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"Cold Weather Due to Global Warming!"

President Obamas 'science' adviser explains that recent cold weather is due to global warming! and expect more extreme cold weather in higher frequency...


I hate how they always show seasonal ice melting in time-lapse to help 'prove' their point... and people fall for it. I am guessing they think the record ice cap is due to global warming as well? What do you guys think DP??

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Same here, I am years without

Same here, I am years without Cable. I cannot watch 10 min before I feel it start to hypnotize me. Instead I read (Lord of the Rings is still my favorite), watch intellectual lectures, practice archery with my hunting bow and am working on my audiophile listening room.

Here is an interesting fact, TV producers keep your attention by quickly changing scenes and alternating from a bright screen to a dark screen. Next time you are in a room with someone who has cable, turn the lights off and watch the back wall. It will look like a hypnotic strobe.

Now if you REALLY want to dive down the rabbit hole, watch this lecture by researcher Michael Tsiaron on the symbols that marketers use to manipulate us:

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

MAN! You nailed it.

If you keep hammering an idea long enough, sooner or later it will sink in. Another reason we are becoming a nation of immoral idiots.

Totally Expected.....

These cronies are continually using the media to spew their lies to keep the Sheeple in compliance to willfully be fleeced of their hard earned money.