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Rand Paul is One Sly, Cheeky, Son-of-a-Gun

Today was revealing for the Senator from Kentucky. After the scandal in New Jersey and the Robert Gates revelations, Rand Paul looks to be skating through these political waters like Chazz Michael Michaels.

President Obama basically steals Rand's Economic Freedom Zones idea and calls them "Promise Zones." But you know what Rand does? He embraces the idea of lower taxes and shows up at the President's speech, showing his ability to work beyond partisan lines. He even finds a way to drag McConnell along, symbolizing how Rand is dragging the Old Guard over to the libertarian way of thinking.

But the cheekiest and most revealing of his status toward presidential primary aspirations came when reporters ambushed him on his walk through the National Mall--highlighting his relevance in all things with aspirations. When asked about Christie's plight Rand coyly responded, "You know I am always angry when I get stuck in traffic. Now, I know who to blame." This is the perfect response to someone he has had feuds with in the past not to kick them too hard when they are down, but just wink and wave from his perch.

Rand is treading these waters carefully, and yet with a greater yield in his canoe than anyone in recent memory. He is making all the right calls and the dominoes are falling in place for him as these corrupt power players all around him are falling one by one. Let the Democrats and Republicans fight each other in the midterm while Rand in this electoral theater will display his relevance in orchestrating the dual nature of libertarian ideology by working with both sides of the aisle. I don't think there is a better man to put our trust in than him. I don't think I could stand to follow the political aspirations of any other man, not even Ron because he is so pure--we know what he is.

Rand on the other hand is one interesting, sly, cheeky, winking-at-us, son-of-a-gun.

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I actually

think in some ways Rand Paul has a more complex job than his dad.

Ron Paul is beloved because he is as rigid as they come in adhering to the Constitution. When George Stephanopoulos said he'd bet every dime in his pocket Ron Paul wouldn't win the presidency he was understanding how far we've moved away from the Constitution.

You can't slap the Constitution on an unconstitutional system overnight, as too many things must break, our unconstitutional money to start.

Ron Paul wanted to get his message out more than be president, so he didn't care about playing politics, ever.

Rand Paul on the other hand is trying to win. He has to take the position of his father, but match it somehow to the unconstitutional mess we're in and win. That's no easy task, but he seems to be optimistic and having fun in any case.

It really amazes me

that more people on here can't come to the same conclusion on their own, that you just articulated in this comment. But maybe some of these people are paid to come here and conger up dissent.

Ron Swanson

Not another Rand topic post.. geesh

I LOVED It LOL GREAT POST!!!! Made me smile.. still smiling :D


Plus, I didnt see a damn one about what happened today which I thought was uber revealing.



For real people need to talk about this

Concerning is Rand's

Concerning is Rand's suggestion to put Snowden to prison, rather keeping his mouth shut, or, at the minimum, saying that he should face jury trial.

Concerning is his endorsement of Romney in 2012.

Justin Amash is not perfect, but he appears to be more articulate voice of freedom than Rand.

This is not to meant to discount Rand, we need more people like Rand and Justin in Senate and Congress.

Engage in Secure Exchange

If Rand becomes president, he would tell Snowden...

to come home and face trial.

If found guilty, he'd pardon him.

Supporting Romney was a "Trojan horse" political move. It's working so far.

I'm Libertarian and Rand is not my perfect candidate but I'll support him. If he doesn't get the republican nomination, I hope he has the good sense to run as the Libertarian candidate like GJ did and I hope we have the good sense to vote for him unlike many here did with GJ.

None of your 2012 stay home or write-in votes for Ron Paul were recorded, therefore, not noticed or mentioned by the media.

It had no impact. It sent no message. It was a lost opportunity that could have made a difference.

It would have shown people care more about liberty than party.

The only mention was that 3 million Republicans didn't vote. The only message the GOP heard was some Republicans are lazy.

I stayed home

instead of voting last time around. I live in Oklahoma and I didn't have the option to vote for Gary Johnson.
I sure was not going to vote for the 2 pathetic people I was "offered".

Formerly rprevolutionist

Can't blame you there...

I'd of done the same if I didn't have a choice.

We got some work to do in Oklahoma to change that.

What I don't understand is the time, money and energy that'll be spent trying to change a party that doesn't want to change. Sure, 10% of the party is awake but the rest aren't.

They won't change until they clearly see they're bleeding support to another party, then and only then will they compromise. Even then it may be too late.

All you can really do is prepare for the inevitable financial collapse. Everyone would be smart to figure out how they'll survive when that happens.

Food, water, shelter, heat and defense.

He can't

"keep his mouth shut". He was asked a direct question. The media knows he is a contender for the presidency, so they're going to try to pin him to the wall. Nobody that says "ah, uh, I have no comment on that" will ever be president. As a potential leader you have to take a position.

He didn't say Snowden should be imprisoned.

Listen to Rand's own words, rather than reheated, expurgated versions from other people. He didn't say Snowden should be imprisoned. Listen again.

Hugs from Chile.

I agree Justin is more pure

But when I drink a cocktail having a pure vodka isnt something that goes down too smoothly. I think Ill take some citrus in there with all its intricacies faults and unpredictable angles to satify my palate.

I took a shot of Ron Paul a long time ago and that was a jolt, an injection into my dormancy. Now to sustain I need some Randade because its the long game, son. The long tread.

Chaz Michael Michaels lol...

Chaz Michael Michaels lol...

Haha did you get that reference?

I was trying to think of a great male figure skater, but Will Ferrel's character is the only one that came to mind. Hell, I said just make it a funny.

TwelveOhOne's picture

What would

Brian Boitano do?

Wow, in searching his name to verify the spelling, I found that he came out of the closet last month. "Not that there's anything wrong with that..."

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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I remember a south park

I remember a south park episode where they made so much fun of Brian Boitano. ha, ha, I was also thinking of him when the OP mentioned a skater.

Great Post

Very astute... Couldn't agree more.

Love your post !

Very well written and I agree wholeheartedly. He is a much better politician than Ron was , I'm sure his dad is grinning ear to ear with pride .


Thank you

I dont think its that well written so whoever is editing these things before they go DPO can make any changes of w.c. and obviously grammar they want.

i suck at gramma,!