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Choosing The Best Bug Out Properties and Land To Buy

There are many suggestions when it comes to finding the perfect bug out location. Many times, most will say to locate something close to your current location, properties that are close to water ( or have water on the land itself ) as well as concealment perks.

Many properties that are listed as survival retreats will come fully decked out with everything a prepper would want in a SHTF scenario BUT the one thing you should realize is that these types of properties are listed EVERYWHERE online and are not exactly a “secret location” by any stretch of the imagination.

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It wouldn't take much to prep

A couple of the smaller 1/2 to 1 acre plots.

I like the burying of caches on the land idea, it would look empty/vacant but you can go in and use what you need if and when the time arrives.

Then my thought is, if the dung doesn't actually hit the fan, build something on it or rent an rv on it and make some profit on each piece over time or sell for a profit in a few years, I guess that would matter where the land was.

Another great thought is to buy or setup mining claims. They would be unincorporated but they come in 20 acre + plots and while they can be used by anyone since it is blm land, you would be the only one to enjoy the mineral rights.

I see this as a great investment especially if you learn how to prospect and secure your own claims. I saw mining claims on ebay for cheap when I went looking and some actually have monthly payments as well and in a ton of different states.

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