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Glenn Greenwald "I Would Say To Democrats IMAGINE If The NSA Was In The Hands Of Chris Christie"

too true.. kudos to GG.. RIGHT on target.


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worst Glenn Greenwald interview ever

I'm more on board with him being not for real.

He recommends a public advocate for the NSA.

Please review the "public advocate" for the IRS and their annual testimony.

GG appears to be neutered.

That's my feeling too

"I'm more on board with him being not for real. "

Yep, same here. Him arguing for modifications to this program (but still leaving it in place) just doesn't sit right to me. It could be TPTB's approach to getting our consent for this ultra-surveillance.

This program is just plain unconstitutional and needs to be completely uprooted and eliminated. Get rid of every single data center and tear down all the spying apparatuses.

"Team Omidyar, World Police:

"Team Omidyar, World Police: eBay puts user data on a “silver platter” for law enforcement" says Mark Ames. Some would say that there is no harm in letting Greenwald and Omidyar do their thing, but the harm is obvious, and terrible:

with all its financial clout, Fake-ileaks can push real leak-gathering organizations, ones that can't be controlled for the interests of the 1%, out of the picture;

Fake-ileaks can serve as a kind of honeytrap for potential leakers, alerting officials to pick up the whistleblowers before they can leak (Omidyar's weird hyper-participation in law enforcement is all we need to know); and

Fake-ileaks can suck up and hide the leaks that would do real damage to the 1%, much as Greenwald appears to be doing now (of course, we can't possibly know, as Greenwald can keep all the evidence hidden!).

We can't stop Greenwald and Omidyar, but we can put real whistleblowers on alert to the massive danger they face - both personally, and to the integrity of the information they wish to share - in dealing with Omidyar.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

My fave 'Bridgegate' meme.

Or the IRS/TSA/dhs/ dod/

Or the IRS/TSA/dhs/ dod/ CIA/FBI/......

All the wrong questions

They're talking about reforming the current system instead of GETTING RID OF IT ENTIRELY. Arguing for reform VALIDATES all of the data collection. It's interesting how Glenn Greenwald is arguing for "real reform" when there is NO winning scenario for liberty with the existence of this program.

Once again, I think the public is being played.

So true, but unfortunately the train has left the station.

There is really no undoing this horrific abuse of power and growth of empire as the people behind it are so well insulated. Instead of humanity enjoying what could be the most beautiful time to be alive in history, we are on a trajectory for a complete and utter social meltdown worldwide. There are too many stakeholders in the agenda for them to admit they are wrong and change the course of mankind.


If the NSA was in the hands of Chris Christie..

Tracking cookies would take on an entirely different meaning.


J.Carney started growing

J.Carney started growing beard: this is hilarious.

If i understand masculine psychology well, he is fed up lying to the public every single day. Initially, he felt like he was doing a great public service, but when he saw the real situation he just became indifferent.

I am dreaming of the day when he will decide to just go public and to say: i cannot take it anymore.

I remember during the bush area the press was showing about presidents dogs and about fake pardon of the turkey.

Not anymore. More people are awake and they know it.

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Secret Idol

I think Carney probably has Duck Dynasty pajamas!