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Anyone in Georgia to support TMOT at Saturday's debate?

Can you attend the debate in Adel, Georgia on Saturday January 18th at 6PM? If you can, I urge you to request your reserved seats as soon as you can. We have been given a limited number of reserved seats and I don't want you to miss the chance to join me there.

If you want to lend a hand to pass out campaign literature, or simply offer support at our candidate table, be sure to send an email to volunteers@graysoncommittee.com, and let us know, and we will can put you in touch with one of our volunteer coordinators who can answer any questions you might have or help to arrange transportation to the debate.

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Dave42's picture

I'd like to go.

Who do I need to contact about going to the debate?

I would

but I am working. If it is recorded, please post a link to the video for us.

Big Bump

I would if I didn't live in South Florida..


I am 1000 miles away and I almost want to make the trip!