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California Reporter Comes To Texas!

California Reporter Comes To Texas!

Think you will get a kick out of this one....


This guy comes to Texas and is amazed!


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I've seen

him in another video aways back.


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California is much worse than

California is much worse than what I thought. I hope I never have to move to California.

Yeah you have to actually

Yeah you have to actually learn how to take care of yourself, work and produce $$ in order to afford California. You'll never make it on ebt there so stay in the south

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Or not...


Next time think before reacting emotionally.

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He's actually moving?

He's actually moving?

If he writes his own material

If he writes his own material (which I suspect he must), then he is not just a good communicator, but a genius.


Thanks for posting.

YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!



Thanks for posting

LOL...that was good...