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What happened?

How come you deleted it?

The Daily Paul continues to exist only with your support. Please contribute to the the DP's Summer 2014 Fundraiser.

Do you have the video link?

I tried to find something about it, but could not.

How can

anyone doubt that both parties and the media work for the same people

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That's OK...to be expected.

There is an old saying in the marketing biz that nothing draws a crowd like a crowd.
Ignore MSM, and just work on building the crowd.

Undo what Wilson did

The orders are not coming from Cavuto but from Roger Ailes...

And Roger Ailes hates everything Ron Paul or Libertarian in nature especially on social issues & foreign policy. Only exception is for some economic stances. That's what Fox Business network is for.

Cavuto is a little weasel

Cavuto is a little weasel like Alex Wagner or Dana Bash.

Be Your Own Media!!!

When he treated Ron Paul with

When he treated Ron Paul with respect and frequently had him on, was he a weasel then?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Yes, I've watched Fox for a

Yes, I've watched Fox for a few decades it seems, going back a decade, my analysis of this reporter, would be yes. Doesn't matter how he treated one person.
He works for a network that lied about 911.

That says a lot about him right there.

Be Your Own Media!!!