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Really disappointed in the Hobbit

Felt like a scooby doo episode. Half of the footage was our protagonists in CGI running against CGI background. You know like in scooby doo when shaggy and scooby run in place but the background moves behind them? And some more running. And climbing. Then running. Dialogue. More CGI characters running. CGI Horses running in CGI terrain. Running.

that is all

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Because the Hobbit is nothing like LOTR

Remember the Hobbit was written primarily as a children's tale 20 years before LOTR. Tolkien went back and made revisions to the Hobbit afterwards to link the storylines. The Hobbit runs near 300 pages. The LOTR runs between 1200 and 1500 pages depending on the print.

The LOTR was visionary and a huge financial risk. The Hobbit was seen as the exact opposite. They WANTED to stretch a 300 page book out into 3 movies. I understand that from a storytelling perspective they want to include other backstory content, etc. but it's just not up to snuff.

I agree. It looks like Peter

I agree. It looks like Peter Jackson just wanted to make a action movie and forgot about the storytelling which made the LOTR movies so great. Tolkein used intricate details and back story to make his books feel real and Jackson forgot about that in the Hobbit. The escape from the goblin caves was too cartoonish and unrealistic too

At least he got the Gollum/Bilbo riddle scene right...

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The Smaug monologue was

The Smaug monologue was chopped up into nothing though :(
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After the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I was too.

"It reminded me of a PBS Special on the Hobbit."

That is how I recall describing it upon exiting the theater.

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I thought the trilogy was totally unrealistic.

I mean, who would walk that far? Why not just drive a car or a Range Rover? And maybe bring along a gun or 2 for defense? How about some shoes while we're at it...

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I don't care about that but

I was very dissapointed with the introduction of Beorn, the shapeshifter. I read the book about 10 years ago and it's kind of foggy, but I remember feeling enchanted reading about their visit with Beorn, but I felt shortchanged on that scene in the movie.

Betting that...

...the Beorn scene got edited heavily for the theatrical release. Hope they add more back in the extended. Although, if you didn't like the look and feel of the scene at all, maybe more wouldn't necessarily be better. :)

Characters like Beorn and Tom Bombadil tend to get the axe in PJ's versions it seems.

There are movies that AREN'T cgi?

They even CGI street scenes now, cheaper than blocking an intersection and shooting live.

The part of the book 'The Hobbit' that this movie covers is pretty much fighting, running, sneaking, climbing, etc.

That is not all, but I digress...

The books...

...are still the best experience, with the mind's eye filling in the details. But for every thing I would do a bit differently if I were to create a film version (less goofy feeling in some spots; not so much bird mess on Radagast, etc.), I'm still grateful for the moments that do shine through in Jackson's interpretation. Maybe it's best to judge the entire sweep of the story after all three films are out in their extended editions, as some of the more quiet, character/texture-building moments seem to be found there usually -- at least with LotR that was the case.

What did you want?

A real dragon? No CGI? A realistic gold mine? The movie is based on a fantasy novel. I think that the producers have done a good job considering the limitations of the silver screen.

Me too.

You patiently wait for three hours to see the dragon get killed and in the end it flies off. Felt jipped.

Ruh Roh..