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How To Use Your Subconscious Mind For Anything You Desire

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wow, that's quite a response to my one-liner

I wonder, is there a word to describe it when a short comment by one person triggers a long train of thought in another person.

I like the idea of the social experiment, but I wonder what would be the best way to do that. It seems like we would need a separate thread for each experiment. I can start one off and see if there are any takers.

Why not just start a thread for ideas on how to make the Daily Paul a positive force in the world? I think it would be best if you started that one. Let's see what kind of ideas people come up with. :)

I love it when you ramble. Tolkien famously said that "Not all who wander are lost." Perhaps we should also say that "Not all who ramble are fools." But, wait, some of here follow the Way of the Fool, whether consciously or subsconsciously. But that's Fool with a capital F, mister.

Just for fun, I googled "way of the fool" and found this cool blog post:


"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran
"The Perfect Man has no self; the Holy Man has no merit; the Sage has no fame." - Chuang Tzu

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I have so much to say about this

Idk where to start, so I’m just going to jump in.

First of all, up there you were talking about how you visualized what you wanted out of a relationship and whatnot.

I had a sociology professor once explain to me that part of what people find attractive in another person is if that person finds THEM to be attractive. It sounds vain, but it’s true. If Samantha hadn’t appreciated you, you wouldn’t have found her to be attractive enough to want to share your life with her right?

So in regards to this place, you (not just you, everyone) have to make sure to let the things you find attractive know that. If someone has ideas or thoughts that they don’t think will be appreciated here, they won’t be attracted to the site.

Now, don’t take that the wrong way because I think you do a great job at that. You promote and highlight originals. You encourage people to bring their interests here. You keep primarily positive in your comments. You encourage and support people. But if the community finds something to be attractive, like Dwalters said in his ‘making the DP sparkle’ post, they have to step up and let each other know what they appreciate about each other.

As far as making magic happen. You made magic happen here 2008-2012. No one can deny the importance of the role the DP played in those campaign seasons. You made magic happen with Samantha. I witnessed you make magic happen someplace else. I’m sure you have made magic happen before, in between, and will again. But a magician does need support from his audience or there is no point in putting on a show.

You said above there is a bright spot. What are those bright spots? The originals, the more off topic bring your interests here type posts? If that’s the case just keep encouraging people. You know that you’re word means a lot to some people around here. So when you go into an original and say ‘way to raise the bar’ it’s only going to promote the desire to continue raising the bar.

Beyond people bringing their interests here, I think it is important for people to step out of their interest zones a little every now and then also and pay attention to each other. You know how much I love my world of fiction. The last 3 pulls off the DP bookshelf were nonfiction. You know what happened when I read 3 nonfiction books in a row? My brain became more analytical and less fragmented (will you ask Samantha why my brain is so fragmented?). While it wasn’t necessarily a fun journey through time with characters I fell in love with, I definitely gained from that. My next 3 pulls include 1 fiction (Dance, Dance, Dance, requested from the library) and 2 more nonfiction.

Bringing that back to the jam session. I went in only being mildly ok with country music. Barely knowing any of it, not hating it, just not a huge fan. While, I’m still a bit of an amateur there, I can’t even imagine my world now without Townes Van Zandt. I don’t even know how I made it this far without him.

So, beyond people just bringing their own interests here, I think it’s fun when people try something new also.

Beyond that, people don’t post books and music and movies here because they DON’T want people to pay attention. These things get posted here because other people are hoping someone will give it a try. I understand that not everyone has the free time I have right now, but again it is fun when someone else reads what you put on the bookshelf. Or watches the video you posted and responds. It's fun to share. People like it.

As far as healing. Well, you know how I feel about all that. It can be done. You can make magic happen again there.

Ok, believe it or not, I happen to love magic shows. You’re gonna need a sidekick (robot Jon) and I think you need one these girls. A magicians assistant.


Ok, her outfit is a bit risqué and it’s a family show....

Anyways, just thoughts from a passerby who won’t be here long. Two/three months tops. Won't be staying long.

It comes down to whether or not the community is on board with you. It’s a great community isn’t it? They don’t even know what their posts and comments can do for people sometimes. Find that right thread, that perfect comment and you can have a great day/week/month/or even year.

Social experiment day. We all go out in the real world and do x,y, or z and report back. I like that idea.

Or what about a writing prompt thread? Were all writers. We could post a new prompt every couple weeks and the comments could be responses to the prompt and the idea of leaving each prompt up for a few weeks is to let everyone really take their time and develop ideas and writing. Sometimes I think we all rush to comment on something so quick that maybe thoughts and words and ideas aren't be developed fully. Maybe down voting and upvoting could even be disabled in threads like that? Because to some people writing is the last place they feel like competing.

Or a DVD shelf? See, I have movies/documentaries I’d like to get out there, but I never know which movie thread they belong in. I never know if they are ‘liberty related’ or ‘sci fi’ or not. I posted Cloud Atlas in the Really Awesome Movie List thread where OP had asked for recommendations but didn’t want sci fi, I was then told Cloud Atlas was sci fi. I didn’t mean to disregard the OP’s wishes, but I didn’t think of it as sci fi. So maybe a place we can just put all movies?

Like I said though. Thoughts from a passerby whose recent attempt at a door note was thwarted by snow.

Ok, transform it with magic, or turn off the lights with magic. Either way it will be magical, some people just are.

how about mass re-introduction day

One thread...everything else is off. We all introduce ourselves like it is the first time. What is it that drives each of us the most?