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Fluoride in my Borough.

How does one get fluoride removed from their local "medicine water"? I'm not sure where I should start.

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excellent paper worth reading


"There are three effective methods: use of a cartridge containing
activated alumina adsorbent, the most expensive because the
cartridge must be changed so often; reverse osmosis; and
distillation, the least expensive method. Distillation costs about 7
cents per liter for electricity and about 2 cents per liter for
depreciation of a distiller costing $135 at Sears, assuming a 5-year
life. Distilled water is often passed through an activated carbon
filter to remove volatile organics, and aerated for flavor"

I did it and it was not hard.

Here is a post I made several years ago on Daily Paul describing what I did.


I would suggest you get to know your councilman/alderman/whatever on your town's board that is your representative and tell them your concerns. Also find out if there is someone else that decides about the water issues where you are. Point them to info that makes your case. Give them a change to get the credit and do it for you. If they don't act, speak at some meetings and ask that they look into your concerns.

If you can work out of the public eye by talking to the right people, this is often best. Politicians do not like being painted into a corner or being put on the defensive and the goal here is getting it removed, not getting credit yourself.

The removal of fluoride in my city was not even a news story at the time. Not one single article was written when the practice was stopped. It was not until late 2013 when a dentist spoke to try to get it added back that stories were written about it and reporters asked me about how and why it was removed. I had a heads up that he was going to be there and I spoke after him and laid out the reasons it should still be omitted.

There are no plans here to add it back in my city.

Due Process is how it is done

It will take time and you will need local support from your neighbors.

First if you have not get a large enough Fluoride filter system for your family's drinking water. If you can afford a more comprehensive whole house system do that too.

Second as already posted contact the Fluoride Action Network.

Third prepare for war! The will be attacks on you, your children, and many aspects of your life. You will need to most likely need file a lawsuit stating that you and your family are being subject to toxic poisoning by the water utility and/or government entity which provides your water service. If possible and you can gain support from others in the community, it may be possible to file a class action suit.

God Bless and Godspeed.

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Aquasana filters remove 40-60% of Fluoride & much more.

That's what I use.
You can purchase a distiller as well, or be selective with your use of bottled water and all your other water needs.

Shower filters might make a bigger difference than drinking water when it comes to some substances absorbed through the skin, at least that's what I've been led to believe regarding chlorine.

So, you probably want to take a closer look at all of you water use.
You may do better to use shower and water filters; gaining an over-all reduction of 40-60%, verses eliminating nearly everything from drinking water, yet nothing from cooking, cleaning, and showering.

Overall, look at the longer term cost of purchasing water, verses a nice water purifier, you might be able to both save money and purchase a really nice filtration machine.

i have been trying to

i have been trying to brainstorm what i could do in my city also. I too am thinking of going door to door with fliers containing facts and getting signatures. I buy Evian water, it tastes amazing and I believe it is free of fluoride (other than the small amount of fluoride found naturally in water.)BUT it is soo expensive.

Be as aggressive as possible...

and get on the local news asking for criminal prosecutions to all officials who support poisoning your water supply.


I would use your suggestion as a last resort

The point is not to embarrass or point fingers. Many of the people that can end the practice are simply not informed.

The goal is to get it removed. Just as Dr. Paul points out, isn't it better to talk than to go to war?

If it takes war, then its war, but it should be a last resort. You might find very sympathetic ears from the decision makers as they are educated on the issue.


Recent Harvard study: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/07/24/idUS127920+24-Jul-...

These Austin Texas activists may be able to assist you... http://fluoridefreeaustin.com/

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My 2 cents...

Easy way -


(You can get any, this was less expensive and easy to install, take your time, follow the instructions! its easy)

and a Total Dissolved Solids meter...


The R.O. system gets the 99% and is pretty easy to install. They say to change the filters every 6 months. I bought a TDS meter. It displays the "Total of the Dissolved Solids (TDS) in parts per million". Basically how much "stuff' is in your water.

289 ppm from my tap
210 ppm from my "filtered" Refrigerator water (filter - 6 months old)
15 ppm from my RO tap. This was after 1 year, 3 months, same filter.

When I had my eyes opened to fluoride, every time I drank tap water from my home, I literally felt like I was drinking poison (I know it's crazy). Putting the RO system in made me feel much better, especially with my kids. The water tastes great too. If you do it, take a cup of each, RO and Tap, and compare. It's night and day, the RO water almost makes the Tap water seem like it has a flavor. Ok, sorry for the infomercial, but, I'm not kidding you, it's worth it.

Hard way - Descriptions below

**edit Water is cheap in Indiana, RO uses a lot of water...

Start here:


...contact them!

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- President John F. Kennedy

I'm thinking.....

of making fliers and going door to door with some of the facts. Even if it just raises awareness. I'll definitely need signatures and allies in this.

When I Have Time - I Want to Try This

I've thought about seeing if I can get the EPA to ban it because it makes dolphins stupider. What do you think?

It doesn't violate the Non-Aggression Principle if you sic one agency against another, does it? I mean, they started it...

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

There are two ways: easy and

There are two ways: easy and hard.

The Easy way is to get yourself flouride binding filter, they are based on zeolite and sold by Berkey and other companies.

The Hard way is to understand if you water is "fluoride adjusted" by your local water company, and most likely it is. water supply companies usually claim that they are indifferent to the fluoridation issue. Try to obtain how exactly your water company received mandate to fluoridate. Once you know what is driving fluoridation, for example local municipality's decision to fluoridate, get yourself a group of activists and work politically to ban forced fluoridation.

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Two options in my town

There's a $0.35/gallon water distribution center that says it uses reverse osmosis, which does remove fluoride. I have not tested this water source, though. I have tested the tap water, and it aligns with the city's water report (~1.1).

That's the first option -- spend money for water.

The second option, which I'm moving closer to taking, is to convince the people who are adding the fluoride to the water supply that they are committing a criminal act, and that any further pouring of this chemical into the water supply after they have been informed of this will potentially result in them being liable for any adverse effects (e.g., disease and death).

It is a felony to medicate someone without their permission. Which is what is being done; by their own admission, fluoride is a drug to help prevent tooth decay.

But it is being administered to the population without their knowledge; and in a haphazard way -- the dosage is not properly administered, it depends on how much people drink during the day, so it's not being prescribed or administered properly.

The lesser argument: neither my plants nor pets need this.

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That is an interesting argument against it

I never though of going at it that way, but seems like it could work.

I haven't been in my town long, but I plan to start looking into and fighting the fluoridation soon. Although with the lime content I need filters on my drinking water anyway.

Buy Distilled Water ($1-$1.50/gallon/4L)

and get supplements for the minerals that are also eliminated, along with fluoride, in the distillation process.

Filters will be way too expensive. There are home-made methods of distillation as well you could look up on youtube.

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Rain, comes from the sky.


So do all the contaminants it picks up on the way down


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

so do chemtrails.

so do chemtrails.

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I use a Berkey filter at home. The basic filter doesn't handle fluoride, but there's an additional filter you can add to it that does.