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Got something to hide? says the border patrol agent

"Where you coming from?"
"Where are you going?"
"Is this your car?"
"Can you pop your trunk for me?"
"What do you have to hide?"

These are all questions I have been asked at INTERNAL border checkpoints. One was installed a few miles from my home in pine valley California and I despise these men stopping and grilling me.

Not being happy with the status-quo I researched two SCOTUS decisions and learned that border patrol is allowed to stop and briefly question people in order to determine their citizenship.

(They are allowed to question you, but you are not required to answer ...as that would be a 5th amendment violation)

So I developed this script:
Whatever initial question the officer asks me,
I reply in a respectful tone:
"Officer, I am a citizen of the united states and I'd like to go on my way now-am I free to go?"

Breaking down why it works:
"I am a citizen of the united states." This fulfills the citizenship objective of the stop & establishes my ability to invoke the law to my benefit...aka constitutionally protected rights.

"and I'd like to go on my way now." This establishes that the stop is not consensual and they are impeding my progress against my will.

"Am I free to go?" This puts pressure on them to let me go or find some lawful reason to detain/arrest me. And since I have fulfilled the pretense of the stop by establishing my citizenship, (lack reasonable suspicion) there is nothing left to discuss.

If they press to search me I simply say,
"No, I don't consent to searches, I am a citizen of the united states and I'd like to go on my way now- am i free to go."

I am NOT a lawyer and this is not legal advice. This is what I do to keep the thugs out of my private life.

If you "go along to get along" then you make it harder on your neighbor. That is why I feel I have a duty to invoke privacy protecting law whenever I run into the government.

And if anyone ever asks you "Do you have something to hide?" respond with "YES-My privacy...I have my privacy to protect."

When you properly invoke the law, you help protect all of us who wish to be protected by those laws.
Just out today was this related article, very interesting.

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Rights? What do you need rights for?


allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

Wait until they cage you at the Mexicali border checkpoint..

Somehow I ended up getting flagged for a time and they have a special cage for you to relax in while they rifle through your vehicle. I was extremely pissed to say the least. Apparently they also make you delete pictures if you take any since that freaks them out.

In any case, I found out about the "Constitution free" zones after my first row with Customs/Border Patrol. The next time I rolled through I had an agent ask me about the pocket Constitution on my dash.

The bad part was he was a black guy and wanted a copy so he knew his rights when faced with Law Enforcement. Apparently he was routinely stopped and searched in Mexicali himself. I guess even Border Patrol agents get reamed by the police state too.

Well if you are within 100 miles of the border anywhere you have no rights welcome to Amerika.



Hey-I got reposted at freedoms phoenix

thanks guys.

The way it's supposed to work

is that a non-citizen should have similar rights as a citizen in the sense that the Constitution is a limit on what government can do. It doesn't make a general declaration of who it can do it to. We're long past it working like that, though.

Defend Liberty!

"Do you have something to hide?" No, my loathing of fascism....

.....is obvious for all to see.
Our country is so fascist and the average American has no clue because they think they have nothing to hide.

Thanks for posting.

even more clever

and funny- lol.

Open Sesame and Abracadabra!! Magic in words.

It is surprising how these words, "Am I free to go;" and "Am I being detained" disarm most law enforcement agents and allow us to be on our way.

In Michigan some legal researchers have stumbled onto another tactic. The state is a corporation and as such its agents have to abide by the rules applicably to corporations just as we do.

Some of our citizens, when stopped for a traffic violation, are asking the officer for a certified copy of their oath of office, whether the officer is bonded as required, and if he has the insurance required to do business in the state.

One of our local "troublemakers" said that although he received a citation after asking the questions that it was later returned to him and not enforced.

Isn't the internet great? Go to youtube and search for "know your rights at INS traffic stops" or "invoke your rights with the police" to hone your skills in dealing with the cops.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

This is my favorite website

This is my favorite website about suspicionless internal checkpoints: https://www.checkpointusa.org

What do you need rights for?


allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

I would claim citizenship of my State. (where I was born and am

still domiciled in)

I would not claim "residence" anywhere either. (you didn't, but I'm just making it clear I would not allow them to trap me into doing so.)

If they want clarification of being a "citizen of Louisiana" as opposed to a "U.S. citizen" I will not claim U.S. citizenship, but simply clarify that I was born and I live in Louisiana. That is all they need to know. They can interpret that however they want at their own peril, but I'm not playing word games with them.

One needs to be careful in what one calls themselves......

“United States” is a statutorily defined term under the law specifically defined as a federal corporation:

See Title 28 – Judiciary and Judicial procedures, under:
28USC Sec. 3002(14) (link below):


When dealing with public agencies I always remain as “one of the people of the several republics”, in this case the sovereign, independent republic of California found under the confederacy in the Articles of Confederation Article I and II.

I avoid being “We the people of the constitution” who are, as far as I am concerned, the same as 14th Amendment citizens or U.S. citizens. These are all statutory citizens who have willingly or ignorantly consented to become subjects of the state. Giving up their natural rights for presumed privileges, benefit and gains from the state.

Citizens of United States do not have natural rights, but instead civil rights (civil privileges), See Senate Document 108-17, p.1006, 1007. So therefore certain rights found under the Bill of Rights are not available to U.S. Citizens.

Go to page 1006-1007 and particularly see note #37, See link below:


Very good document to have and download.

One needs to be very, very careful in what they say. How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

As they say this is for entertainment only, not legal advise, reader beware and do your own research.

I wouldnt even satisfy them that much

You do not have to give them your citizenship status. And unless they have probable cause that you are committing a crime then they cannot detain you for more than the standard 15-20 min. Reason to believe you are not a citizen still requires a warrant.

And it sounds like you are saying only American citizens have the rights granted by the constitution. The Bill of Rights doesn't say this is only for proper citizens with birth certificates. It is everyone. That's like saying I can go to another country and no be held to their laws because I am an American (although some Americans act this way)

Be careful about creating a presumption of "proper" being

tied to Birth Certificates.

When the Constitution was written, there were no Birth Certificates. The rules for determining citizenship now are the same as they were then, and they do not require a Birth Certificate.

you are right

You do not have to talk to them at all:
"(They are allowed to question you, but you are not required to answer ...as that would be a 5th amendment violation)"

These people play by no rules

And they are backed by the sold out juciciary. They kill with impunity. Look two cops beat a unarmed man to death in CA the court gave them INOCENT to go out and boldly do worse. Good luck with your script.

Me I avoid nazi checkpoints at all costs. I believe I will have only one last chance so when that comes I dont want it to be over a nazi checkpoint.