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***THIS IS WILDFIRE**** Mark Larsen of 1040wwba has on air Ron Paul epiphany during Mitt Romney interview. Updated alternate Dig

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Digg them both - Original got ripped down off of Digg but someone suggested doing both so - I put it back.


Forward this immediately to everyone - the passion is incredible. Ron Paul does have a chance - we just need to keep this going.

Thank you Mark Larsen. Thank you Ozlo.

Everyone comment and keep bumping.... This could have a huge impact.

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This interview needs to be posted on blogs all over the nation !!!!

Keep it at the TOP !!!!!!


Patrick G.
Polk County, Florida



spread this baby around!!!

This is absolutely volatile! He really p0wns Mitt---after he's finished, there is nothing left to say


Whooo....wee go man! Blast Romney and defends RP.

View counter on Youtube stuck at 258.

What is going on. It has been there for 20 minutes at least.

The usual suppression.

Good job utube!

Is it stuck on 258 views?

Is it stuck on 258 views?

It did not take him too long

into the interview to bring out the arrogance and all of the heming and hawing without really saying anything. Is there a way to get this whole page of comments over to him to show appreciation for the interview and the new support for RP?

Holy Crap

This made my day.

I hope people heard this. Many people. I hope they heard this and it made them think. Made them think about where they get their money, where it goes, and who gets it after they give it up.

Then I think about other countries and wonder if their tax codes pander so blatantly to anyone who has the time to put into abusing the system. With a few exceptions, they don't.

I hope people heard this. I hope they listened. This is amazing.

My email to Mark---


Thank you for the excellent commentary of your interview with Mitt Romney.
You should run for Representative to Congress in your state!


that was good! you combine

that was good!

you combine that with the way Mitt treated the sick guy who wanted the medical marijuana. The way he treated that reporter, who dared to suggest that he was just parsing words as far as that lobbyist being in his campaign.

There's enough ammunition to take him down.

oh my

now doesnt that just bring a smile to your face!

The Abuse of Greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power. - Shakespeare

Go Mark Larson He called

Go Mark Larson
He called Romney out.
Join the revolution


this is AWESOME stuff. get this out!!!

Great stuff!!

Now if only more sheeple could hear that!


I love it! That was beautiful!!!


I had no idea who this man was before now, but he is my new hero.

Ha Ha Ha

That was freakin' awesome!

You know what...

Sometimes - it just takes one event like this to change things around for a nation. I hope this is it.


Just digged it..... keep this on top....

the lights are on

He had the guys to say that Mitt is an A-hole on the air? Whoa!

And he gets it. The rest of them, dem or rep, are all the same. The lights are on and there's somebody home.


i sent him an email thanking him


Larsen sounds like me

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

Then they murder you.

Then they murder you.

Awesome. I hope lots of

Awesome. I hope lots of florida voters heard that this morning.

Wow that was great!

We need more of this. I hope he has a huge audience.


Just great, I wish they could all say it like it is. How can anyone vote for that chuckling a-hole!! Or Kill 'em All McInsane!

That was simply amazing

I'm glad he socked it to Mitt for his childishness. Where did this air? Was this today?

5% of people make things happen
10% of people watch things happen
85% say "What happened?"