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Please help me live off the grid

Endless wars, dead soldiers, healthcare costs, welfare sloths. I don’t want to pay for this anymore. I’m done. So much money comes out of my paycheck every week to be spent on things I don’t need. I’m tired of this tax money being the lifeblood to a parasitic monstrosity that only grows bigger to terrorize and cage me. I want out.

Everytime I’m padded down by the TSA I know it’s my money they’re using to do it. When I see brand new DHS SUVs on the road, it’s my paycheck. I don’t want to pay the Ad Council anymore to lecture me on morals. When people use food stamps for junk food and cash for vices, it’s because of me. When the TSA builds more computers to invade privacy it’s because I let them have the funds. No more.

It’s not just anger, it’s guilt. Paying for things that do a disservice to society is wearing on my conscience.

What can I do to make money off the grid? Setup a moonshine still? Grow pot? Sell lemonade?

I need some ideas to make a living, guilt free. Please help.

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There's little pockets here & there in CO...

where you can find affordable land, reasonable property taxes. I live off-grid, have a well for water, grow the best I can in a harsh climate with short growing season. The local economy sucks but there is a good amount of trade & barter action. No place is perfect & there's always red tape to deal with to some degree, there's always pros & cons to every choice. Is it possible to create the life you want, close to where you already live?

For starters you have to assess what you already have going...

For instance do you currently have a house you can sell for anything etc? Do you have any savings to be able to buy a new place? What are you looking to do? Do you have any skills in building etc?

For instance we are living in an inexpensive area but there are not a lot of great jobs around here. If you were to travel for work you could easily buy a place here and own it. Essentially the property taxes are very low so you don't keep renting from the state.

It would really depend on your situation. If you are starting out from scratch there are other options. Just depends on that really.

You're right...

Assessing is first and foremost. Where do you live where it's inexpensive? I'd like to research it more.

Start Small and Keep Growing

The idea is to start small, or just start period. My family and I are on our way and in two years we've accomplished all of this:

We now grow/produce about 40% of the food my family consumes from day to day.
We home school our children.
We've become nearly debt free, only outstanding debt is the mortgage, and we are working on that.
Retirement savings are all in precious metals (physical).
I've learned to hunt.
90% of all meals are made from scratch, no pre-packaged garbage.
Learned to preserve and dehydrate all of our produce and left overs so little goes to waste. The little waste we have gets fed to the chickens.
Our home is 100% heated by wood at 85-90% efficiency (gosh I love those soapstone stoves).

I agree totally

You're right, I need a small plot of land to grow crops and hunt. Funny you mention soapstone stoves - my parents recently bought one and the heat it produces is amazing!!

Time to consider all options for living free.

Perhaps this will make sense to you.


There's 14 countries in South America, 6 more in Central America and I don't even know how many in the Caribbean. One of them could be what you need.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Thanks Smudge

I'm going to look into these. Much appreciated.

My sentiments EXACTLY

I hear what your saying loud and clear. I think its becoming an inflection point for many people who have a brain and a conscience, that things are going down the shitter, and fast!

My thoughts are either look outside our country (much harder option) or live off the grid (hard but doable).

Something that occurs to me is to find enough people like us, that are ready to take action, and pool resources, knowledge, expertise to make this a reality for everyone involved. For example, I'm in the forestry/milling business and can contribute my knowledge of sawmilling and procuring of logs/timber/lumber for construction projects. But, I know very little about farming... so, pooling together what we know to educate each other and make ourselves more independent in the process.
Just my two cents..

It's difficult because I'd like to stay here

My family is here, friends, etc... I grew up under the Reagan admin and it's hard to believe that so many freedoms have been taken away. So much so that we look to other countries now as beacons of freedom. But Thank you for the advice and you're right about learning/knowing skills. That's definitely what I need!

Another idea, more to your

Another idea, more to your question, is the option of engaging in the barter economy. Unfortunately, as the system becomes more corrupt, monopolized, -and evil, the more you and I will have to in good conscience live like the Amish. It may not be our first choice, but in the end we may be happier, healthier, and better people as a result.

Live Like the Amish

It just so happens that I live in "Amish Country". That is one of the big reasons for our aforementioned success with growing, preserving,hunting, etc.

First find a house with a

First find a house with a well so you are off the grid for water.

Then grow a garden- go to Lowes and build a drip irrigation system. It takes some planning and about $400 but I made one last summer for our garden that was over 3000 sq ft. and its awesome to just turn it on at night and it does the job for you.

For a living check out sites like Etsy.com. Find a craft your are good at, get a digital SLR for product photos and figure out how to ship things efficiently. You can also browse thrift stores and Craigslist, restore the items then sell them online to rich people who are into vintage things. Here are some cool stories:




If you get good enough in Photography you can make a lot of money doing weddings and other events.

Remember if you are starting a business to do everything online as there is no overhead and little upfront investment. Its all about viral marketing and networking these days.

If you live in CO you can technically grow Cannabis but its not worth it anymore. I did it for a while back in the "Wild West" days when you could grow then put it in a bag and drive to a dispensary to sell it. But its all done by established growers now that the industry has matured and its not worth getting into it for $, especially if you don't know what you are doing. It is a really fun hobby though and they are the coolest and most beautiful plants you will ever get to tend.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.


is amazing. So many beautiful handmade things, supplies to make them with, and vintage items. It's only like $.40 to list an item for 4 months, and then they take 1.something% of your final sale. You really do have to know how to calculate shipping though or you'll screw yourself. Best of luck to you in going off the grid!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Thank you immensely

A lot of good advice here. I appreciate it.