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NH House kills license plate scanners

"CONCORD – The House voted overwhelmingly — 250-97 — to kill a bill that would have allowed police to use license plate scanners.


New Hampshire will continue to be the only state in the country to prohibit the use of the license plate scanner."

Full article here: http://www.unionleader.com/article/20140115/NEWS06/140119588

Here's the bill: http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/legislation/2014/HB0675.html

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Gilligan's picture

It looks like the Free State Project is already having

a huge impact in New Hampshire!

Google is government.

Good news for sure.

NH House members are part the largest representative body in the world. They are paid $100 per year. Fancy office? No. They get a metal locker :) Good people? The best.

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance monitors all legislation. Check it out online.

The Free State Project encourages folks moving to NH to further the cause of liberty. Check it out online.

NH isn't perfect but pretty damn good!


Ya mean they are quality leaders without being overpaid?

A state that took the money out of politics? And it works well? No. Not possible. Just ask our current illustrious leaders in Washington D.C. to go without massive compensation and see what happens.

Glad someone is getting good ( sane ) government. Here in Texas they just passed a law requiring drug testing for those collecting unemployment.

yea that's a good way to put it

the TOTAL salary for the entire House (400+ members) is LESS THAN $50,000. All of 'em. Combined. And yes, a pretty good bunch. Quite a few are libertarian and really making a difference.

I think the jury nullification law is their best piece of work in recent years.


I actually dont like this

People think $ is somehow bad but the most important jobs should be paid the most, not least.

Underpaying people for important job functions does 2 things: 1) creates an incentive for bribery 2) makes it so only the wealthy or retired can possible serve in congress.

we live in a backwards world where teachers, priests and congressmen are expected to make nothing, even though they have the most important jobs leading the next generation.

I appreciate your perspective but

1) you would have to bribe over 200 reps

2) the job is part time so the cross-section of people is broad. There are many young folks (some in college) and I don't think many are wealthy. Retired yes.

The legislative body of New Hampshire is actually the "General Court" and the House and Senate are essentially juries. A jury of peers.


bribe over 200 reps?

You must be talking about the district-house representatives.

I wouldn't waste my time bribing them. I would go straight to Carol Shea-Porter, Ann McLane Kuster, or Senators Jeanne Shaheen, or Kelly Ayotte.

And I wouldn't call it a bribe. I have would have my lobbyist give a gift to somebody who makes a decision on behalf of NH, or through some sort of unlimited campaign contribution. According to Jack Abramoff "very few members" of Congress don't accept some form of bribery.

Good news!

Thx for the post


Sometimes I sit back and think to myself, "Well, God bless New Hampshire!" =)