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There are 2 important things you can do to affect politics in the USA.

There are 2 important things you can do to effect politics in
the USA. This is a re-post of an email I got from our local liberty group.

"Time to file for the Central Committee. Go to the county clerks website and verify your voter registration. Then go to your county clerks office and file to run for the Central Committee.

There are 2 important things you can do to effect politics in
the USA. The first is to enter into the delegate caucus / Electoral
College system. The second is to enter into one of the main 2 parties
Central Committee systems. This is an almost mandatory step if you really want to effect change. It is by far the most effective use of energy to effect politics. Stop wasting your time and start being part of the solution. There is a single non-mandatory 1 hour monthly Central
Committee meeting to attend. The entire structure of the entire GOP is
derived from the Central Committee. It is your civic duty to participate
to work towards liberty."

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No clue...

I really have no idea what to do to affect the political arena. I would prefer to dissolve the political arena. We are proliferated with taxpayer funded liars and cheats. The political arena itself is trashed. But liberty doesn't come from the political system. It comes from individuals who won't put up with it. Freedom stems from them today just as it has in the past. It seems that all the political system is there to do is to restrict liberty in the name of "safety" and "standards," which is bullshit. Standardization and restriction are two different things and the political arena has only restriction in mind. Let or make it die. Mutualistic anarchy is the only solution. Just my honest, relatively well-informed, opinion.


start a new Party on your own conscientious terms


and speak truth within a position to change policy

(ex. run for Congress, State Representative, Mayor, City Council etc)

I hope you're right, but my

I hope you're right, but my experience has been different. I've seen one great candidate after another get blocked by media snubs, 3rd party ballot registration issues, and lack of funding sources. Every once in a while someone is successful outside of the 2 parties, but not very often. The usual result is running out of money and energy just to get on the ballot and attempting to get access to debates. The game is fixed and the rules are built against 3rd parties. It's a rough road when the system is designed to block you. I believe the nearest an independent has gotten to the white house in the last century was Roosevelt in 1912 and he came in 2nd as a former President.
Wallace was the next closest is 1968 and came in 3rd.

Like I said above. I hope you're right. Run as an independent and help spread the message. We all have to do our part to make the World a better place.

My honest feeling

is that independent Candidates haven't fully succeeded (while established Parties have fallen into further dis-favor) because no one's quite figured out how to resolve the currently critical situation in American politics (speaking as a native citizen) and present it to the world.

Briefly said and if conventional ideologies supposedly include
Democratic ~ social charity
Republican ~ fiscal solvency
Libertarian ~ private domain
I do believe that a unique answer can be found within "Dignitarianism", while simultaneously drawing on the virtues of the other 3 popular groups.

The premise then is to dignify the prerogative of individual choice concerning public domain, while reserving the right to withdraw from abuse.

Practically this can be achieved through public Trusts where citizens can register and conscientiously endow whichever governmental, civic or cultural chapter they believe has authentic value (or not)


Subsequently, coercive measures such as mandates and taxation in principle should be abolished.

I understand that the tone of my argument might sound rather confident (~'claiming to solve the world's problems'), however I do believe in the virtue of Free Dominion's cause and am willing to enter the political arena to make my case


Thanks for the well-wishes in any case

Bump to spread the word.

Bump to spread the word.