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Ron Paul 2016 - Independent Party

Hello, Everyone.

***This Thread Is For The ONLY RON PAUL Crowd***

There is ONE LAST CHANCE here. Ron Paul, if he so desires, can run for President again, and this time, if he runs as an INDEPENDENT with say someone like Judge Napolitano as a running mate, would be IMPOSSIBLE to beat, no matter how many dirty tricks.

I am sick of politics and politicians, but if Ron Paul said he would, I would certainly get involved to help. I feel very sad about the future of The United States. And The World.

Independent Party, with the best and brightest of the grassroots, all the way to the VERY TOP. 100% Grassroots. NO HIGH-PAID "Experts". We have Political Process Experts.

I wish Ron Paul would say: "YES, I WILL RUN FOR PRESIDENT in 2016" and I hope he does so soon. No late minute" surprises. It takes a lot of time and money to contribute to a Grassroots Presidential Campaign.

If this is going to happen, and I sure hope it does happen, we need to know soon.


This is not for "debates". This is for The ONLY RON PAUL CROWD to share ideas, and I will begin with the first one:

THE SUPER-BROCHURES WERE PERFECT. With a game plan and an early start, THAT ALONE is The Ultimate Advertisement for the money. A 2016 Updated Version to EVERY Registered Voter = Only a couple of million dollars.

RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION - INDEPENDENT 2016 car bumper stickers alone will make people question their current mindset. And that is where everything begins.

Then there is the question of Legal Issues and Campaign Rules and all the rest of it that some of you here may be able to help explain.

Serious replies only, please.

Warmest regards;


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sadly, everyone is missing

sadly, everyone is missing the point. the only one pushing us away is rand paul. Now I am forced to vote for someone outside the gop. It is Rand that is pushing us away no one else.

This is not new I and many others warned rand he was pandering us away. Rand is the only one to blame.

This was a topic 6 months ago but the rand fluffers were to busy on their knees to hear it loud and clear.

rand fluffers they don't even deserve to be called trolls.

Ron Paul 2016

The Future Of The United States Is Not A Baseball Game...

Hello, Michael.

I am sorry if you don't like this thread. Some people do.

Now I am truly confused. I have never heard such comparisons.

The Future Of The United States is not a baseball game, and mitt romney is not Dr. Ron Paul.

As for "alternate reality"...isn't it what life has become?

An alternate reality is The RNC leadership trashing the work of tens of thousands of Ron Paul Supporters who after years got him to fill stadiums and yet there are people waiting to support the next Republican Party Choice?

That is like asking someone who stole your car if they could please give you a ride. That to me is Pure Madness. Low Self-Esteem. Stockholm Syndrome.

Well: Let it not be said that we did nothing.

I cannot support the party who prevented The People Of The United States from having The Most Awesome President they have had in generations. A Gentleman who promised The People Of The World Friendship and Peace.

Regardless, although I cannot make sense of your analogy I respect your opinion and thank you for providing this forum to all of us.

Kind regards,


Wisdom Strategies

any anger or frustration

any anger or frustration should be directed at the source, RAND PAUL, but we have said some of this for the last 6 months and rand paul and his fluffers seem to ignore reality.

now they want to complain because we will not accept the bs pandering to the right wing nuts. clearly rand thinks he can win without us and with right-wing nuts. I see the gop losing in 2016 and 2014 in Colorado especially the fence sitters.

maybe if they repeat guns guns guns they might have a chance to blind the voters in colorado.

Ron Paul 2016

Good Luck To ANY G.O.P. Nominee Filling Stadiums: EVER!

Good Luck To ANY G.O.P. Nominee Filling Stadiums: EVER! Rand included.

That is RON PAUL and US.


Wisdom Strategies

ONLY Ron Paul NEVER benedict

ONLY Ron Paul

NEVER benedict arnold

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

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What is this supposed to mean?

Who is this guy?

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts
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Well, we can check


- - - - -

Sometimes I feel like this place is full of spooks. Not only a hall of mirrors, but a hall of mirrors filled with spooks to boot.

And I'm not saying that you are one. I'm just saying that you sparked that reaction in me. It is really just kind of random in a way. I have no idea who you are. All I see is a screen name, and a small sample of the data you've produced.

We're all here producing and consuming data. Like cows. Chomp, chomp, chomp. More information. Then poop some out. Poop some information out for other people to chomp, chomp, chomp on.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

you can also check me to

you can also check me to delegate gop 8 years. the only person causing this is rand paul.

Ron Paul 2016

Ron made sacrifices in 2012 to give Rand 2016


Let Rand run. Support him if you want. If not, put your efforts into local, state and even Congressional campaigns that you do support.

Work on other campaigns. We worked so hard in 2012 (I can't take credit for 2008, that was some other hard-core dedicated folk) so that 2016 isn't as much of a fight.


So we can do the work that we need to do, getting the "movement" into government.

Rand leveraged Ron into the Senate, Justin leveraged Ron into Congress.

I've watch a lot of amazing activists run for State Senate and fail. I'm sure it was a good experience. We needed people running for those types of seats to keep this going. But now we got to take it seriously.

If you have no government experience start local. Plus, if our view of government, which is; the highest form of government must govern the least, then we all agree that the City, or the Local government, is where the majority of governance needs to be done, thus, it is what requires the majority of our time, and we won't get the majority we want at the State and Federal levels unless we have slates of qualified candidates. Especially if we are all working within the different parties to bring about a great "moderate" majority.

We need to get involved. We need to take our work seriously.

Jack Wagner

I have let rand run and he

I have let rand run and he lost me as a delegate because of his bs pandering. you want to blame anyone blame rand paul.

Ron Paul 2016


The nomination was stolen from Ron Paul, primary after primary riddled with corruption and simple ignoring of his wins, as in Iowa. The premature annointing of Rombama by the "Republican Party" was election fraud, plain and simple....yet it was allowed and applauded by the statist media....while Ron was blacked out.
The liberty movement has NOTHING to do with "government" (legalized crime).Getting liberty "into government" is an oxymoron.
LOGIC, people!

Or Open Debates 2016

Or work on opening the debates. Because we won't have a shot at the Presidency with an "independent" candidate if they can't get into the Debates.

Jack Wagner

What "debates"???

You mean the parade of bought and paid for hacks and toadies to Israel who grovel before Democrat-Marxist "moderators" who insult and ignore candidates who aren't statist enough to suit them?
Oh, yeah!! Let's play some more of that game. "We" "need" "good" "leaders" to rule us.

What I want to know is if Ron

What I want to know is if Ron doesn't decide to try again, what you will do?

I would LOVE for him to but I don't think it's anywhere on his mind now. C4L's member polls that were taken recently will likely be what he wants to do.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

Answer: RON PAUL REVOLUTION Presents...

"What If" Questions...

...I wish I had a dollar for every one.

What if Ron Paul decided not to run again?

IF people were not sitting there waiting for 2016 and did what they did for Ron Paul beginning in 2007 starting NOW, they would have an alternative they don't currently have.


...Someone that had not already been chosen by either party.

It's Either ONE OF US or ONE OF THEM.

Sound familiar? Hmmmmmm? ---> http://youtu.be/I2FyvmuXMAA

Wisdom Strategies

Said it Before

...and I'll say it again:



Ron Paul did win in 2012.

There were ten times as many people at Dr Paul's rally's as there were for Romney, and to my mind that translates to a win at the poll booths. If not for cheating in the counting, Dr Paul would most likely be president now. Also, both Obama and Hitlary we know won their nominations by fraud - enough counterfeit votes gave them the nomination. So, in a fair contest, Ron Paul would win hands down.

Now, how do we stop the cheating? When the vote counters at the state elections says they must take the boxes of poll tickets to a secret location to count the votes, what then? If we can't stop the cheating we can't have a Dr Paul win.

I'm for a show of force. In every state that Dr Paul has an election there must be gun-registered open carry voters willing to be body guards and ballot protectors, and be willing to use force if election rules pertaining to vote gathering and counting are broken. These willing volunteers could also be standbys at the conventions where the Romney campaign called police to assist them in fraudulent behavior.

I believe we need a show of physical force. We are at war and I think it's time we act like it.

Can't Win

I don't usually say someone can't win, but that's when I assume they can get on the ballot.

The reason I'll say it, now, is not just because you show too much confidence in rich famous people (why choose the Judge? Because he's on TV?).

An independent can't get on the ballot in enough states! Even a Republican former governor of a state couldn't get into the debates!

The LP, the third largest party, can't always get their candidate on all the ballots. An independent certainly won't.

Ron Paul has already proven that he would rather run in the GOP than run in the LP. You can bet he's too practical to change that reasoning, now--he likes the LP and comes to our conventions as a speaker (where we gave him money). Why would he agree to run as an independent?

Besides, wouldn't it be confusing to have two members of the same family in the race?

I could go on, but... this is old ground, and I'm tired of pointing out the wishful thinking involved. (If only we could talk a famous rich person to run, preferably with their own following already built in, and their own money...) Wishing for a magic leader is what got us into this mess in the first place. We need to change Congress and keep them in line with eternal vigilence.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

To "Define" Winning As Democratic Or Republican Party Means:

To "Define" Winning As Democratic Or Republican Party Means:

TO WIN TO LOSE. Either Way.

Why Ron Paul or Judge Napolitano? Because they are "famous?"

NO. Because THESE ARE MEN OF PRINCIPLES. Their public platform does not hurt either. It took YEARS to get Ron Paul to become a household name.

To be held hostage by ACTORS both Major Parties have to offer because they would never allow a Ron Paul or a Dennis Kucinich in the case of the Democrats?

To quote you: "I could go on, but... this is old ground". EXACTLY.

I WOULD RATHER VOTE FOR MICKEY MOUSE ---> http://youtu.be/_0fLuEUrxu4

Lesser of two evils? I would rather lose than advocate EVIL.

That I won't do.

R[3]V♥LUTI♥N http://youtu.be/MXMel6AYFR0

Wisdom Strategies

RON PAUL REVOLUTION 2016 Local Facebook Chapters

RON PAUL REVOLUTION 2016 Local Facebook Chapters.

Hello, everyone. How very nice: WE ARE STILL HERE.

For those who would like to SUPPORT A RON PAUL 2016 Presidential Campaign, my humble suggestion is to START LOCAL RON PAUL 2016 PAGES ON FACEBOOK. You can network there while NO-ONE IS LOOKING HERE :)

RON PAUL 2016 [City / Town ]/Facebook

With YOUR OWN RON PAUL 2016 Facebook Page you have complete control of what you and your friends decide to do. CENTRALIZATION IS A PROBLEM. It is prone to INFILTRATION, Static, Division and Diversion.

If you DE-CENTRALIZE IT, then you can focus on getting WORK DONE instead of defending your position or wasting your time debating people who are NOT on your side, besides for working with friends at a LOCAL level.

THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION WAS A GRASSROOTS NETWORK until it was taken over by "The Official Campaign". We all know what happened as a result. Too much power in too few hands. Corruption. Infiltrators. Greed. People wanting to stop you. Etc.

Think The Daily Paul has not LONG been infiltrated? But once again, it is a CENTRAL HUB. Anybody can come here to disrupt things.

NOT SO ON DE-CENTRALIZED LOCAL NETWORKS. You can start your own in 10 minutes :)


There you have it. We are more creative than "they" will EVER be.

Warmest regards, always:


Enjoy your weekend :) http://youtu.be/_yeP7OIaQok

Wisdom Strategies

If you think about it, we hit

If you think about it, we hit the magic 10% that starts " the brush fires" at the end of the last campaign, we have all the materials already, the issues have not changed and evidence only reinforces all the positions of the 2012 campaign.

I do not see why we could not set up a grassroots "pac" website (taking monetary pledges only to start) to draft Ron before the 2016 party propaganda gets center stage. If we show our continued and overwhelming support based on the 2012 momentum we may be able to get him thinking about it.

I would be in for anything that would show support for a Ron run in 16 if for no other reason than to reunited the forces the party and their media machine will try and splinter this time around.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

Yes. And We Only Had ONE Year. Starting NOW We Have 2 Years!

Yes. And we only had ONE year. Starting NOW we have 2 years to lay down an awesome network...

...while everybody else is hypnotized, mesmerized and distracted by the party puppets and media darlings :) I am glad they are (((smiles)))

People are going to be so BURNED-OUT of politics and politicians by the next election with the same two parties and the same party puppets. Many already are.

This, on the other hand is so different.

Just RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION - INDEPENDENT 2016 car bumper stickers alone will make people question their current mindset. And that is where everything begins.

Wisdom Strategies

One thing I did not see addressed in the comments

Is the fact that the American people have had enough of it with both parties, the popularity of congress is in the single digits. Voter turn out in the last election was lower than the prior election. If there ever was a time for a third party/candidate its in 2016 when the voters will have a choice of Hillery Clinton or Jeb Bush.

I agree with the poster, although not specific to an Indi run

Ron Paul simply running again(regardless of affiliation) would have everyone in the Whitehouse and media crapping their pants. Each election cycle what was more apparent to more and more people?

The corruption. In BOTH parties.

We could even have a slogan, "We've warned you twice, will you believe/join us this time? 2016!"

Presidential Elections are where we shine, and while we will have naysayers again, we will have FAR more on our side this time.

You know what happened to all my Romney loving friends/family last time when he lost? They all gave up! They said "Were screwed!" It was only after that point they would actually talk about proper politics and not a candidate with good hair.

I even heard recently, that when asked the question to the masses "If government is so bad right now, why not stand up and fix it?" with the most common response being "I'm just waiting for it to implode." People are done, they want it gone, but they still want it done for them. People like this will only help if given a safe opportunity to do so.

Even my super loyal to the military cousin, who would never consider the government had foul intentions, sees it now, and we agree on 90% or so of topics, when it was maybe at most 30% in 2012.

People are ready, I can feel it. Why are democrats and republicans retiring all of the sudden? because they know in 2016 if SHTF, the people will come banging down their doors for answers.

I say we run again, lets let them cheat, lets see what happens this time. Let's make it apparent to the world, that both parties are cheating us all, every time they make a mistake, lets blow it up all over the news.

Maybe some of us should start getting reporting jobs, and lay in wait for 2016 :)

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I want him in the debates

Have him run both as a R and D so he can do all of the television debates, including the D/liberal ones. There could easily be 40 of the them this year between the two parties.

I don't think he would win anything, but it would make for fabulous television.

Currently consuming: Gatto: "Underground history of education..", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

Ha ha ha ha

Ya'll are hilarious.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

looks like they have finally

looks like they have finally found a way to marginalize Dr Paul even further....

you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

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Such a bunch of negative

Such a bunch of negative nellies here. Didn't we all get here through belief in Ron being the "right" man? Is he now the "wrong" man because he is getting older? I'll take a 100 year old Ron Paul to a 40 year old anybody else...

Beware the cult of "government"...



This thread isnt about him

This thread isnt about him