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How is Rand Paul gonna vote on sanctions for Iran?

This article says he's one of only two republicans who are gonna vote against it.
Is that really the case??
I really hope so!

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I love depeche mode

Out them, people deserve to know who is actively trying to elect someone so antithetical to liberty.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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It's the Fauds that don't LOSTEN !


If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

I'm listening

Seen every video, read every word you posted to me.. even responded in length. But you want to shove your bad propeganda at me, and I either buy it or you insult and threaten me.. pffft

I was where you are back in 1992.. Then I learned the TRUTH.

You are not interested in the TRUTH, you are interested in a NWO of Communist-Islamifascist global war in the name of peace.. as in REST IN PEACE to everyone but robots like you little left winger.

How many of my vids have you watched? Zip. Fine by me.

Wrong again Grange.

If Rand opposes sanctions, the Zionist controlled media and the neocons will crucify him from now until 2016. What world do you live in my friend?

The Zionist controlled

RT Press Iran is zionist controlled.

It appears, that I live in a beautiful world I'm fighting to make better and many here live in Hell. Zionists didn't make your hell. You did. Own it.

Huh! OMG!

RT...Zionist! huh! OMG! jeez Grange you are F*#king amazing! Do you ever watch RT crosstalk with Peter Lavelle? RT definitely leans anti Zionist!

And Iran...Zionist? ? ? ? ? Holy Sheepsh!t! Grange! You leave me speechless.

Are you here just to give me a heart attack?

Excuse me while I step outside and scream my lungs out! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

If I have to seek anger management classes...I am sending you the bill!

What ar you saying?

That you listen to Communist RT? The Communists that are anti-Israel (because they don't believe anyone has a right to self determination) They are NOT zionist Jews? But you admit they are MSM.

So many it;s not zionists.. maybe it's communist RT and Fascist Pres TV and their UN Agenda that HATES sovriegn Israel fighting for it's right to exist?

You said that Zionists controll MSM.. but what do you watch? RT/ Press TV.. and you don't think you are being programmed?

Right. Think that.

I don't listen to any MSM except what soneone uploads on DP.. and not all of that.. I have seen Ben Swan once.. blah.. the Judge a few time..sigh.. Ron paul channell.. bought one subscription.. I love watching Rand.. but I see more RT and Press TV than anything on DP.. and the UN is a communist/fascist block, like Syria.

Nothing I would want. So maybe you can admit, MSM is not zionist controlled?

Granger you are a total

Granger you are a total LOSER. Go piss off you hate filled moron.

Be Your Own Media!!!

What do you mean?

The only hate I see is from you and you collective. Nothing wrong being in a collective when you are unable to stand independently. I completely understand.

No hate from me. I don't want Sharia courts, but that's the woman in me who will not wear a KKK sheet no matter what color.

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Just find yourself some

"Spirit of '76"

Granger, I so love free

Granger, I so love free speech. Keep it up.

Beats your typical israeli propaganda. Keep it up I say!

Be Your Own Media!!!


I don't want to go to war again. It might be easy for you, but I am in the military and fucking tired of war.


That's too bad

Because it's coming home and you'll have to fight ot flight.


What do you get from being an active DP member?

How do you benefit?

Totally just curious.


Reality check

There are many times someone will post something that changes my life. My chickens, becoming a Republican to be a Ron paul delegate.. what I've learned since becomming a Republican, What I've learned from Ron and from Rand.. right now especially Rand because I believe Ron Paul's presiential runs were to have seats for Rand.. now we have seats.. and some, like me have worked hard.

I don't want to foget where I was, and I want to see what is representing Ron Paul, because I know why I supported Ron Paul, and I know what I did, and why I am where I am in the GOP.. "Thanks Ron Paul".

I know others are no where even close and don't want to be in the GOP.. but they rah rah Ron paul.. and that Rah Rah is something I need to be aware of, because the last thing I need is for a Republican who doesn't care for my kind of republiCAN to bring up a Rah Rah and undo the work I did to get where I am, which if not for Ron Paul I sure as hell wouldn't have ever marked the Republican box on my voter registration.

Now I'm in.. and DP is all I ever knew.. almost seven years, nearly everyday. I have fun, laugh alot and enjoy myself.

Why are you here? Or was this a trick question adn you really didn't care in the first place, just having fun too?

I really hope he votes

I really hope he votes against it

Ventura 2012