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just got out of the hospital, couldn't breathe 1-14-14

Got sick tue. 1-7-14

Update: 1-14-14
Wow, thanks for all the prayers and support and much thanks to Jefferson for all his help.

it has been the most challenging several days i've been through in over 20 years and i'm still not 100%.
the neb treatment they prescribed is like over a $1000 a month so i'm looking for alternatives and am interested in the colloidal silver etc.

my heart was working non stop (178+ bpm)trying to get me air. at around 4:20am with a team of over 6 different specialist in the room they had to stop it with some drug and reset it.

anyways, i could go on and on with all the craziness of the modern day hospital system but anyone who has gone through it or knows someone who has been through it already knows what hell it is. i fear it will only get worse before it gets any better. i can't wait for the bill ;)

thanks again to everyone for your support, it truly helped!

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Glad to hear you're better man

You had us all worried here, as you can tell. Stay healthy man, and feel free to share any more when you are able.

Best wishes from all of us here.


He's the man.

thanks Michael

i really don't know what i would do without our dp family.
your website has changed my life and many others.

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best wishes to you

Hope you recover quickly and come back stronger than ever.

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Glad you're

feeling better MMJ!

So I looked up pneumonia on wikipedia and how to manage it. I was not surprised to see a similar recommendation to what I tell people for general cures. I believe the human body can cure itself of pretty much anything given the right conditions. We may not have perfect medical cures for everything but a lot IMO is common sense. So I start with basics which is plenty of comfortable (meaning warm) rest, then add to that two things which are plenty of water and Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps boost the body's immune system. The best source of it is oranges (organic oranges mind you!). I just got sick myself with a head cold. Since I eat an orange almost daily I went through the whole cycle in like 2 days - throat tickle -> sore throat/cough/nausea -> runny nose/headache, then feeling 99.9% again which is where I am now, with none of it stopping me from work and only mildly annoying discomfort. The virus went in got its butt kicked and went out.

So my recovery/prevention advice starts with that primarily, then add to that mild exercise when feeling better, just a daily walk will do. That does a lot for metabolism (important for diabetics), strengthens the heart with aerobics, gives the body a sense of purpose (reason to recover), and is mentally therapeutic. Notice my cure is completely natural.

Now here is Wikipedia's answer:

"Oral antibiotics, rest, simple analgesics, and fluids usually suffice for complete resolution.[37] However, those with other medical conditions, the elderly, or those with significant trouble breathing may require more advanced care. If the symptoms worsen, the pneumonia does not improve with home treatment, or complications occur, hospitalization may be required."

thanks man

my usual home treatment for when i start to feel sick is a multi vitamin and oil of oregano and elderberry. unfortunately this was real nasty stuff and it did not work as it always has the last several years.

i just took my last antibiotic yesterday but have several more days of prednisone left and just did a breathing treatment. still interested in the colloidal silver for my lungs and nose.

i do stretches everyday and try to do sit ups and push ups too but i'm taking a break for a few more days. i need to walk more but my back problems don't help. i have chronic pain issues.

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I used colloidal silver for the first time a few weeks ago...

... when I had a bad cold. I usually get a bad nasal infection and lung infection and cough up phlegm for a week or two but it wiped it out over night. It was gone... I just bought a nebulizer and I want to see if it can help with my sisters asthma in conjunction with Lobelia extract.

Glad you are better!


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Hey, MMJ, were you on oxygen in hospital

I don't know your whole story. But stopping a heart seems imprudent when it's starving for oxygen.

There are also oxygen rich potions that bypass the lungs.

For a free second opinion call Dead Doctors Don't Lie Program http://ksco.com/dead-doctors-dont-lie

I promote his products because they have worked as advertised for my self, friends and family.

My knees and hips were grinding and I rebuilt them using the Doc's Pig Arthritis Pak. I ran out to my garage for the first time in three years. I had shrunk 1.5 inches since high school. I have rebuilt vertebral cartilage and have grown an inch.

Have you shrunk since High school. the heart problem may have been a pinched nerve to the heart causing atrial fibrillation. I regrow disks stopping the nerve pinching.

Get Well Soon!

Free includes debt-free!

cool, i'll check it out

yes, i was on oxygen the whole time and almost had to come home with it.

they had to reset my heart because it was beating way to fast. after the stop and reset it went down to 140+ bpm and eventual back to normal after a day or so. it was not fun. they had to do a cat scan because they thought it may have been a blood clot in my lungs causing it but it was "just" pneumonia.

i use lasers for my other (broken) back problems and have avoided surgery for over 20 years with them. it's a cold laser, low level laser, red/infra red laser.

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Sufficient raw material can repair backs.

Have you lost height in 20 years. Other back problems. Sciatic, peripheral neuropathies, restless legs, tingling?

The nerves to the heart exit from the upper thoracic vertebrae. If there is trauma, inflammation from infection, degeneration of the disk and the nerve gets pinched, the heart will race.

Changing position might relieve the condition.

Steroids might relieve inflammation. Like hitting the funny bone, pinching the heart nerve is not quickly forgotten.

Have you ever had heart flutters in the past?

Is there science that supports the concept of "resetting the heart".

Did 6 experts misdiagnose then send a bill?

Free includes debt-free!

thanks for all the help

not sure if i have lost height but i have a spondylolisthesis at l5 s1 and several crushed disc.

Have you ever had heart flutters in the past?

Is there science that supports the concept of "resetting the heart".
yes, it worked and needed to be done unfortunately. it felt like death for about 5 sec.

Did 6 experts misdiagnose then send a bill?
no, i saw the read outs on the heart machines (plural) and my heart would not stop racing and it was getting dangerous.
what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger or at least that's what i keep telling myself.

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From a purely physical

point of view, heart flutters can be caused by constipation in the transverse colon (upper horizontal section of colon). This area corresponds to the heart and lungs. Each area in the colon also corresponds to different parts of the spine. So, damage to the spine can cause problems in the colon and, conversely, blockages in the colon can cause spinal problems. Nutritional deficiencies can precipitate problems in one area or the other. I'm not saying this is the primary cause, but it could be a contributing factor. One test you could do is next time your heart flutters, feel the transverse colon just under your rib cage to see if it is hard, compacted or has a bulge in it. You will generally feel a larger bulge in that area maybe four hours after a meal when it is traveling through that particular part of the colon. You will also notice that if your heart is fluttering and you press the transverse area you will feel a direct affect on the heart. You may also notice that lung function is not optimal when the transverse colon is congested. Also, if you crunch over it will compact that area of the colon and you may feel it in the heart. Internal gas has the same effect. Symptoms will be aggravated when lying down as well.

- Short term fix is to have a series of colonics or high enemas to relieve the internal pressure.

- Probiotics like kombucha or kefir. (... but not too much so that it breaks stuff down too quickly and constipates you even more.)

- Drink a quart of warm water right when you wake up. (or over the first half hour.) then wait an hour (from when you first started drinking) before your eat so that your stomach is empty.

- eat grapefruit on an empty stomach

- eliminate grains and gluten

- eat less dense meals and chew thoroughly to a liquid.

- the standard answer dieticians give is to eat more fiber but that can contribute to blockages. You need a balance of the right type of fibers so that the body moves properly.

- don't eat heavy meals before going to sleep. Make it light but nourishing and let it digest before going to sleep.

Another problem that some people have is that the colon wall becomes stiff and doesn't stretch much when a meal passes through. This internal pressure can place strain on the heart and lungs as well. So you may not actually feel a big bulge but it will be hard and the internal pressure will still be there regardless. This can be addressed by nutrition, like probiotics and especially raw milk, kefir, and gelatinous soup stocks to rebuild the tissues of the colon and make them more flexible so internal pressure doesn't build up.

(The above info may not be the the main cause of your problems but you can experiment to see if it applies. A person can have normal bowel movements every day and still be constipated with blockages. There may also be functional or neurological causes which could make the heart flutter.)

Just a few thoughts... I can go into more specifics if needed.

If I want you to heal, then I need to point at the problem.

Heart flutters were a pre-existing condition to the recent infection?

Clearing the infection is important. but the heart issue is a back issue based on your responses.

Did they suggest a defibrillator. I can attest that nutrition can remedy heart flutters.

It wasn't the doobee after all.

Free includes debt-free!

It's not much...

but is there somewhere I could donate some FRNs your way, for your $1000/mo. treatment?

I know it's not much, but I could send 20 or so your way. I don't have bitcoin, so I can't send to your wallet (at this time, at least).

Is there something like "kickstarter" or something that could help you out?

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thanks so much

with my prescription discount card i got it down to $56 for a 4 days supply which i can stretch to almost 2 weeks if i only use it 2x a day. it's called xopenex. i also take a really good new inhaler called advair but it cost $400 a month even with my prescription discount card. the doc cut the dose in half so now it last 2 months but is still 70-80% effective.

walgreens for some reason only ran my walgreens prescription card the first time even after asking them if they ran both. i took an hour of phone calls and several trips to the pharm for them to get it right. the prices are still outrageous though.
i'm going to sell one of my 2 oz of gold this month so i should be ok. i hate to do it but you gotta do what you gotta do.
if anyone wants to buy the gold direct it would save me ebay fees and i would give them a better deal than they would get anywhere else. it's a brand new 1 oz Pamp Suisse Gold Bar .9999 Fine (In Assay)

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Singing Welcome back Mr. MMJ,

to the tune of "Welcome Back Mr. Kotter", and I sound terrible.....but you get the idea. lol

Welcome back from the brink.

Welcome back from the brink.

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a call from MMJM a little earlier. He wanted me to relay an update and express gratitude for the prayers and well wishes since he's still in the hospital and not "100%."

Apparently it was a fast onset of pneumonia that resulted in "coughing up blood" within a couple of days. This combined with other respiratory challenges such as asthma required an emergency trip to the hospital. They had to give him some medication that "stopped his heart for 5 seconds" to somehow reset his system. (that sounds fun....not)

Anyway, he sounds a little weak and tired, but should be able to give another update in the next few days once he gets out, gets home, and gets some rest from the whole ordeal.

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Thank you for the update...

Glad he is doing better and hope to see him back soon.

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I am sorry to hear that

MMJ. Please let us know when you can how you are doing.

Prayers headed your way.

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"Just say no"

I spent Christmas in the hospital with a chest tube. They come in every 2 hours all night so it's impossible to get any sleep. In this groggy state they may try to sell you vaccinations. Just smile and say "no thank you." Get well soon!


Plant derived vitamins minerals and omega fatty acid 3,6,9

no fried food , no grains , no starchy veggies ,


I agree 100% and I'll add vit D.

I think a good dose of vitamin D, probably 5000IU will help prevent future problems.

But dont supplement with Vit D until you know what your current levels are. So always get a Vit D level and then go from there.

Please post an update, when

Please post an update, when time and your health allow.

Deeply concerned.

I hope it's nothing serious!

Get well soon my friend!

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Vitamin C!

Have someone bring you a box of Emergen-C packets, mix with water and drink several a day. I do it everytime I feel like I might be getting something. Kills the bugs. Works like a charm! A whole lot of health for around ten FRNs

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I had that once and when it

I had that once and when it went away I still had pleurisy. The Dr. fixed it with a huge shot of B vitamins. It worked, but when he stuck the shot in my butt, I tasted the vitamins in my mouth and promptly passed out from the shock. lol

So many medical opinions

I don't like doctors or hospitals either, but I'm really surprised to see all of the treatment recommendations from DP'ers here. I really have nooo idea what you're going through right now, so I'll echo some of the comments here and recommend prayer.

I'll keep you in them. (-:

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

The rest of us aren't breathing, either,

what with holding our breaths until we get word that you are better.

Cedar Fever- just now recovering from it.

This is the worst I`ve ever had it.
I`m going to try to find some pressed cedar oil before next year.

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I'm a fan of Young Living Essential Oils

I get all of my oils from them. A little pricier than others but I wholeheartedly believe in the integrity of their products.

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