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Smoke Weed? You're Fat & Dangerous According To These Pundits

Please up-vote if you think Nancy Grace and Bill O'Reilly are lying statist authoritarian thugs!

Cable commentators like Nancy Grace and Fox News host Bill O'Reilly are going on a rampage after the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.


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For the record:

- I have been smoking for 15+ years
- I have a career in advertising as a graphic designer for 10 years
- I am skinny as f***
- I pay ALL my bills ON TIME
- I spend time with family and friends
- I read books
- I don't watch much television
- I had asthma as a child... guess when it stopped
- I also had tuberculosis of the lungs, smoked to help my lungs heal... still breathing
- I have become more open-minded, calm, creative, compassionate, etc.
- So...................

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Baby sitting

The government treats there citizens like children. The government must stop.

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Maybe a little fat

Hardly dangerous. Except to the Establishment!!!

Nancy and Bill are both

dangerous propagandists, and they're both a bit chubby. I wonder if they prefer indica or sativa.

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Bill O'Reilly Flips Out — DANCE REMIX - NSFW

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doctors say actually speeds up your metabolism

which is why you get the munchies, but it also produces an estrogen in your body, which is why men smoking a long time develop "stoner tits." seriously.


on the stoner tits.

It's just old man tits.

"Stoner Tits???"

So that is where my man-boobs came from?

Just kidding. On a serious note (as seriously as you can take TITS AND POT all in one message). I know many long-time smokers, guys pushing 50. And I haven't noticed them being well-endowed.

And if there were anyone that would notice BOOBS OF ANY TYPE, it would be me ;)

You now force me to use google in a strange way.


Smoking weed helped me lose almost 40lbs, quit smoking cigs, find Christ and generally get over myself. So yeah...the truth is dangerous to the status quo it would seem. Heal the body then mind and soul.

I no longer smoke the chronic

because of job commitments (not worth my paycheck) but it did help me open my mind to the concept of Liberty and help drag me out of my Neo-Con ways. It's helped me to be a better person because it allowed me knock down my preconceived notions about people/life, I'm a more whole because of it.

This comes from a self made business owner with an MBA. Not a lazy "stoner" by any stretch.

Now I have heard it all!

There cannot possibly be any further propaganda that can be tied to cannabis, as their list of false side-effects is exhausted. They resort now to saying it will make you fat; contradicting scientific studies that conclude the exact opposite. Cannabis use is correlated with reduced obesity rates.

On another note, how about a Graham Hancock vs O'Reilly/Grace debate about the adult right of sovereignty over one's consciousnesses? Moderated by a third party, of course.


Nancy Grace is fat and lazy.

Nancy Grace is fat and lazy. I'm sure she would be a real prize for some man though....

Be Your Own Media!!!

Thank You Cenk for such good entertainment...

I was grinning the entire clip.

Nancy Grace is hilarious, the MSM must love how genuine she looks when she spews her predictable propaganda pieces. "You're sitting on a couch, you're fat, you don't hold a job, gonna SMOKE IT IN A HOUSE? My god there could be gas lines and gas stoves and your children reside there..."

Just amazing how a person with this intellect GETS THEIR OWN SHOW; BASICALLY THEIR OWN TV CHANNEL


"Do you want your kids to drink whiskey? What you're gonna drink vodka IN YOUR HOUSE where there are knives all over your kitchen? You could choke or cut yourself."

Please Nancy... Please protect me. Protect me from all of the danger. And please tell me what/how to think as well. Thank you Nancy.

This was just too good.

The real reason that pot is illegal...

If you do the considerable research that I have over the last seventeen years you might come to find perhaps the most revealing reason that pot is illegal. But it has nothing to do with taxes.

If you research the uses of cannabis you will find heaven. It is good for everything from nutrition to shelter to fuel to medicine. It opens the mind and promotes neurogenesis. Among other things it cleanses the body, or rather promotes the body's ability to cleanse itself. Cannabis is perhaps the most effective tool against depopulation that the world will know. It also has the capacity to promote real freedom and independence on an individual basis by furnishing you with just about everything you need in this life. That is why it is against the law and has been lied about and demonized for almost a century now. That is why there continues to be the portrayal of a debate that has been illegitimate for decades. The founders knew the power of this plant and they recommended that we grow it. Its time for us to recognize that and bring down the criminals who haven't allowed it.

Presumably, it would be

Presumably, it would be preferable if everyone is drunk and stupid.

"Presumably, it would be

"Presumably, it would be preferable if everyone is drunk and stupid."

I prefer rational and responsible

All drugs should be legal,

All drugs should be legal, don't just focus on pot, this is the principal you should be fighting for, that you own yourself and your actions and can do what you want to your own body.

As long as you concede that the govt can tell you which drug you can take you will never be free.

Alcohol is legal and I would argue one of the most dangerous drugs there is. How many accidents, fights, deaths. broken homes, etc can be blamed on the use of alcohol?

What Webster in 1828 wrote of being Sober applies well here!

Check it out, and see if you don't agree:

SO'BER, a. L. sobrius.

1. Temperate in the use of spiritous liquors; habitually temperate; as a sober man. Live a sober, righteous and godly life.

2. Not intoxicated or overpowered by spiritous liquors; not drunken. The sot may at times be sober.

3. Not mad or insane; not wild, visionary or heated with passion; having the regular exercise of cool dispassionate reason. There was not a sober person to be had; all was tempestuous and blustering. Not sober man would put himself in danger, for the applause of escaping without breaking his neck.

4. Regular; calm; not under the influence of passion; as sober judgment; a man in his sober senses.

5. Serious; solemn; grave; as the sober livery of autumn. What parts gay France from sober Spain? See her sober over a sampler, or gay over a jointed baby.

SO'BER, v.t. TO make sober; to cure of intoxication. There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain and drinking largely sobers us again.


It been long understood that certain reasonable measures of propriety follow alcohol consumption. Prohibition lead to greater social corruption by the black market they created and maintained by police powers, and brought the allure of the forbidden to many folks who probably would not have gotten as deeply involved had it not been made the object that it was.

Pot seems to be emerging at a point where enough younger folks, who were steered towards it by the same mystique and supply line as alcohol prohib, are now old enough to vote, legislate, and lobby for their causes. This one is so common among enough peers, and even respectable seniors, that a common sense of sobriety naturally emerges with it. We haven't heard any in local news of increases in crimes since the law went easier on it, though no retail stores have opened yet.

Folks tell of observations at parties where the smokers are seldom overboard in a socially negative way, but boozers more easily overdo.

Wax use has been making the news here quite a bit, and causing concerns for its rapid potency absorption, along with the aftermaths of fools who blew stuff up when they made it wrong. Fortunately, only injuries, no fatalities that I know of yet, but that's simply a matter of time.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

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Allure of the forbidden

I read recently that DARE was advertising to help the White House sell its off-the-books drug running.

It was reverse psychology. Similar to "there's no such thing as bad publicity" -- kids kept hearing, from their elders, "don't", and every time in history this has happened, the kids chose the taboo more often than they would have if nobody had said anything about it to them. (And an interesting "wow" just happened -- religious texts tend to talk a lot about negative behavior to be avoided. I wonder if there's a correlation there?)

So first they make "drugs" illegal; then they decide they can make money selling them so direct black ops to do so; then they decide they need to be making even more money, so they create an incentive plan for the public to purchase.

And, like many of the ills of today's society, this can be traced directly back to the Federal Reserve.

If the government was printing its own money, and not loaning it from international bankers and thus needing to pay it back with interest, then the government would not need to "increase its revenue" through shady deals that they do not describe to We the People, who should be who they report to. The world turned upside-down; no wonder DARE exists.

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She nailed him


thanks for posting

that scumbag just made my blood pressure go up.

"California legalized medical marijuana in 1996. For that year, the Monitoring the Future Study shows 21.9% of 12th-graders reported past-month use of marijuana. Since then, 14 other states plus DC have followed California's lead' yet in 2010 the number of high school seniors reporting past-month marijuana use was only 21.4%."

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it."
Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826), to Archibald Stuart, 1791

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Funny how people who have never done it

Funny how people who have never done it know so much about it.

Do you want your babysitter shitfaced while you're away from the house?

Do you want your cab driver shitfaced while they're driving you to the airport?

Nancy Grace and O'reilly are speaking to those too brain dead to critically make comparisons between Pot and Alcohol. They are speaking to the people too brain dead to critically make comparisons between doing one's job sober and relaxing at home.

Getting stoned the first time is very much like getting drunk the first time. If you over do it, which is easy the first time, you're going to get really messed up.

I have friends who use regularly and they are highly paid individuals with a great deal of responsibility. One actually got caught in a random drug screening and his client called up and said they had a serious problem to discuss. He asked what it was (knowing) and they said he failed his drug test. He asked what for (knowing) and they said marijuana. He said of course he'd fail that, and explained that he had a prescription for it (Cali). His client was in Mass and they explained that it wasn't legal there.

He said "look I always pull more of the load than is required of me, you have all said that my work is excellent, and you've had me come back to fix several problems that others created. I have other clients that need my level of expertise. Do you want me to call them and let them know that I am available?"

He got a call from the program director within half an hour and he said to forget what had transpired and don't take anymore tests.

Fact is that Pot is a far better after work relaxer for people with high stressed jobs than alcohol. People need to unwind at the end of the day and how they do it should NEVER be the govt's concern and if they are having problems at work, then their manager or owner will take care of it.

Moral of the story, be valuable to those who pay you and to your community and you can pretty much do as you please.

The funny thing is...

And I'm not joking when I say this...most of the potheads I know are skinny and harmless.

most of the "potheads" I know are

millionaires/multimillionaires or will be by the end of 2014 when they can legally sell their mmj disp to out of state investors starting in oct.

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I made that comment just off

I made that comment just off of the title of the post and its' content alone. Not the actual video. After watching the video I have more to say.

It is unbelievable to hear the types of arguments they attempt to use. Nancy Grace was saying "Would you feel comfortable with a parent high on pot raising their kids?" - "Would you feel comfortable with someone high on pot trying to light a stove?" (or some such shit)

They act like people who smoke marijuana do it CONSTANTLY - and even if that were the case they don't discuss the fact that marijuana is far safer than alcohol. I'm not just talking about safer for physical trauma of the person consuming it, but safer in terms of how the consumer reacts to it. Alcohol can turn people violent - marijuana mellows people out. The most you'll risk in the scenario Nancy Grace proposed is burning your casserole in the oven because you forgot it, not burning your house down.

They asked if a guest would be comfortable with their taxi driver being high on marijuana while driving them. Seriously? Would they be comfortable with their taxi driver being drunk while driving them?

They completely sidestep the question of how dangerous the drug is and skip right on to whether or not people feel comfortable with everyone being stoned all the time. Fucking biased bullshit.