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Leaked NASA video from secret failed moon landing

Leaked NASA video from secret failed moon landing

(Please watch to the end or the video, it is most enlightening.)


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I knew it! They had a secret

I knew it! They had a secret mission to the moon they kept secret from us. That monster somehow got on their lunar lander and landed on earth. He is now in the White House.

Is that How We Got The term; Lunatech?


An old dual matrix video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djV11Xbc914 if you want to take it on. Aha.

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In space

nobody can hear you scream or toot.

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Release the Krakon!

But NOT the cracked one!

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You hit a nerve with this post, emalvini.

The moon landings hoax happens to be my conspiracy theory. Here is just one of many pieces of evidence that we didn't ever go.


Moon River, by Luis Armstrong, Timeless Wonders of the World


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lol that was great

lol that was great

Neighbors heard me laughing...!!!