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Pension Scamming Galore: It's Been Going On For A Long Time...Surely Not Just Here in the Liberal State of WA


Pension Scamming....

Compare to how they are doing it your state....

This is the era of Big, Unaccountable government. Typical culprits, all the pigs at the trough.

I wish them good luck with their IOU's.

I wish them luck in the bankruptcy courts.... I really do.

There is so much fraud going on in this state it is unbelievable. I don't care if it's stadium building, or bridge building, or tunnel boring projects, or pensions, its ripe with fraud, from the lawyers, the consultants, the police, to the teachers, you name it. Oh yah, cost overruns.

It's everything that is disgusting with government, and they put themselves on a pedestal and still want more.

Napolean the Pig would be so proud!

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The state has found that

The state has found that independent contractors for some governments are handled by different staff members than typical employees. The staffers handling contractors may not know the rules for how those arrangements should be reported to the state, said the legal and legislative services manager at the Department of Retirement Systems. An AP story in November explored how some retire-rehire arrangements involved former workers returning to jobs as contractors.

Quote Unquote...

NOTE: Blaming it on "independent contractors" or "different staff members" ..."may not know the rules for how those arrangements should be reported to the state, said the legal and legislative services manager at the Dept of Retirement Systems" Oh the perfect scam....they didn't knowingly know....now where is it that we heard this line of bullshit?

Was it Chris Christie? Oh yah, he didn't know either, knowingly. Despite him being an attorney, I wonder how well he was coached by his counsel to say that just like the protectors of the Hardline Communist Party in charge in Washington State.

All the Pigs are at the Trough. Such is Animal Farm.

Be Your Own Media!!!

State officials say they are

State officials say they are also seeking overpayments for two other retirees who returned to one-day jobs. That will recover an additional $2,300 for the pension system. Those recoveries are on top of about $880,000 in overpayments or recalculated benefit savings the state expects from other audits conducted after the AP stories.

Quote Unquote

Be Your Own Media!!!

State officials began

State officials began gathering records on retirees last year in the wake of Associated Press stories about a pension system for firefighters and law-enforcement officers. An AP story in November described cases in which some workers were able to retire and get rehired into similar jobs without any impact on pensions. Quote Unquote

Hey look they sent the AP in to do a little damage control....something the local lapdog media that protects the Liberal Elites and all the Pigs at the Trough couldn't keep under wraps for so many years.

So it's exposed. I bet the authorities really reign in the problem....this will be the accountability that the AP will bring. More of the same. Especially when they make it out to be just a few dozen......Laughable.

Hey Lapdog Media in Seattle....why don't you do your own god damn job? Do I have to do it for you?

Be Your Own Media!!!