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Why I Shall Become An American

Sometime toward the end of this year, I shall become an American citizen.

A few of my European friends look confused when they realize that I go around the world expounding the importance of liberty -- and yet choose to live in the U.S.

They are thinking, of course, of all the obvious stuff, like the abuses against privacy by the NSA; the killing of innocents in ill-considered or even dishonest interventionist militarism; the foreign policy that produces terrorists in the name of destroying them. These Americanisms are made all the more ugly by the apparent hypocrisy: any abuses against liberty are bad, but those that are perpetrated by a state that consistently justifies them by the need to protect liberty, are a special kind of pathetic.

Some Europeans also know something about America's almost unique taxation of its citizens on income earned outside the country -- a clear disincentive that superficially, at least, makes American citizenship one of the most unappealing in the world.

As a liberty-lover, why would I tie myself to all of that -- for life?

I am not interested in becoming American because America has less than anywhere else of what is bad: I'll do it because America has more of what is good -- the good of informed, passionate and principled resistance against all of those things that shouldn't be so.

Stuck on an L.A. freeway in 2005, I was listening to NPR, when an interview came on with Greg Palast, a celebrated American journalist and author who moved to the U.K. when he realized that his investigative work was not getting the air-time it deserved in the U.S.. During the interview, Palast was asked whether he wanted to bring up his newly born children in England -- the country where he had built a life and highly successful career -- or in the United States -- the country of his birth.

He answered unhesitatingly that he wanted to bring them up in the U.S. Asked for a reason, he ventured that in the U.K. the average person knows a lot more than the average American about what is wrong with their political system and how their leaders and money-masters abuse them and their country, but they have an apathy and cynicism that prevent them from getting very exercised about it: they don't care because they expect to be screwed, he said; they therefore are resigned to compromised rights and the incompetent, over-reaching or self-interested wielding of governmental authority.

In the U.S., on the other hand, said Palast, people are much more ignorant of all these things, but were they to know, they'd be much more angry, and therefore more likely to exercise their popular power to change things, since Americans have ideals, and more importantly, believe not only in the possibility of those ideals' being practically realized, but in the requirement that they be so.

That was 2005. Palast was speaking soon after the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq had started; but some time before America's post 9/11 foreign policy arrogance had alienated most of the world; it was before the financial crisis, and before American politicians had begun bailing out many of the institutions that were responsible for it (along with the State, itself) on the back of taxpayers.

The swing to the Democrats under Obama in 2008, driven by "hope for change," was the first sign of Americans' saying enough's enough.

But under Obama, the financial crisis continued, as did the bailouts and the cronyism; the unfunded government liabilities kept rising; unemployment hurt more families, many of whom lost their homes; Guantanamo remained open, imprisoning the innocent (innocent since they have not yet been found guilty) in a legal black hole; Obamacare sought to remake a huge fraction of the American economy, rammed through on a party-line vote, only to do for millions of Americans the very opposite of the claims that were made to justify it; the Patriot Act was renewed; the National Defense Authorization Act was passed. Increasingly, as the Bill of Rights has continued to be erased, more Americans have begun slowly to awake from their ignorance, by discovering that the nation's problems aren't the fault of one party or the other: rather: they are about power, itself, and they are systemic. These waking Americans have, for a few years now, been proving Palast more right by the day.

It is exciting to watch. It is even more exciting to participate in. The rising is not just political: it is cultural. We have seen the Tea Party, the Occupy movement, Edward Snowden, the rise of "Independent" as the fastest single political block of voters in the USA, the Ron Paul phenomenon, the battle for the soul of the Republican party, Blue Republicans, and, generally, hugely energetic, increasingly numerous grassroots activists, who owe their allegiance to no party or organization, but identify simply and loosely as a "Liberty movement."

This is my America, as it is Palast's -- America as the idea that still inspires agitators of such numbers, energy, intensity of activity, and unquestioned certainty that popular action is going to make a difference because a sufficiently irate and determined minority can't help but succeed. I am now a part of that activist minority, continually refreshed by its inclusiveness, diversity and relentless positivity. I am willing to bet that, per capita, no other nation can boast the sheer number of man-hours and dollars that have been donated to effect change from the ground up in reaction against intolerable change from the top down.

In particular, young American adults, in celebration of the classical liberal Anglo-tradition to which they are heirs -- and driven to find new, better perspectives that their professors, established political parties or the mainstream media are not providing -- are rediscovering the founding ideas of the nation and the thinkers, concepts and language on which they are based. Just as the idealistic youth of the '60s became the leaders, professors and media hacks of today, as they moved America toward the bigger state and social democracy, today's similarly energized young adults will in the decades to come move America away from militarism, crony corporatism, fiscal irresponsibility and the unintended consequences of one-size-fits-all statism. Both generations reflect the fervent idealism and practical action that together are the spirit of the America to which I shall join myself.

Perhaps even Palast didn't give his countrymen enough credit.

Although a huge number of Americans may indeed be ill-informed or uncaring about the shenanigans of the Big State and Big Money, in one important respect, their political life is more informed than the citizens of other nations, for, throughout the rest of the developed world, there is no significant argument about whether the State is the only credible agent of delivering social and economic improvement. That has already been conceded everywhere. So political debates elsewhere are more incrementalist and a-philosophical, reducible to the question, "does policy x slightly improve things in relation to some issue or does it make them worse?" In most nations, that is a question asked without a worry about implications for the size of government, the setting of precedent, the constraints on those who wield power, or individual freedom and personal responsibility. In the U.S., in contrast, there are still enough voters who never completely lose sight of the fact that every political choice, however immediate and however small, has an effect on individual liberty, and the relationship between the individual and Power -- an effect that manifests only over decades or generations, but manifest it certainly will. In other words, any policy decision, however well it might seem to address an immediate issue, must be assessed in relation to the very purpose of having a United States of America at all.

Yes. That's the word. American politics, -- however ill-informed, however sometimes corrupt, and however exasperating -- are like the nation and its people, always exceedingly purposeful.

For many, the Biblical expression "shining city on a hill" has become little more than a kitsch political sound-bite, but, if yours is the city that was founded on the most sublime culmination of a thousand-year tradition of liberty, it matters very much to the rest of the world whether the lights in the city are on. When, in 1630, John Winthrop used that expression to describe a new American settlement, he wasn't suggesting moral superiority: he was indicating awesome responsibility. For me, so many Americans take that responsibility deeply to heart.

America-the-state is off its rails. But Americans are already well into a massive popular project (actually a series of overlapping projects) to get it back on track. It is the most meaningful and exciting project I've ever participated in -- and it is one, I believe, with the power to change the world. How could I not be inspired by that?

In his excellent book, Inventing Freedom, Daniel Hannan explains that the modern meaning of "patriot" as implying some inherent national superiority is new -- and quite wrong. Rather, he writes, "before [1776], a patriot was someone, on either side of the Atlantic, who was determined to preserve the libertarian exceptionalism of the English-speaking polity against is enemies, internal or external." In other words, American patriotism is a patriotism of ideas and ideals, not of land or power. Like the American founding, proper American patriotism is idealistic and inspires.

By that definition, I have long been an American patriot. When I take my citizenship oath, I'll not be becoming an American at all: I'll be simply declaring that I was one all along.

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Thank you, fellow patriot.

Welcome aboard! as the ship sinks.

The only way your decision makes any sense whatsoever is if you are planning to run for public office. Anything else you want to do here, you could do as a permanent resident -- which is what you already are.

This "becoming a citizen" thing isn't a change of the relationship between you and your fellow "citizens." It is a contract between you and the government, and the burdens of that contract all fall on YOU, not the government, which can change the terms at will, and still demand that you abide by them.

These are the terms of the contract: in exchange for the privilege of calling yourself a "U.S. citizen," being able to vote in our elections and being eligible to hold most public offices, you agree to become the property of the US Government, which at its sole discretion may tax, conscript, imprison and generally use your life, time and property any damn way it pleases. You may revoke your "citizenship" if, and only if, the US Government allows you to do so, and should you leave the US, it retains the right to rule your life and confiscate your property wherever you go in the world.

Hey, what a deal, go for it!

U.S. citizenship is probably the LEAST desirable citizenship to have, in the world. As a favor to yourself, please try the following exercise: set aside for the moment, all the emotional twaddle about your spiritual kinship with America the Beautiful, and list the cold, practical economic and liberty-related advantages of US citizenship. Let the crickets chirp.

I do "get" that you were inspired by Ron Paul and the liberty movement. But the real lesson of Paul's runs for the Presidency isn't that "Freedom is popular." So it is -- and so what? The lesson is: the game is rigged, and freedom is not allowed to play. Freedom is still dying the death of a thousand cuts here. Rigged elections run by corporate media and financed by corrupt banks aren't going to change things. And a people raised in obedience-training institutions (a.k.a. government "schools") aren't going to do anything but what their masters allow them to do, world without end.

Our ship is sinking. Lash yourself to the mast while the captain looks for more icebergs to hit -- is that a wise move? Look instead at the horizons -- liberty is growing in the countries where everyone has learned the hard way that socialism doesn't work.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I'd appreciate an answer Robin

I see what's going on in your country and I'm far from alone in people being appauled. What is going on?

What do you think of your country man Paul Weston and his WARNING TO AMERICA? Are you with him, or coming here to sell us this multiculturism crap?

just another white supremacist or European white supremacist . .


when things go wrong, blame the 'minorities' *who have encroached and will destroy us*--

it happened in the U.S. in the early 1900s with what American white supremacists called the 'yellow plague', and *we* don't even need to mention that Planned Parenthood targeted black women for abortions--

Things were rotten in England long before Muslims began to move there; things had been rotten in Britain for many centuries--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I don't agree

First, I see the blame being placed on liberal multiculturalism, which is the UN Agenda (communist and fascist majority), which uses "racism" as a tool to silence anyone who appareciates western culture, which dealt with racism in it's growth, but really does not apply to the majority, nor the Freedom Party in Britian.. it's not about being supreme white people, as most whites absoklutley believe and estemem race does not apply to what is supreme about a human being. Individuals of ALL races and nations have supreme intellegence or stregth, or riches.

Second, While things may have been "rotton", the beatings, murders, rapes, no-go areas, attacks on homosexuals, women who refuse to wear a scarf, smoking, drinking, is destroying England and Europe as we knew it.. and it happening in America now, where ONE religion, and it's followers/believers are telling Americans. YOU CAN NOT COME HERE. If you live here, you will do as we say and as we do or we will hurt or kill you."

Have you seen what's going on in Michegan? Texas, other areas?

I'm not seeing FREEDOM or Liberty from these communities, but violent objection to Western civilization, and FORCING ALL people to submit.

It's hard to be awake when you refuse to open your eyes.

I know you disagree with me, Granger.

I know that. But sometimes I feel that I have a right to post my beliefs as well.

One of the most glaring things on DP in my experience here in the past 4 1/2 years, after having visited the site as a nonmember for many years--

and after having watched and read Ron Paul since the mid 1980s--

is the immense conflict that *we* two have had over this issue.

I have my beliefs; you have yours. Sometimes I express them. Usually they bring a response from you. I have not responded to SO many of your posts, but now and again I have to squeak up. :)

White supremacy existed long, long, LONG before the UN agenda(s).
There is proof of that, but there's no point in writing it all out.

Don't use my little byline to mock me, please, Granger. You are better than that.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I don't get it

White supremacy? Under Obama?

Take the KKK, if that counts as white supremeist to you, as it does to m. Do you know KKK history? It wasn't whites vs blacks.

In 1915 Jewish businessman Leo Frank was lynched near Atlanta after the Georgia governor commuted his death sentence to life in prison. Frank had been convicted in 1913 and sentenced to death for the murder of a young white factory worker named Mary Phagan, in a trial marked by media frenzy. Although the conviction was appealed, it was upheld at each appellate level. Leo Frank was innocent of all crimes but ONE. He was a Jew. Jews, even white as snow askenazi are not "white" to Aryans.


Do you believe Islam is supreme?

The Nation of Islam (NOI) is a syncretic new religious movement founded in Detroit, Michigan by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad in July 1930. The Nation of Islam's stated goals are to improve the spiritual, mental, social, and economic condition of African Americans in the United States and all of humanity.[1] Its critics accuse it of being black supremacist[2] and antisemitic.[3][4][5][6] The Southern Poverty Law Center states NOI’s “theology of innate black superiority over whites and the deeply racist, anti-Semitic and anti-gay rhetoric of its leaders have earned the NOI a prominent position in the ranks of organized hate.”[7]

I asked DP once if Lous Farrakan was part of the Liberty Movement. I was told that he is not. Yet.. many here say what LF says about Jews.

Organized hate. Have you seen the vids of what's happening to the whites, people who are not wearing KKK hoods.. just regular people.



Have you seen the recent documentary on the revolution in Egypt? "The Square"? Is that you you want for America? Some here do. Why is the Muslim Brotherhood using American weapons against the revolution in Egypt? White supremist give them those?

I love the part in the movie where a decent muslim woman says,, "I don't care if the Jews were to rule Egypt as long as the leadership is Just!" Because many have NO issues with Jews. The Arab supremists do.

People here say, "I don't hate Jews", and then they give examples of Jews like the orthodox, who will an end of the world for the Messiah to come. Orthodix Jews are not interested in self determination. God destermination is their quest. Some here show Jews who hate being Jews because when you hate yourself for something you have no control, somethow.. that's ok. And now.. if you are white, you should hate yourself for being white. I don't think so.

You have to want to know the whole truth, and it's hard because many times what we think is the truth, winds up being some truth. I was where you are. What changed? I saw truth .. Jews are still being blamed and attacked in the name of Israel and zionism.

The Jews began with an escape from slavery. When you understand that the plight of the Jew is to escape slavery, to be free, free being self determined.. and you see who is opposed.. who is shouting against the Jews.. you will find enslavers. Islam is an enslaver. The UN is an enslaver. Standing for Jews is standing for freedom/ self determination. If you believe self determination is freedom, then you might want to see Israel in a whole new light.

I hope you do.

Debbie's picture

Wow, what a fantastic article. Thank you Robin, and welcome,



I Won't Become an American

I left Poland in 1981 in the mid of a social revolution, which I believed was totally doomed and after a year in Austria I finally found my home in Canada. You know, that socialist country in the north! When I got my Canadian citizenship I immediately renounced my Polish nationality because I didn't want to have any association with that totalitarian communist regime! Finally, after 27 years of relatively normal life in "socialist" Canada, I came to Texas where I presently reside. I travel a lot around the world and I am used to all kinds of regulations that are imposed on foreigners, but what I have experienced in US, it is much more worse than what I would expected in communist Poland. The system is so bureaucratic that it is hard to compare it to other countries. I got my PR but it doesn't help me much to enjoy the so-called your "freedoms". As an immigrant in Canada, I was treated incomparable better. US is already a totalitarian state and I am simply too scared to abandon my Canadian citizenship and become a US subject. Maybe I will have to run away from here again ... sorry guys.

The basic problem is that one believes that everything is real, and thus everything is treated as such.
---Kalu Rinpoche

you are... running away from Texas?

or did I miss something?


Your Brethren with you!

Moving script

I appreciate your attitude and your perspective on this nation. I have often thought of the perspectives of others around the world towards America, Americans and how exactly we have allowed such evil to spew from our, recently realized, private coffers. The social programming has been decades long at least and has been methodical, thorough and effective. To realize what has been done to my mind by the global governors is infuriating. I suppose this is what life is like in the belly of the beast. The threat is all around you and is growing, it is just that the official narrative tends to keep us preoccupied. I stopped watching television five years ago and have never been happier, nor more pissed off. Others are coming to as well. Thank goodness for the hard core patriots like Dr. Paul, William Cooper, Alex Jones and the many others unnamed. Without them I might still be asleep.

Welcome to the revolution brother! We have plenty of opportunity for fresh imaginations and strong spirits. The more the better.

I salute you sir.

Moved me to tears. God bless America.

metalhed19's picture

Welcome aboard good sir :)

Welcome aboard good sir :)

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

You chose


If every liberty loving individual in the world came to the states, can you imagine what we could do?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

Click Here To See The Candidates On The Record

LittleWing's picture

Welcome and Thank You

for your very inspiring thoughts. We need as many Liberty Loving Patriots as we can get! I am an admirer of Daniel Hannon and agree with his eloquent definition of Patriot.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

A great post by Mr. Koerner

"...in celebration of the classical liberal Anglo-tradition to which they are heirs."

"...the city that was founded on the most sublime culmination of a thousand-year tradition of liberty, it matters very much to the rest of the world whether the lights in the city are on. When, in 1630, John Winthrop used that expression to describe a new American settlement, he wasn't suggesting moral superiority: he was indicating awesome responsibility. For me, so many Americans take that responsibility deeply to heart."

These comments lead me to believe that the author of this great post has read "Albion's Seed" by David Hackett Fischer.


Or at least Daniel Hannan had read "Albion's Seed" when he penned these words:

"...a patriot was someone, on either side of the Atlantic, who was determined to preserve the libertarian exceptionalism of the English-speaking polity against is enemies, internal or external."

Let me get this straight

You are coming to America to become a duel citizen, a democrat, work to give us Sharia courts, and work to get Hillary elected?

I know far more duel citizens from England in goverment than Israelis (which I intend to become a duel citizen).

What is happening in England, with it's multiculturalism, is absolutely TRAGIC, and I would have NO hope if I lived in England, so I don't blame you anymore than I blame a Mexican, Chinese, or African desperate to get out of the hell holes the Brits left in their empirical wake.

So are you coming to give us Sharia Courts?

LittleWing's picture

Granger, you are an embarrassment to DP

I understand you have 'paid to play' here as you have stated but you are seriously an embarrassment. What does Robin becoming a citizen have to do with Sharia law and why are you seeming to challenge him... to a duel?


If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

The Granger's outbursts are

The Granger's outbursts are hilarious and unpredictable.

egapele's picture

It is becoming more and more apparent to me

that a calculated decision has been made by the owners / moderators of this site to allow that person to continue posting here in order to show us all what we are up against.

She / he / it is also "Spririt of '76"

More group think

I presented videos.. Those videos are only a snapshot of what's become of England. Is he leaving that to bring it here? Not like he's staying there to fight it, eh? I think it's a very fair question little left wing nut.

Do you not know who Robin is, Granger?

Robin's organization, the Blue Republicans, were the biggest coalition to endorse Ron Paul's 2012 campaign, and were featured on Ron Paul's campaign website and in the wikipedia page about his 2012 campaign...


Support Liberty Media! http://benswann.com/contribute/ - http://opendebates2016.com/make-donation-open-debates/

We won't turn things around until we 1st change the media - donate to a liberty media creator today!

egapele's picture

Zak, see my post ^^^^

Just ignore it.

I would.. but I think Granger should know

Just who she is throwing under the bus. She should also know that Ron Paul has given a speech under the Blue Republican banner and shared a stage with Robin, where Dr.Paul endorsed the group, and praised Robin, (along with Colorado chapter chair Tisha Casida) saying that starting Blue Republicans was a great example of "doing what you want" which is what he answered when people asked him what they should do for liberty!

Support Liberty Media! http://benswann.com/contribute/ - http://opendebates2016.com/make-donation-open-debates/

We won't turn things around until we 1st change the media - donate to a liberty media creator today!

egapele's picture

She likes to think she is the "voice" of the party

and likes to scream loud.

That's what people do when they know they're in danger.

What's your point Zak?

I've had conversations with Robin in the past here on DP. I was far from impressed with "Blue Republicans". It was a HUGE problem in the GOP and why I believe the GOP became violent because the GOP did not believe we were sincere, but rather we joined the GOP to destroy what Bush hadn't.

Ron Paul told us to get in the GOP because Republicans conservatives had been previously OUTTED by a former group of Democrats who infiltrated the GOP and called theemselves NEOCONS. HELLO?

"Fool me once, shame on you". That's exactly how Republicans responded to Blue Republicans, because they were not going to have a "Fool me twice". They will FIGHT to the death of America as we know it. And I respect them for that, and I think the Blue Republicans need to go back to their warmongering Welfare plantation party and GET REAL.

I sure hope that Robin and all his Blue pals find the intergity to be who they are and in the party they belong.

Ron is with Rand 99%.. so where does that leave the Blue Republicans? Blue Wedge Drivers?

Robins' "endorsement" may mean alot to you, but it mean's nothing to me but, "Thanks for making real delegates jobs harder".

Biggest endorsement to GOP menas $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Not lip service.

Zak.. MSM must be getting to you..

"Blue Republican" movement[edit]

In June 2011, online publisher Robin Koerner coined the term "Blue Republican" to refer to U.S. voters who consider themselves to be liberal or progressive—or who generally vote Democratic—but plan to register as Republicans and vote in the U.S. 2012 Republican presidential primaries for Paul. The phrase "Blue Republican" quickly spread after Koerner's article "If You Love Peace, Become a 'Blue Republican' (Just for a Year)" was published in The Huffington Post on June 7. Social media entrepreneur Israel Anderson then promoted the term on Facebook, later teaming with Koerner to expand the movement.[73]

Five days after his original article coining the term, Koerner published a follow-up article on the term's popularity: "'Blue Republicans': an Idea Whose Time Has Come."[74] The article was shared on the social networking site Facebook more than 11,000 times by the time the second article was published.[75]

you are a "duel" citizen right now Love.

you do not need to go to is-real.... or was that an intentional pun?

do you know that I LOVE peaches?

But I want to go to Israel

While you eat a peach

prior to 1948. when was the last time is was called "is-real"?

this land that you love.

(I bet the answer will surprise you)

Actually is waas Zion

Palestine was a Roman creation adopted by the TURKS who rules the area for what 6 centuries before the English.. meddelsome lot that they are.. split the area with France after WWI, broke it's promise to the Zionists and the Arabs and, as usual, went home to toast the Queen, make life into soap and be taken over so that England is no longer England as we Yanks seem to think, not that we ever knew much about their industrial slave Hell holes that painted the country Black (and to their credit, they don't forget (Thanks to Mary Poppins and appreciating a clean shirt with their sugar).

Israel IS Real to those who are REAL. To tell a lie is wrong. To know the truth and tell a lie is immoral. People here may not like what I say and have their many reasons, because Israel is complicated, talk about rabbit holes.. I believe alot of the angst is that people can understand so much at a time, so the complexity, historically, culturally, geographically, spiritually, intellectually, financially, ethically, morally.. militarily, and the tech, ag scince, medicaine, why are all the major cor[praotiosn that are breaking global recoards there? Sure other places have this and that.. but Israel is actually, literally, layers deep.

So when a person sees what I have seen.. If there was anyplace in the world that could fix my dyslexia.. I bet it would be in Israel.. and it's like the diamond in the coal mine, the id of humankind, and not even all the people who live there see it... but for those who see it.. for those who are not afraid to LOOK.. LOOK at Israel from a Zionist perspective as IF, you never heard the word before.

It's just this tiny place where those who THINK BIG, WAY outside the box.. who are open.. who dare touch all six sides of the elephant.. I don't know.. maybe it is what it is to be saved? I didn't mean to fall in LOVE with Israel.. I was only looking for something GOOD about Israel. I never heard anything GOOD about Israel.. and there had to be something, after all, even the Devil is never lazy, being lazy being a sin. So something GOOD had to be in Israel. And when I saw many of the things I mentioned, and much more.. and it all came together for me.. it was like the best thing that ever happend to me.. I see a lot of hope and amazing, awesome outstanding things, that make life better and helps people.. clean drinking water. Agriculture.. I.. found several opportunities that would be perfect for my city.. their advances in alternative energy , batteries.. Israel is where the future is.. I want them to have self determination.. I trust Isreal when it comes to self determination and THRIVING Humanity and the Earth.. That wall is to stpop people hurting Jews.

The British made a deal with the Zionist and the Arabs.. they OCCUPIED Palestine for Three decades, and then when everyone was PISSED off because the deal wasn't going down as the double crossers promised both sides. They left. So who stepped in? America.

America, One of England's offspring, Hail the Mother Country (What a bang Kate is eh Boys, and girls, don't want to leave anyone out).

What's your story Mate.. or is that Peachy?


A duel is a gunfight, like the one in which the American hero Aaron Burr killed the British agent Alexander Hamilton.

And did I read correctly that you want to become a dual Israeli/American citizen?


I have a much longer line to stand in than the "Blue Republican".. over 2 million seeking Amnesty/Refugee/citizenship.

Thanks for the spell chek!

Don't you have to be Jewish to become an Israeli citizen?

Do you have an Oleh's certificate?

Have you met the following requirements?

Adults may acquire Israeli citizenship by naturalization at the discretion of the Minister of the Interior and subject to a number of requirements, such as:

--they must have resided in Israel for three years out of the five years preceding the day of submission of the application.

--they are entitled to reside in Israel permanently and have settled or intend to settle in Israel;

--they have renounced their prior nationality, or have proved that they will cease to be foreign nationals upon becoming Israeli citizens.


No and No

And I may completely change my mind once I get to Israel and accomplish some of my goals there. Still I can dream.

I am encouraging my husband to claim his birthright, his family has a long history with Israel, with some living there since before WWI ended.. He definately has the right to return and I'd like to be there with him. It's a good goal.

America has 4 million people wanting to be citizens.. Israel, the size of New Jersey, has over 2 million wanting citizenship (and not all are Jews).

People need to ask, "Why do so many people want to become Israelis? What do these people know that "I" don't?"

I can answer that question.

there are but 3 Abrahamic faiths.
two are REALLY big and one is very small.. it is an algorithm.

that is why you MIGHT change your mind.... (not that I would ever hold that against you)

the Abrahamic faiths are clearly very bloodthirsty and like to fight.

does that observation offend you?

far from it

I'm not offended.. Religion isn't my interest in Israel. I like their politics. I like how they do business. I like how they are doing things. And, if I get my way, my area is going to be doing somethings their way.. because it works. Diamond in a coal mine and I'm glad I found it. Maybe I shouldn't wish everyone could be so fortunate.. but I'm learning.. and why the 1% doesn't give a crap about the 99%.. why should they? I'm having a real hard time seeing that anymore.. unless it's feeding consumers. why should the 99% care for the bloodthirsty masses,.. Maybe it's best to just arm both sides and let the baths begin?

yes Dear.

but that does not change my perspective.

Nor should it

I just tell it like I see it. Self programming doesn't leave me any interest in programming others. ;))

Good to know what others are thinking.. still I prefer to think for myself and appreciate those who share there own thoughts.

Well, congrats, I guess.

Now you can live through the most catastrophic financial collapse in history.

I'll be attempting to move to your side of the world as soon as humanly possible.

The grass always look greener on the other side...I suppose.

Other side?

Ahem, if you chose to move to the side he came from then your objective seems dubious as well. He comes from England, which is fast becoming a decaying pit of degeneration right now. Approaching Detroit like status, if not reached it already. In council flat slums of Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Newcastle, heck even places like West Ham, Brixton etc. surrounding London town it's all very apparent.

England, France or Japan should be the last places to move to, to escape financial collapse. Actually there are very few promising places left on the planet. Iceland, Chile or Costa Rica show up among top prospects. Some people of means chose Singapore as their haven. But it's a very small place with "benevolent" dictatorship & besides not too practical for people with moderate means.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

Actually, when I said that....

I was referring to all of Europe, not Great Britain. I fail to see what was dubious about my comment.


Become a Constitution respecting American, that's great! It increases ratio of patriots in the country that much more.

Just don't keep your money in this country in fake paper assets of our banking system though (savings accounts, fraudulent stock market, fraudulent treasury bonds whether through 401K/IRA retirements or otherwise). Whoever is locked up in paper assets scam of this country - which is probably more than 95% of population - is indirectly contributing to criminal scams of Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan & their cousins like Monsanto, Pfizer etc.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

The Oath to do what's right and just

Having lived in Europe for most of my life, I relate to this and I agree with you. Keep up the good work, be encouraged, stay strong, and continue to do what is right and just.

I was in the same position two years ago. America is about ideas and ideals, and when I chose to take the Oath, I found it to be a very liberating moment. A commitment to ideals that is so much less often taken for granted compared to 8 years ago.

Perhaps you have already seen similar apathy and cynicism in America, even in the very Liberty Movement. Please, don't let this stop you from doing what's right. Don't let this prohibit you from speaking what's true!

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uhm, congrats?

It's too bad you can't just confidently say this in a couple words like "Cause this place is awesome!" and instead have to write a whole piece explaining it.

Like if you were to get ready to eat a really delicious hot fudge sundae or make love to somebody beautiful you wouldn't need a big long explanation.

But with the USA you need a double-sized shoe horn and some lube to even choke down the idea you are glad to become an American. You really got to put some lipstick on this pig, pinch your nose and shut your eyes.

Welcome aboard all the same! I was just born here and stick around like a dummy.

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excellent article

Warning: I am about to make massive overgeneralizations and unsubstantiated collectivist conclusions.

There is something different about Americans. There are many things I love about Europeans, but they are in general a pessimistic bunch that love to bitch and moan. Americans, on the other hand, have a cheery, optimistic, can-do attitude that is inspiring.

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Excellent article

Very inspiring.
You are already more American than most Americans.

Not so fast mate.

When Palast said these words,"...in the U.K. the average person knows a lot more than the average American about what is wrong with their political system and how their leaders and money-masters abuse them and their country, but they have an apathy and cynicism that prevent them from getting very exercised about it: they don't care because they expect to be screwed, he said; they therefore are resigned to compromised rights and the incompetent, over-reaching or self-interested wielding of governmental authority."
He was 8 years off on his assessment of contemporary America.

The apathy and resignation that was so in the U.K. is fast becoming the case in America.
I'm not disagreeing with the assessment that 'America has more good', but I'm finding more and more, that there are countries where weaker governments actually allow for more individual liberty.

Americans are forsaking America to go somewhere they can operate more freely without an all powerful, suffocating government.

Beg to Differ

I disagree, completely, and I agree with Ron Paul that there is more hope, now, than there was any time since the 1972 formation of the Libertarian Party and Ron Paul's first run for congress after coming off the last vestiges of the gold standard.

That was apathy. Apathy was celebrated.

Well, it was obvious that apathy didn't work, and I became a libertarian activist in the late 90's.

The Ron Paul campaign of 2007 was the start of a loss of apathy, the DailyPaul played a very big part in that.

If you're discouraged, find a way to contribute. If you're pessimistic, compare where the movement is today, to where it was in 1972.

The LP is gaining members at a faster rate than either of the dominant parties, and considering "they can't win," that's saying something.

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