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Boiling Frogs Post or blind allegiance towards Glen Greenwald?

I usually don't work things down to 'which side are you on' like exchanges, because I instinctively see things through a 'more or less liberty'-type lens. However, this recent BFP stance, which seems to be getting stronger, has me in a pickle. I'd like to open this up for discussion to get an idea of what some deep DP people think about this. I must admit though, I can't help but ask the same questions BFP raises; they simply stand out too much.

Here is the most recent BFP post on the matter:

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Not sure what to believe...but,

I'm not sure what to believe just yet, BUT, what if Greenwald was threatened? Either you join with us with this new venture and be really rich and popular and a rockstar, OR we'll Michael Hastings you. Your choice Glenn.

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Do you truly think Glenn

Do you truly think Glenn Greenwald has the type of personality that would be threatened?

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I don't know...

I don't know. I was just throwing that out there for consideration and discussion not to align myself with that position.

Your question focuses on Greenwald, while my question focuses on the scoundrels who set up the NSA and those that protect the interests of the PTB.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Why don't we just let their actions (BFP and GG)...

speak for themselves? As long as both act with nobility and don't let their egos get the better of them, we'll all benefit in the end. Any BS, from either party, will come to the surface one way or another.

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I Hope You Will...

...have more success floating this than I did. I posted about this very thing a couple days ago and got dv'd. I posted my slight suspicions about Greenwald last year and got hammered. Generally, it seems folks here don't want to countenance criticism of Greenwald.

But I think the questions raised or more than fair and definitely important.

Between your comment and kevink's below...

I am reminded to admit I don't know squat about what drives Greenwald at his core. To be on Sibel's side would be a bit strange for me as she seems to have gone to great length to not develop a side, but as neutrally as she can simply ask worthy questions. Greenwald's eventual reaction to her instills in my mind the notions of either his brilliant attempt to carve out a solid news publishing niche for himself, or an even more brilliant attempt to further pursue the news story of the decade by getting himself totally inside the world of NSA/business friendlies from which he may get direct experience, take notes, and write a book of even deeper revelation than the Snowden material. I find my latter notion the more fanciful. :D

I have for the most part though, enjoyed his work through the years.

Another angle is that he may simply have been a Soros agent from the get-go. ;)


I'm on Siebel Edmonds' side on this

I have doubts about the whole thing.

Same here

I can't deny the obvious conflicts of interest, along with the other points BFP addresses. With all that's been claimed by Greenwald, it seems the final dagger to the NSA should have already been planted.