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Adam Kokesh's Presentencing Report and Sentencing Hearing

Kokesh: I have to go back to court in Washington, DC on January 17th and could be sentenced to up to 7.5 years. It would really mean a lot to me to have you standing behind me on this most important day. I'll be outside the courthouse at 8am and would love to meet everyone who supported me while I was locked up. If you have it please wear AVTM gear, if not, anything black and yellow!

If you can't be there, please like this page and check back in for a big announcement regardless of the outcome.

The hearing itself is scheduled for 10:15 in courtroom 112, but that is subject to change. The date is not.

Presentencing Report from Adam's FB page:

Just finished going through my "Presentencing Report." Looks like I might be in big trouble on Friday: "I pled guilty because I wanted to take responsibility for my actions and seek the quickest possible resolution." … For the purposes of the presentence report, a face-to-face interview was conducted. He was cooperative and provided the necessary information for the completion of the report. As it relates to the instant offense, he does not accept full responsibility and is not remorseful in either case. He reports that it is civil disobedience and he believes that it is his right. … The defendant was released on personal recognizance and his release conditions are to stay away from the D.C. area except for legal appointments, report to D.C. Pretrial Services Agency via telephone weekly, and do not possess weapons of any kind. … According to JUSTIS, a juvenile record was not found in Washington, D.C. for the defendant. As an adult, the instant offense represents his ninth arrest and fourth conviction. … The defendant was raised between California with his mother and New Mexico with his father. Although it was awkward for him being shuffled between his parents, his upbringing was good. He was in good schools, played sports and within good suburban environments. According to his mother, the defendant was always an outgoing and creative child. She attributes a lot of his personality development to his Montessori education where he did very well. As a child he was challenging but very normal. He got along with others. He was independent and as early as age 8 was able to ride airplanes by himself to travel to see his grandmother with no problems. She would like for the courts to know that everything he does is for a cause of his mission to get his generation involved in the political system, because he feels that the worst problem is that so many citizens are not involved in getting the Governement to give them what they want. He is well intentioned but a little misguided and did not consider the full consequences of his actions. He has no intentions to hurt anyone and does it to make a statement, and she fully supports him. … According to the defendant, he has nerve damage as a result of his June 8, 2013 arrest caused by the police. He has joint pain in his elbows, knees, and shoulders since 2004. He has seasonal hay fever. He has never been hospitalized overnight. His last medical physical was while detained at D.C. Jail; his last physical while in the community was in 2004. He has Veterans Health Insurance. In 2007, he was evaluated at Veterans Hospital in D.C. and he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). He is not on any prescribed medications but takes over-the-counter medications such as Benadryl and Advil as needed. He reports that he has a Medical Marijuana prescription out of New Mexico in 2010. A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is recommended. … The Central Intervention Team (CIT) assessed the defendant on November 7, 2013 and it was determined that No drug treatment is needed at this time, however further comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, GPS monitoring and ongoing drug testing was recommended. This treatment result was based on the defendant’s representation, drug use history and assessment tools used. … Mr. Adam Charles Kokesh is a 31-year-old male who is before the court for sentencing after pleading guilty to Possession of a Control Substance Marijuana-Misdemeanor in docket 2013CMD10522 (Count 1) and Carrying a Pistol without License-Outside Home Business, Possession of Unregistered Firearm/Unlawful Possession of a Firearm or Destructive Device, and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition in docket 2013 CF2 13002 (Counts 1-3). The instant offenses represent his 11th arrest and 4th conviction. A juvenile record was not found in this area for the defendant. … There is no record that the defendant has ever been afforded a prior period of community supervision. The defendant continues to demonstrate that he is a high risk for recidivism. As it relates to the instant offense, he does not accept full responsibility because he feels it is his right to protest and he has no remorse, as he has a significant history of engaging in staged political agitation. … A forensic psychiatric evaluation is recommended based on a history and his recent criminal behavior. … The defendant’s criminal history dates back to 2005 and is high in severity, and is a risk factor for the defendant. The fact that the defendant conspired with others to smoke marijuana in front of the White House and travel to load a rifle on Washington, D.C. property knowing that it is illegal and remains loyal to his cause, shows his immaturity and lack of discipline which are severe risk factors. It appears that the defendant goes around callously engaging in staged political agitation without giving it a second thought. And he continues to exhibit this repetitive behavior with minimal consequences. He has shown time and time again that he is a danger and has made a decision not to adhere to a law abiding regimen within society. Since he has actively professed to refuse to obey certain laws, demands, and commands of a government, a split sentence is warranted.

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Official Non-compliance

I personally don't see how putting this man in a cage is going to solve anything for society or for the criminal industrial complex. To what end will this man be prosecuted? Is it in order to change his beliefs or his disposition? No. Is it to save the common people from harm from this individual? No. Is it to punish a crime that this man has committed against any member of his society other than the corrupt government? No. If Adam goes to prison he will only serve to further electrify and bring awareness to those he serves time with. A falling away of the fictitious authority will surely prevail here. Nothing would be more reasonable. If there be any way for Adam to not comply with the criminal justice system then now is the time for his exodus.

Write a book while your in there, Adam.

Make them sorry you ended up with so much time on your hands.

Whoever wrote that is severely misguided.

Whoever wrote that is severely misguided. They describe political activism and standing up for what you believe as "immaturity and a lack of discipline". I do think (and hope) Adam will get less than a year in jail since he acquiesced to their supreme power which is all they're really concerned with.

This part just makes the whole case seem silly:

The fact that the defendant conspired with others to smoke marijuana in front of the White House and travel to load a rifle on Washington, D.C. property knowing that it is illegal and remains loyal to his cause, shows his immaturity and lack of discipline which are severe risk factors.

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He's a danger to whom?

Reading between the lines it sounds like he's a risk of repeating victimless "crimes". But a danger to WHOM?

Defend Liberty!


the Presentencing Report reads like something out of orwell's 1984. my god.

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