitcoin? Is it possible they can crash it at any moment?

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Excellent interview

A Constitutional Convention is an absolutely horrible idea. If you hear anyone talking about Article V, please tell them that you strongly disagree. What makes anyone think it is a good idea to let the people that are currently in power to modify the already flawed Constitution? If you think the 16th and 17th Amendments were bad, you better lube up your rear good if an Article V convention is successfully called.

Epic Goodness!

Thanks for making this happen Allison!

and if you haven't voted for Ben here yet - http://shortyawards.com/category/6th/journalist - please do so!:)

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