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Federal Reserve is concerned about Bitcoin

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They need not be concerned.

Both bitcoin and the US dollar will see the same end. They are both the same, i.e, they have no intrinsic value and are both essentially promises that cannot be redeemed so they will only last as long as people imagine them to have value.

Remember the tulip bulb mania.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Fk those criminals, bring it.

Fk those criminals, bring it. Bring it all on. Let's see who will win.
Who wouldn't lay it on the line? Oh the party loyalists!!! Wish them all luck.

Be Your Own Media!!!

The Sacramento Kings NBA......accept Bitcoin. End The Fed

The Sacramento Kings NBA......accept Bitcoin. End The Fed

The Sacramento Kings NBA team just became the first major professional sports franchise to accept Bitcoin, according to an announcement from payment processor BitPay.


Heh heh yeah "concerned" I would be if I were them.

There could be concern if bitcoin becomes large enough, it could effect their ability to manipulate markets for a while before it RENDERS THEM NON EXISTENT.

We know they are coming after bitcoin. Our opposition doesn't give up control without trading it for a new form of control. So where are they gonna strike?

BZQ below says outright confiscation however bitcoin can be traded anonymously. A bitcoin can be exchanged on a scrap of paper. They can be SPOKEN because they are at that level a string of 17-35 NUMBERS. They can be memorized. They can be hidden.

The most obvious thing to me is government will attempt to make everybody normalize bitcoin transactions into the same USD style IRS reporting ledgers. Of course they won't accept bitcoin as payment of taxes, why would they? So there's that. And they can subject bitcoin-involved busienss for extra scrutiny and audits. They can evaluate "capital gains" on bitcoins pretty much any way they want and so neutralize all or part of investment success.

THEY COULD identify bitcoin as a terrorist organization, since it is one: everybody involved in the production, procurement and exchange of bitcoin is organized around this activity. And therefore they could outlaw not only bitcoin but it's community. In the USA that is. And they could penalize any nation that allows them. But bitcoin will still be there.

Would it continue to rise and create a new power center to compete with USA domination? And what will Russia and China do?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

when they will be concerned

when they will be concerned they will make BTC illegal using the same talking points that were used for 1930's gold confiscation.

Engage in Secure Exchange

See Napster

Remember Napster: the gov and RIAA tried to stop Napster, and instead file sharing merely exploded.

Further BitCoin is global and thus the US would only further cripple itself as BTC will be in wide circulation by the time govenrment figures out the dollar is in free fall.

How could these assholes stop

How could these assholes stop it?

Be Your Own Media!!!