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"Ted Cruz is a creep"

that was the title of a piece written by Tom Woods a year ago. now cruz wants colorado pot users locked up.


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"The Rule of Law"

Cruz appears to be criticizing the President for not doing his job of enforcing the laws that Congress passes.

Well, laws are not laws if they violate the Constitution, but that argument aside, isn't Cruz supporting Ron Paul's position on rule-of-law?

I, being a libertarian, and not a conservative, don't have as much respect for rule-of-law: I would, except that when people follow the law in situtations where many others don't (as in drug use, taxes, full stop at stop signs), the law-followers suffer, and that's not right.

It is true that enforcing unjust laws is sometimes the quickest way to get them changed, but it isn't always. Usually it just leads to selective enforcement.

On the other hand, if all the pot-smokers thought they could be jailed this afternoon, the laws would change much quicker. The problem is the awful middle ground where people can usually get away with it, leaving authorities to pick us off one by one.

P.S. Cruz clearly thinks the Federal government has the authority to tell individuals what not to consume, and states what laws to enforce; I disagree with both those stupid conclusions.

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Does Cruz believe prohibition

Does Cruz believe prohibition is Constitutional?

Cruz could have chose a different

issue to make his point, but he chose this one. Not by accident.Criticizing Obama was nothing more than a tool that allows him to take this position.

Ron Swanson

He Misses The Point

The president should not be enforcing unconstitutional laws, and state nullification of unconstitutional laws IS THE RIGHT FUL REMEDY.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Did WA and CO nullify US law with their initiatives?

Did they specifically call out the conflicting laws of Congress as being UnConstitutional and therefore null and void?

This Guy is Controlled Opposition For Sure.

These elites are smart and sneaky. Trying to out pace Rand Paul in his filibuster. Trying to get the attention. Isn't his wife a Goldman Sachs executive? Saying no to the freedom of a plant in Colorado? Supporting Rick Perry? Too many coincidences.

Ted Cruz is a Muppet.


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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more important than his mis-characterized position here...

Is that he wants war with iran


Why are things creepy?

Is Ted Cruz like a teddy bear with teeth?


Props to Chris Cudnoski for originally posting this video in some thread of his.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Cruz is NOT a friend of liberty after all.

Abandon cruz...

The thing I took from his

The thing I took from his comments was that this or any President dosen't have the authority to just stand up and say that this or that law will or will not be enforced, not that he wanted to send people to jail for pot.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams


A nation's leader arbitrarily enforcing laws and modifying laws is the very definition of a Dictator.
It is one thing for a President to quietly instruct his DOJ to ease up on enforcing a Federal law. It is quite another to publicly declare no enforcement.
I would urge fellow citizens to be very concerned about a Commander-In-Chief making up the law as he goes.
Nullification is a right belonging to the citizens, the states and juries, not the President. Think about this: how big a leap is it now for the President to unilaterally change election law?
Cruz is only identifying one of the many incredibly serious transgressions of this corrupt government, not calling for pot smokers to be locked up.
He even stated that common sense changes need to be made. That sounded (to me) an awful lot like a man signaling his willingness to repeal some laws.

The Constitution trumps statutory and regulatory

law. Obama, for once, is following the law.

So if President Rand Paul

So if President Rand Paul didn't enforce unconstitutional spying programs that Congress implements you would dislike him?

Ventura 2012

Free Will Needs Choices

I never used pot, never touched any illegal drug, refused medical narcotics and always tell all my students (yes I am a math teacher) to do the same. However, wisdom or even simple understanding cannot be gained by being subjected to cruel punishment. Not everybody feels the same about keeping their minds clear, so those other individuals should have a choice! By the way, you can easily recognize the real character of a person by his/her response to other people's weaknesses -- a good person would never call for a punishment. Just be good, tolerant, mind your own business and have a heart.

The basic problem is that one believes that everything is real, and thus everything is treated as such.
---Kalu Rinpoche

This is the type of twisting

This is the type of twisting words that makes this site look like a complete joke with all the sensationalized headlines.

Opinions are great. But I just watched the video, and it was about Obama picking and choosing laws to enforce when he sees fit. Obama lets certain groups off for political reasons, and keeps the laws on the books to be able to use law enforcement to go after people when it serves his agenda. That's been Obama's MO for years.

all you dumbasses, Ted Cruz

all you dumbasses, Ted Cruz is right. The law is the law. They need to change the fkn Federal Law.

Be Your Own Media!!!

ahhh actually

the federal drug laws are unconstitutional.
if they want to take away Americans right to use drugs under the constitution they must first pass a constitutional amendment like the 18th amendment (alcohol Prohibition/the Volstead act) which was later repealed by the 21st amendment.
even then it would violate the spirit of Marbury v. Madison as the 18th amd did and obamacare etc does.

and i thought cruz was supposed to be some kind of fancy constitutional scholar.

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No need for name calling Woodman101;

and Ted Cruz is WRONG! I don't see anywhere in the constitution that states the government has been "delegated" the power to "regulate" drugs. (and no the interstate commerce clause is not applicable here, since there is no interstate commerce happening.)

"The law is the law" wrong; "these laws are THEIR laws" not mine, I don't recognize any ruling body having authority over what goes into my body, its mine and only mine.
To say the government has the right to tell me what I can or can not put into my body, is to say that the government OWNS me, which is a faulty premise.


10th AMENDMENT: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Ted Cruz is essentially saying that the 10th Amendment is invalid by the statement he has given.


When a state declares a federal law null and void within said state, then the 10th would come into play.
I'm not aware that that has happened in regards to federal drug laws.... yet.

yah learn the Constitution

yah learn the Constitution you dumbass

Be Your Own Media!!!

Good points & attitude,

Good points and excellent attitude, FAHAYEK! We have to understand that we are sovereign citizens in a Constitutional republic; we are not slaves or servants to government authorities. We "own" the law, the law does not own us. We "own" the state and federal Courts as well as the state and federal legislatures, the President, the Governors, the military and the police, who are all our servants. Our founders noted and the US Supreme Court has ruled that laws that are unconstitutional are no laws at all! Courts regularly interpret and judge the law. Sometimes they get it right; sometimes they don't. The question for us is are their decisions and opinions final and supreme? In a free republic, the individual citizens are the final judge of the law, on the soap box, at the ballot box, in the jury box, and if necessary via the ammo box!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Fahayek you dumbass

Fahayek you dumbass

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woodhead... you have lost the

woodhead... you have lost the battle because you do not understand the Constitution. Read the 10th amendment.

No I didn't lose the battle

No I didn't lose the battle because some dumbass posts on the DP or some dumbass from the Global Initiative starts shit, I'm not some dumbass because of paid social media goons twisting shit. I'm just a dumbass tired of people twisting shit with no rationality to back it up, when in reality they twist Ted Cruz (because that is how Hate Filled Liberals work) and spin it. And them dumbasses parrot it. And Ted Cruz is right about the law. Change the fkn law.

But because some dumbass declares a winner of the debate, wow, might as well have the left be the judge and the jury after posting shit on the DP.

The headlines are getting goofy as hell. Of course the Federal Drug laws are draconian. And all the BS that happens in the states, despite the Federal Law, of course the solution is to change the Federal Law.

I agree with the states that passed their own laws, in accordance with the 10th. Fuck the Federal Government, you dumbasses.

Be Your Own Media!!!

you assume a lot

both parties are filled with hate. "dumbass" is an indicator that you're no stranger to the emotion.
as ron paul pointed out: both parties are basically the same. if ron paul was president and chose to ignore the fed law (like he would) we'd have some media whore, liberal politician hooting about how the prez should enforce it, and throw people in cages until it is changed. further down this thread you'll read that ron paul urged obama to honor the colorado pot laws.


Ron Paul is a life long Republican except for 6 months when he stole the LP nomination. RP remains a Republican. Why?


if both parties are basically the same (on the big issues: foreign policy, the economy (the FED) and personal liberties (patriot act/police state)which he has pointed out, and i agree, why (along with having had a long career in the GOP and a son who may be at the top of the GOP ticket)would he bother to switch to another party?

i guess he could switch to the LP, but that doesn't seem to make much sense at this point.

Are coke and pepsi the same?

They may both be American cola companies, but they are different.

What many don't seem to realize is that Bush gutted the GOP. Many republicans left the pary and why Ron Paul invited us in, making another huge difference, Democrat Party here is 40 seats, governor, both Senators, congresscritters, assembly critters, mayors, council, board of supervisors.. GOP.. a non denominal elected office is a Republican.

We hear plenty about haliburton, but nothing of their competitor Bechtel. We hear plenty about GOP corproations, but NOTHING about Democratic. We had major protests against Bush, 26 anti-war groups sprung up, and not one for Obama.

LP here is a pot smokers are us club.. that's all it is.

I like to think Ron Paul invited Libertarian into the GOP so the issues got heard. But the Libertarians don't want to be heard, they want to wave signs to the world, as if anyone really cares, they don't. What's worse is that it has become nearly impossible to tell the difference between Libertarians and Progressives.. so to me, Libertarians are today, those who voted for Obama thinking he was going to make pot legal nationally, and end the wars that are no longer Bush wars.