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Anyone here Oil pull?

I looked at the massive thread about alt health ideas, but there is so much to sift through there, I thought I'd ask about this specifically.

So far I've looked at these sites:



Does anyone here oil pull as part of their oral health routine? Both my wife and I face large bills at the dentist (wisdom teeth, cavities, receding gums) and would like to try a natural option as the flouride filled mainstream products aren't all that effective.

Who has done this? Impressions?


Update 1/22/14: I've pulled with coconut oil in the morning (first thing!) for 4 days. I noticed this morning that my front teeth are less sensitive than they have been. Impressive considering I've only done this 4 times. Waiting for the oil to melt is the weirdest part...kinda gross feeling. The wife and I will continue and update at a later time.

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Started a couple weeks ago...

...we'll see at my next Dentist apt. if it is working. I already have good dental health...but a few sensitive spots that the Dentist is watching...thinking that eventually they'll be drilled/filled. If oil-pulling works as advertised...those spots should not degenerate further.

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I do, but

not daily like I should. Probably 2-3 times a week. I never get sick anymore. My knees don't hurt and people who do it don't have bad breath. And my teeth are really white now.

I use unrefined virgin coconut oil and the light tasting olive oil. I seem to feel better when I use the olive oil and sometimes the coconut oil, after about 12 minutes. I start to gag. I think the coconut oil pulls out more toxins in your body is why.

Update Bump


You are focused on treating the symptoms rather than the cause.

Decay and receding gums are symptoms of degeneration. You can bet that if you have problems in your mouth that you have problems elsewhere in your body also.

Essentially degenerative disease comes either consuming something you shouldn't (improper diet, pollutants) or not consuming you body needs to function without degenerating, or some combination of the two.

Pesticides, industrial pollutants, mineral deficient food, processed and refined foods, imbalance in diet and dangerous medications should all be on the list of what to consider. It is not an easy task to sort through all the misinformation.

For starters you might want to listed to some of these people:








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Yep great vids!

Staying in a "health" mindset and actually following through with your everyday actions is about as hard as staying 100% to your budget....well for me anyways!

Excellent vids!

Excellent vids!

3% "food grade" hydrogen peroxide

Rinse/gargle with this after brushing. (Not the stuff you buy at the drug store!)Don't swallow it, keeps teeth & gums in great condition.



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Oil pulling works, but not for the reasons promoted

There is a great article by Jon Barron here on oil pulling.
I think he has done some credible analysis on the likely reason oil pulling actually works, but differs from what is commonly promoted as the reason.

Excellent article!

Thanks, I'll be adding this to the oil pulling section of my health post. This was the explanation I had in mind as I was researching it. I kept thinking about Weston Price and the diseases that result from dental infection. Simply removing the cause would give the body a chance to reverse and heal these conditions in the body.

One thing I would add is that I think there is something to improving lymphatic flow and blood circulation in that part of the body by moving the tongue around and chewing the oil. There may be additional benefits from sesame oil. I feel a calming affect in my chest and head after oil pulling with sesame oil. It seems to help mental clarity as well.

I use coconut oil.

Not so much for dental health but to help drain my lymphatic system. I also do a lymph drainage massage at the same time. Can't tell you how much better I feel and I've managed to stay well while everyone around me has been getting colds, sore throats, etc. You can really feel the fluids draining out of your head. It's weird.

Just be careful if you have any fillings. Oil pulling can cause the mercury and other chemicals to leach out which is not a good thing.

Could you suggest

some links or videos on how to do the lymph drainage massage? I'm looking for something for the legs and especially the feet. Someone commented once that you are supposed to massage in a certain direction. I believe it had something to do with the way the valves worked.

Mercola on oil pulling

I never heard of oil pulling

Wow! Why not try it? Natural, gentle, harmless.. time consumption seems the downside.. but seems easy enough to find a way to make it an upside. Thank you for the education.. This post just might become another one of those posts on DP that changed my life dramatically.

Oh, and don't spit coconut oil in your sink

Spit it in the trash or swallow it. It solidifies at a high temperature and will clog the pipes super quickly and solidly.

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You do not want to swallow

You do not want to swallow it. You will be swallowing the very toxins that the oil pulled out of your body. Spit it in the trash.

I'd need to see some data

on what these toxins are.

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bacteria in your gums

Oil pulling works by getting it out of your mouth and into the oil. If you swallow it, you'd be defeating the purpose of eliminating bacteria in your mouth that eventually gets into your gut.

Google is your friend

Would you swallow your mouth wash?

Correct - do not swallow it.

Coconut oil in your diet is healthy, but not what you are swishing with.

No, I don't do oil pulling

but I did have good results with using my own toothpaste. I actually had a cavity close up (over time) within plain view.

It was made of just pulverized xylitol and coconut oil. I was sometimes brushing with calendula before flossing, then making sure the xylitol/coconut oil was the last thing.

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By a strange coincidence I am oil pulling at this very moment. ;-)

Ed Rombach

I used to oil pull then forgot about it.

Thanks for the reminder! Started again tonight with coconut oil.

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My wife and I have been oil pulling for a few weeks

after reading a LOT of reviews at http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/oil_pulling.html . I OP at least once or twice a day with an arsenal of oils: sesame (my favorite), olive, sunflower, cod liver, and coconut. I was becoming concerned about my receding gums, and teeth that were beginning to feel loose, but the wakeup call for me was when I read about the correlation between oral health and heart health. If you have a plaque problem in your mouth, you most likely do in your arteries too.

My results:
From day one, tighter feeling teeth and wonderful sleep.
By the third day my gums were looking better and teeth were getting whiter.
On the seventh day my senses of smell, vision, hearing, touch and taste were extraordinary! (I had not been able to feel anything with my hands for a few years.) I'm not sure about the sense of touch, but I think the other senses improved due to my sinuses clearing up.

My wife only oil pulls once at night, and skips some nights. She does not snore after pulling, but does snore when she doesn't pull.

I started using Dr. Christophers Formulas Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder a few weeks ago also. I highly recommend it. It's on Amazon.com, so you can order it from DP and help Michael out a little. One drawback to it though: it stains your toothbrush (but tastes great and make your teeth feel so clean).

Hope this helps someone as much as it did me.

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I did it once, didn't hurt.

Gave up fluoride and pastes that whitened teeth by coating them with nano particles of titanium dioxide (paint pigment).

Looking into it again.

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Gum troubles cured

I had terrible gum and tooth problems many years ago, now they are excellent!
In short: Avoid sugar, alcohol, white flour products
Brush well a.m. and before bedtime
Use the oil pull too.
It works.

Gerald Mangold


I use a soniccare tooth brush, but rarely floss. I can't stand it!

Sadly I can't give up sugar or alcohol because, well, rum. :) Trying to avoid wheat.

I have fabulous results with Melaluca products

DISCLAIMER: Some of their products contain fluoride because low information consumers think it's OK. I buy the products that DO NOT contain fluoride.
Melaleuca Oil—inhibits bacteria
Propolis—inhibits bacteria
Myrrh—antimicrobial history

Gently polish while removing food
Three natural cleaners effectively
remove plaque with proper brushing
Instead of sugar, saccharine, or aspartame,
Melaleuca’s Tooth Polishes are sweetened
with naturally derived xylitol
Xylitol is derived from fruits, berries,
and birch
Xylitol does not promote tooth decay

Melaleuca’s Tooth Polishes are the only toothpastes that combine the power of T40-C3® brand Melaleuca Oil, propolis, myrrh, and xylitol to leave your whole mouth feeling fresh-from-the-dentist-chair clean

Try making your own toothpaste

I was using Pro Health toothpaste from Crest and it was causing my skin in my mouth to come off. (sounds bad right>??? it was) I decided I would scour the internet for some homemade recipes. I have been using baking soda, coconut oil (looks like lard), and stevia to help with the taste. I also add peppermint essential oils to help with the flavor.

I have been using it for 6 months now and my teeth feel great and no more skin coming out of my mouth :).

I also went into my dentist and he said my gums were also looking very healthy.

You can slow this type of degeneration with rosemary oil.

Some studies have shown it can have regenerative effects. It tastes kinda gnarly. And this is a suspicion, I'm gonna experiment with this, where rosemary has good topical effect, Balm Of Gillead. I stopped using peroxide, I think it was doing more harm than good but baking soda as a de-acidifier is still in the regimen. I'll PM you with something else that might help.

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