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1/15/14 Conservative Intel/Harper Michigan 2016: Paul and Christie lead Michigan GOP primary

Conservative Intel/Harper Michigan 2016

GOP Primary

Christie: 20%
Paul: 19%
Cruz: 10%
Ryan: 9%
Rubio: 7%
Jindal: 5%


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Let's not forget Cruz be a

Let's not forget Cruz be a Canadian

Information is not getting out.

Please help.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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Thanks for posting - we need to clean house

before the primaries so we are in good shape to have a chance in the election. That means being armed with facts.

the facts

are only making Ron Paul Republicans look like they are Democrats and an extention working for Hillary Globalists.


Those booklets that I made went FASTER THAN HOTCAKES at the gun show and the meetings. Others have stepped to the plate and volunteered to copy/distribute more on their own.

Between this effort, and getting Justin's name KNOWN a while back: We[I]. Are. Kicking. Serious. Booty. !!!!!.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Just curious

I don't understand since you are a Republican, why the hit lists on republicns and no hit lists on Democrats.

I'm think that your logic may be, being a Republican you're "fixing" republicans.. but since most Republicans are fixed on Hillary, why not go after Hillary? Why not HELP Republicans beat Hillary.

Granger, here is why:

Like you have stated, Ron Paul Republicans must engage to restore the principals of the Republican party. The focus is between now and primary.

Worry not, if/when we are able to win the republican nomination at convention, the socialists will then be dealt with. Mark my words! GRRRRRR

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


I'll mark your words.. just know.. without any hit jobs on Democrats, you're looking no different than the Democrats who came into the GOP and outted the conservatives. GOP has been infiltrated many times.. it was said that we were Democrats; Anderson to Ron Paul first debate 07: "Are you sure you're in the right party"?

Why GOP vets wanting to KNOW if you are a democrat.. why they put holds on you if you were a democrat..

So you offer hit peices on Republicans, none on Democrats and if you think that's how you get the establishment to take you seriously.. you're right. They take you as an infiltraitor.

Glad your work went like hotcakes.

Hillary gets elected and it's on you.

Granger, perhaps you missed THIS hit piece:


MY r3VOLution continues!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


But at my level in the GOP, for me to REACH the brass with YOUR hit peices.. I need to show Democrats. Otherwise the only thing your hit peices will accomplish is my losing the respect I have worked hard to earn.

And you make my job harder, because as I said. brass GOP will just see anyone walking around with this as Democrats.

How much is Hillary paying you?

Your Level In the GOP?

And what level is that? You come to the Daily Paul as what? A RINO, Croni-Capitalist? You see, we are not GOP here even if some of us are registered Republicans. We are not going to sit by and vote for another Establishment Candidate like Romney or McCain as Christie, Bush and the rest. A lot of us here wrote Ron Pauls name in last election and your level of GOP'rs blame us instead of putting the blame where it is warranted, themselves. We will do the same thing in 2016, I guarantee you and it does not make us lefties, but Constitutionalists. Get on the boat or swim, your choice.

Standing State Delegate

I come to DP as myself.. I was an Indy when I came, took up Ron Paul's invitation to join the GOP and worked my way up. I speak for no one but myself.

I am not a RINO, I am a Republican.
I am not a crony capitalist but a Lassez faire capitalist.

Who ever your "we" is, is alien to me. I am an individual and I don't recognise any WE unless they are registered and elected to represent.

So, who elected you to speak as "We"? (because you're not a lefty.. LOL).

Sorry You Are Having A Difficult Time With Comprehension

I stated that many of US (that have been members of the Daily Paul) wrote Ron Pauls name in (keep following) and we (the Ron Paul supporters that wrote in his name) will do it again (speculation, but I have faith in that). All of US (Ron Paul supporters that wrote Ron Pauls name on the ballot)are individuals and believe in individuality (I am quite sure) became a group that did the same thing on a particular date (I know there were many as I saw many posts admitting the fact). Is that a little clearer to you? I, and others here on the Daily Paul, discussed the fact that Romney would not be able to win without the Paul supporters, Republicans turned a deaf ear and blind eye to that fact and Romney lost. The GOP and you (being the individual you are) will have to try hard to put up a true Constitutionalist for Liberty minded individuals to support them (My Individual Opinion).

So what?

Many of Y'all wrote in Ron Paul's name. BFD. I'm so happy that you're so impressed with yourself. Enjoy Obama.

Do it again. As long as you register to vote, we have all the information we need on you.. so register often and write in Mickey Mouse for all I care.

You don't act like INDIVIDUALS.. I know you are, just like I know a transvestite is really a man dressed to look like a woman.

Romney wasn't running to win. If you were a Ron Paul Republican, who got in the GOP and was duking it out, if you stayed in the GOP and continue to fight, then you have heard every brass GOP say, "Romney was not in to win". So believe what you want to believe, but I don't know many in the GOP who say Romney was in to win. There are those who are NOT in the GOP that say what you say.

Not going to happen..GOP is not going to bow to you.. work on Hillary better luck to you because you're going to get Hillary and FEMA camps, but you can feel better knowing that you wrote in Ron Paul.

Then YOUR gop

is COMPLICIT to the problem, and in cahoots with the leftists who run this country. I have NO use for them and HOPE THEY FAIL.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

mirror mirror

You're a Hillary ass-kisser.

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You s*ck



I voted NADER 92 (write in)/96/2YK/ 04

Interesting, when the dust settles

Rand will get the Cruz voters, and Christie will get the Rubio, Jindal voters, and they Ryan voters will probably split. That's 37 to 33 Christie. So where does the undecided 30 % go ?

Then again, a few debates and Christie may go the way of Rudy.

Interesting matchup Clinton/Paul Clinton/Christie

From the article: (my bold)

Chris Christie came under fire for the George Washington Bridge scandal when the story broke online during our first night of polling, so it isn’t clear how much that affected the results, if at all. But Christie performed best against Clinton anyway among the 1,004 respondents, with 38 percent to her 40 percent. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz trailed Clinton, 46 to 36 percent, and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul trailed her 45 to 40 percent

Good hard numbers in there. Rand has good name recognition, easy to tell from reading the poll. His numbers may beat Christie as the Bridge scandal continues to unfold.

I encourage everyone to actually follow the links in the article to the poll itself. It is straight forward and easy to understand.

Rand's numbers in Michigan are very encouraging.

Christe, another suck ass statist thug

I can't stand the lot of them SAVE Rand Paul...



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