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Man arrested because he was carrying $153,000 in cash that smelled like drugs

A man chartered a private jet to fly from Nashville to California and was carrying a suitcase filled with $153,000 in cash. He claimed he was traveling to California to buy gold. He was reported to police as a suspicious person. The article states:

"...when the police dog smelled narcotics on Conor Guckian’s $153,000, which he had stuffed in his suitcase, he was arrested. Besides the smell of the money, the man ... was also arrested because the cash money was divided into 32 bundles secured with rubber bands – which according to police was consistent with bundles of drug money."

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doubt opening up dozens of bank accounts under 10k

will even work over the long run.

his mistake was trying to pay somebody $20k in cash without sounding like a drug dealer.

Sounds Like TN's Policing for Cash Policies

are moving off the highways and into the flyways. Watch what happens to this money. I bet it gets divvyed up findees keepees.

All money smells like drugs

All money smells like drugs.

The drug market in the US is HUGE. Once a bill gets into circulation, it is only a matter of time before it gets some cocaine or marijuana on it.

I'd sue the officers arresting me fro false imprisonment and go after their pensions.

That's all circumstantial

That's all circumstantial evidence. He'll probably win against these changes (but it'll cost him a fortune in the process).

Why didn't this guy just use Bitcoin or Litecoin?

anybody who thinks bitcoin and litecoin are anonymous

aught to have their heads examined.

You don't get stopped for

You don't get stopped for holding Bitcoin that smells like "drugs", Troy.

Harder to confiscate as well.


well I guess that's true.

but you can't really rent an airplane for 20 bitcoins, either. you would have to convert.

Not so fast...

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God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it. – Daniel Webster

And only $300

I wonder why he was willing to pay 20 grand for the charter flight he chose. Must have been some advantage that cheapair was not offering.