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Kelly Thomas Verdict

I am surprised, disappointed and yes shocked that an incident of this magnitude did not make for front page news on the DP. O yes, here was one thread. When I finally got here I noticed the front page threads were so trivial in comparison. Who makes these choices?

I spent most of yesterday learning about, reading, watching videos and thinking about this horrible brutality of law enforcement in Los Angeles. The before and after pictures of Kelly Thomas almost too horrible to look at. Has anyone here seen them?

Has anyone here watched the video of brutality and the video of the verdict being read in the courtroom?

I see many videos each day that are posted of the brutality of law enforcement. It is so disturbing to me that this obscene show of cruelty is seemingly now common place around the country and continues and escalates. The instilling of fear and the thugs that participate is so very disturbing.

I have no TV but I understand that there was no coverage of this on FOX, CNN, MSNBC etc. The L A Times followed this story and provided timely updates frequently.

Below is an article from William Griggs on Lew Rockwell, which provides a decent recap and analysis:


The statement released from the Police Chief in Fullerton is equally disturbing:

As a result of the verdict, Dan Hughes, Fullerton's Chief of Police, has the following comment:

"We respect the jury's verdict, and appreciate the consideration the jury gave to the evidence. We understand that there may be a wide variety of reactions to the verdict and encourage anybody who wishes to express their feelings to do so respectfully.

Over the course of the past two and a half years the City of Fullerton Police Department has taken significant steps to make it the best department possible. As Fullerton’s new Police Chief, I will make sure those efforts continue so that our police department serves the community with honor, integrity and professionalism."

And I think this quote below says it all. I too am deeply disturbed that murder has been officially legalized for all to witness and to have been sanctioned by a jury. I cannot fathom and not one of us here can either - what it was like for Kelly Thomas and the NINE minutes he was beaten/tasered and cried out for help, crying for his father.
Nor can I imagine the grief that his mother and father have endured, only to have this corrupt judicial system deliver this astounding verdict.

And now I read that Ken Cincinelli wants his job back. It's astonishing. These 2 psychopaths oughtta be horsewhipped'

Here is the quote:

My friends...I don't know about you, but this Kelly Thomas travesty has really affected me. It would be one thing if I had not seen every detail of the outright murder exacted by these two malicious Fullerton police officers, Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli. But their heinous act is there for all to see, with every excruciating cry from Kelly Thomas.

The anger I feel is deep. We are being betrayed at every level of our government...a government that is actively attempting to instill fear into us citizens. However, I refuse to cower before the criminality that pervades this government. Why should I cower? Why should any of us cower? I've already been arrested once for enforcing my civil liberties, and I've seen, first-hand, the abuses that can be handed down by those that violate their oaths to defend our constitutional liberties.

When the history is written about this event, it will be marked as a turning point. It will be remembered as the event that broadly revealed the sham that is the American justice system...a system that jails people for not paying parking tickets, yet allows bankers that destroy economies to walk free, unpunished, simply because they pay a government protection fee.

The Kelly Thomas murder will be remembered as the "wake-up call" for many of us...the day we understood the nature and extent of the malignancy of this legal system. The day it dawned on us why, exactly, someone like Chris Dorner, a former LA police officer, would take up arms against his fellow law enforcement colleagues. Because he understood, better than any of us, just how venally corrupt the law enforcement system is...

F*** this government. F*** all governments.

Jimmy Jack Jingo, 13 Jan 2014

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Ron Paul is My President

If it were one of my children

They would be dead already!

I saw the breaking news on copblock.org...

They posted the full video of the incident. After viewing it myself I can't fathom how any juror who saw it could conclude 'not guilty'. The evidence is so clear. Very sad, indeed. Almost everyday there is a new story on horrific police brutality. Something's gotta give. But getting a cop conviction is tough. Maybe those jurors had some serious thoughts about how their law enforcement community would treat them if there was a guilty ruling. No excuse, of course but maybe this is yet another symptom of the culture of fear & intimidation that the police state has instilled in the populace.

ecorob's picture

This truth, this awareness makes you numb.

Your eyes gloss over, the fluoride kicks in, and you ignore it. It's like I learned in Japan, if the Japanese don't look at it, its not there. Its their custom. I've refused to look at this video. Cops don't get away with this. This is not real. I've forgotten this guys name. Please don't remind me.
This is not real.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I hope this comes back around full circle

It's terrible what they did to that man. I hope they dream about what they did to him every night.

I felt sick for three days

I felt sick for three days after I watched this video. Even when the beating went off screen, the sounds of his skull being busted up is sickening. Everyone in the nation needs to watch it so that they will know the true nature of the police.



Not the only city in Orange County with corrupt/vigilante cops. The coverage of this was pathetic. Sad sad day in America. And the balls to think he deserves his job back.

ecorob's picture

He'll get it back, too, or he will sue.

Such is the world we choose to live in.

Please tell me again, Mr. Candidate, how do you feel about the spy police state we live in?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


this thread is getting some comments.

Please chirp in if you have not.

Ron Paul is My President

Its very tragic and sad

I went to community college in Fullerton years back.

There is no justice in this case and those cops had no right to use the force they did.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

I agree

I've noticed that many important issues are completely ignored by the admins, even when more than one person post it, yet post that are pointless are front and center.

I did see on the news that the DOJ is considering charging

them - for whatever that's worth. Something tells me they'll find nothing wrong and decline.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

double jeopardy, they are

double jeopardy, they are constitutionally protected now

Be Your Own Media!!!


for Kelly

Worst thing I've ever seen..literally.

I have to guess that most jurors were horrified out of their minds and had two eyes. Two eyes are all you need to know these freaks are guilty. All involved cops should be put in jail at the very least. In the end, I guess this was not a unanimous decision. Some thumbsucking bootlicker couldn't figure it out. My understanding is that all 12 would have to decide guilty.

Meanwhile, In A Different Part of the Country...

...cop beats up his girlfriend's 4 yr old son, hospitalizing him.