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Onwards to Peacefully Dissolving the STATE

How amazing is it to live during these times, both in bearing witness to the true evil savagery of the STATE and more importantly simultaneously possessing the tools at our fingertips to peacefully dissolve said STATE into obsolescence?

It is true, we the people who inhabit these coloring book lines from the Atlantic to the radiated Pacific, suffer under a Direct Tyranny whose whims are so arrogantly arbitrary and capricious, as to claim "authority" to assassinate, indefinitely detain, torture, endlessly spy, and molest those seeking to travel, at any time and at any location on the globe. Such actions are the purview of Tyrants and thus clearly illustrate their illegitimacy as "rulers."

However, with each additional repugnant action of the U.S. Government, ideas are sprouting up everywhere to wit whose peaceful simplicity is mind-bogglingly beautiful.

Mr. Jeffrey Tucker of Liberty.me made mention in a recent interview that the Twenty-First Century will be the direct answer to the century of government and shall be won by the creative entrepreneur.

Further, BitCoin provides the avenue for people to no longer depend on electing uncorrupted politicians to merely hope to achieve a watered down legislative audit of the FEDERAL RESERVE. With every single Market Transaction whereby actual consumable or durable goods are exchanged, solely for BitCoin, equals one more transaction that is wholly devoid of the U.S. dollar.

With nearly the blink of an eye, Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com announces the company will begin accepting BitCoin now, in lieu of waiting until the second quarter of 2014.

As of this very instant, we live in a world where anyone can buy nearly any item, from a pack of tube socks to an automobile; with a currency that knows no loyalty to any Central Bank or STATE.

Thus, this marks a significant step towards the day when the headlines will scream, "Crypto-Currencies Process More Transactions than U.S. dollar."

More importantly, this is all accomplished without firing one shot or engaging in the STATE's favored game of violence. This is indeed, the click heard round the world, and we are alive to be part in securing a debt free liberty, both to us and our posterity.

Patrick Byrne has effectively accomplished what took Andrew Jackson, nearly two-terms in his battle against the Second Central Bank, all without being President, and without all the violent baggage to wit accompanies Jackson.

This is our moment to carpe diem; to reclaim the Natural Liberties which are ours solely by birthright, and which are wholly outside the purview of all governments. This is OUR rEVOLution, and the revolution is now.

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starting to wonder if amway

starting to wonder if amway is behind bitcoin. bitcoin users only profit if they can get more folks to buy bitcoin. like amway of currency. another bubble currency backed by nothing but hope.

Ron Paul 2016

Allison wants to Pay her Taxes

...with bitcoin, laughable premise.
I imagine you do pay taxes, yes?
As surely as internet sales are now taxed;
Bitcoin transactions can someday be also.
As surely as online ammo purchases are regulated;
Bitcoin will be next.
"This disinfomercial is brought to by bitcoin" LOL!
To wit;
The wars will continue,
The atrocities, and corruption also...
And the elitists who wield the power?
...they'll continue also.
All That Glitters Is Not Gold Dept:
To suggest that a "cryptocurrency" can accomplish all you claim is folly, an anarchist's daydream, nothing more.
A flip of a switch...internet, bitcoin....gone!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Danton wants to Grovel at the Feet of the King

Danton Wants to grovel at the King's feet and beg forgiveness.
...American secession from Great Britain, a laughable premise.
Surely if we just continue participating
in the same rigged system
eventually voters will elect
the Magical Libertarian Unicorn Congress.

I see we have another Dickinsean, whose fear of living free and lack of imagination, causes them to try and dismiss that which they cannot understand.

Good luck Danton, I do hope you one day find courage to live free, but even if not, your fear shall not stop or deter the pursuit of Liberty by the tireless minority keen on bringing about the rebirth of Liberty to wit is long past due.

WGRR DB - rEVOLutionary talk for revolutionary times. Listen LIVE!

And YOU, My Dear...

...are so "cliche'" LOL!
It is you who lack "imagination".
REDUNDANT REPETITIVE "Phrasing" or vocabulary:
To wit
Magical Unicorns
etc, etc....and to top it all off;
the plagiarism of the Ron Paul "label" ,whilst laying claim to,
and urging others to "kill your idols" is hypocritical.
Just another "garden variety anarchist rant".....one that also wraps itself, quite falsely in Liberty.
Courage? Haha!...you cowered from my previous response to your hysterical,arrogant drivel......I only heard crickets, dear.
And you utilize "attack modes" in a vain attempt to silence differing opinion....yes "OPINION"....Your Opinion is just that...it is NOT TRUTH or FACT....merely consisting of ad hominems "aimed" at "others".
You remind me of Mark Levin ,in that respect, and in your on-air delivery...screeching, pathetic.
Poor Little Allison.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Sticks and Stones

Thus you are apparently incapable of offering a reasoned counter to the substance of the issue, gotcha.

May you one day find peace dear Danton, be well.

P.S. Thanks for listening to the show.

WGRR DB - rEVOLutionary talk for revolutionary times. Listen LIVE!

Nice Try Sweetie

...but it is you who are "incapable".
Try a little less "sticks and stones", and I might suggest reading:
"How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie.

Got it? Good!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Allison wants to peacefully dissolve the state

With flesh eating acid!!!

Thank you Allison

Thank you for mentioning Jeff Tucker. I hope more people ponder his message and see what in it can work for them. The point is to develop mindsets and technologies that can do end runs around the state. This 50+yo technophobe will have her work cut out for her, but 3-D printing et al gives me hope for the Next-gens.


New Fan!

Aw Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to make a graphic for me, I am just humbled and thankful merely to have the opportunity to express my opinion amongst my fellow Liberty Lovers.

WGRR DB - rEVOLutionary talk for revolutionary times. Listen LIVE!

It Is ...

cheesy with co-opted graphics but the concept is sound. Any real graphic artist could take the concept and turn it into something cool. I wasn't trying to create something usable just float an idea that has merit. A concept like that could be turned into a small graphic that links to your site when clicked which can be easily posted on social media, included in signatures, etc. Thanks for the kind comment.

egapele's picture

Lovin' it



dear you are young and foolish but its okay..I have been part of ron pauls movement since 72...since I came home from a small southeast asian country that no longer exists.I have watched our founding fathers dream slowly disappear. judges are in place. policeman are paid and alert.A standing army is prepared.Our children will NEVER know what freedom was or will they have any chance of a peaceful return to liberty.The snowball is going faster and faster but I hope..I still hope.However in my heart I know its gone.


Agreed. There is no turning back.

The empire building and tyranny will not be reversed, and the power elite and government will find a way to eliminate, manipulate and control bitcoin or anything that threatens their position of power. It is the sad reality short of worldwide massive chaos and bloodshed, which as time has proven, will only result in another totalitarian regime developing and repeating the same horrific cycle that will always prevent true freedom for humanity. Love your family and the ones you are close to for as long as you can as it's not going to get any better.


I love your analogy

Cuz the snowball stops eventually.and the bigger and faster it gets, and the more momentum it has, the more spectacular the bang!


egapele's picture

Wow, never thought of it if that way

good one

egapele's picture

Too bad for you.

I have children to raise.

Get out of the way please.

Love it!

"people who inhabit these coloring book lines from the Atlantic to the radiated Pacific"... ha ha

Good to see someone else on here whose goal is not just getting a better master. (even if it is Ron Paul)

Write more and more often!

Cyril's picture

I like your enthusiasm. :)

I like your enthusiasm. :)

And believe it or not, it does seem it's only the beginning of a story still unfolding.

For those who'd fear that innovation could stall in the domain of crypto currencies, let us reassure them that it's unlikely... observably:


Zerocoin is a proposed cryptocurrency that would be provably anonymous. It will employ cryptographic accumulators and digital commitments with zero-knowledge proofs to eliminate trackable linkage in a blockchain, which would make the currency anonymous and untraceable [...]

Matthew D. Green


His blog :


Enjoy :)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Cyril's picture

For the curious, on the importance of zero knowledge proofs, see

For the curious, on the importance of zero knowledge proofs, see:


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

<--Posted to wrong location-->

Sorry meant to reply to Granger, but the login redirect published the comment as "new" in lieu of "reply."


WGRR DB - rEVOLutionary talk for revolutionary times. Listen LIVE!

That's so exciting

We have the natural liberty to die like anyone else in the world, suicide bombings, genocides, life in refugee camps (what was FEMA but now belonging to the UN and it's NWO, reduce the population, renew the planet, and restore the elite hunger games here we come).

Don't forget to tune into RT Communist News and Press TV from the fascist Iran.. Everyone in the world should have natural rights to die like an Egyptian, Syrian, Libyans,, and we don't have to blame America any more. DOWN WITH AMERA and it's Republic.. UP (your ass) with the UN Agenda!!. No one should have to follow rules. And won't we all feel good singing kumbaya when NATO proceeds reducing the population to 500 million.

BRAVO UN AGENDA 21!!! You go Alison.. show us the way to vahalla!

Good luck

Good luck voting for the magical GOP/Libertarian Congress, to save you and fix the psychopaths in government, Granger.

Care to wager that following your Party-Loyalist manifesto you will be no more free in 2016, 2020, 2024... than you are right at this instant?

Pray tell how many more cycles do you estimate before the Liberty Unicorns take over the federal govenrment and give us all our freedom?

I hope you one day recognize that you need not depend on Leaders.

WGRR DB - rEVOLutionary talk for revolutionary times. Listen LIVE!


There is NOTHING magical about politics (we definately NEED some miracles).

It's not about being heros, or trying to be saved, by sociopaths (psychopaths have feelings, sociopaths don't).

It's not about following people, though it's good to have leaders as long as you don't mistake them for friends. In politics it's especially important to find those who are accomplishing something you can appreciate, and you either help them, or compete, for leadership (not you, you were born all knowing).

Freedom is a great campaign word because it can apply to so many things, so allow me to give you some idea of what freedom I believe I have that is worth saving:

I have the freedom to drink water from a tap in my home that is potable (I know we can debate this: however) There are hundreds of millions of people in the world, that by natural law, need water to survive, they must walk long ways, share water with domesticated animals, drinking and deficating in the same water. This includes Mexico, not too far away. People who walk long distances to carry long distances, water that I turn on a tap, press a on a toilet handle, and fill a pool that I never use.

I have the freedom to walk into any store and make choices to eat GMO or not (just look for the USDA 100% organic lable- progressives have a real hard time with that). To have wheat or a tremendous variety of grain, fruit, vegetables.. I can eat shrimp or crab or pork and no one is going to beat me for breaking a food law. I actually have the freedom to purchase a wide variety of chocolate and coffee at a variety of costs.. and I can drive (women is Saudi Arabia can not. and most in this world do NOT). Sure we can complain about foods or driving laws.. but here in America it is a choice (or a court battle).

I have the freedom to choose where I want to live, where I want to go to school. Millions of people are refugees living in camps with NO freedom to chose where to live. (Many people who have money would like to live where I live, but for some reason, out of their control, it doesn't happen magic?).

It seems these freedoms are being taken for granted, and replaced by greivances to a state, you refuse to participate (talking about NEEDING LUCK or a miracle, your complaints are quite telling).

Maybe you should see how the rest of the world lives? The Blue Republican is comming here to be a CITIZEN of a STATE.. go figure.

Pray tell, what is this whirrled of not cycles and circles and rounds and wheels and orbits...? As long as those like you are profitting from not helping those of us who did take up Ron Paul's invitation to join the GOP and get in the good fight for a Republic, which we can stand? Do tell. because if you have your way.. NEVER!

And where does that leave us?

I hope one day, you who are in a position of leadership, with a FREE VOICE to bash America and will a UN Agenda, will tell your listeners, "Don't listen to me. I am not a leader. You can not depend on me to tell you the truth or give you a solution. All I can tell you is how bad it is.. and it's hopeless! Abandon ALL hope! But don't look at me to lead you."??

How long before the state comes in and puts you out of business and makes all your nightmares come true? I don't know. But I do know, that you won't be asking me to stand for your rights or represent you at political meetings, committees, resolutions, inniatives, candidates and issues. You don't need me or Ron Paul or Rand or anything but to be left alone.. because you're just a fungi, pops up anywhere, comsumes at will, deficates at will, eden is the planet as soon as the state and it's pretend borders and sociopath leaders have all gone away. You are so sure that everyone will just get along. No one will fight you for that only apple on the tree. No one will rape because they felt like it and you are God's gift to them. Kumbaya Kumbaya.. Oh boy do we need a miracle.

Coke -v- Pepsi

It is odd how you get so irritated with someone who merely suggest playing in the political sandbox has been illustrated ad nauseam to be a waste of time.

Further your attitude of "well you know the government is assassinating people, but hey I can choose between Coke or Pepsi at the grocery store, look how free I am" is utterly absurd, but alas to each their own.

Best of luck to you, although I am still waiting for an answer as to how many more election cycles do you estimate it will be before the People are delivered to freedom, since you failed to answer said question in your screed.

WGRR DB - rEVOLutionary talk for revolutionary times. Listen LIVE!


What is so odd is your assumption that I am irratated. I could lob assumptions about how you feel, "irratated", but I believe it's better for you to say how you feel, and for me to say how I feel, rather than each assume how the other feels.

I do not feel irratated. I see many awesome, outstanding, possibilities, and so I have hope and am inspired, which empowers me to make a stand. (I just finished writing a program and contacting some big players,, and I the community is excited and so am I.)

Coke vs pepsi, both are American cola companies, politically representing both parties, their lack of transparancy by, for, and of a republic thirsting for transparancy, as in water. And to me, that was the mission Ron Paul LEAD us when he invited us into the GOP. We are the water in the GOP, and I am here, to be transparent, not right, or righteous, or with an agenda, but to just be myself, stand for what I believe and let the votes fall where they may.

I don't find my participation in the GOP a waste of time. I am leaving for a leadership meeting I have today, CA chair, Treasurer, several candidates, and I they all know who I am, because I'm no different here on DP, than at a GOP meeting, no matter how big or small.. I have MY thoughts and ideas, and I don't play my cards to my chest because I'm transparent. And I have not sold out.. though I am getting offers. Folks like you make those offers look good by comparison.

I see other government's genocide, population purges, civil wars, government upheavels, coupes, and it's not all the USA. The USA has been under a propeganda attack though these UN treaties, where "to be fair", we have Cokmunist RT and Fascist Pepiress TV the new MSM, which is working to have Americans abandon all hope for America, to bring Americans under UN Agenda.

Maybe you should look at what these countries are doing to their people? Homosexuals assassinated (Russia), women beaten, rapes for not covering up, little girls like Malala shot in the face for wanting to read. Do you see what's going on? You have to do more than buy into the propeganda, but you have to search, and I mean search, and most don't. Most like to be entertained by conspiracy theory and "Bad America". America has problems, no doubt, but I wouldn't trade America for Sudan, Rwanda, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Gaza, Syria, Russia, England, France, Germany.. do you see what is going on? Or is it all "Bad America"?

Yeah, you can choose between coke and pepsi and water.. billions of people can't. Do you want to join them?

How many election cycles is not a honest question if you understand politics. It's not an end game, which is what you want to play, but it's layers, cycles, many cycles. and it has much to so with having candidates and support, inside and out. I LOVE Rand Paul, and would LOVE to see hom for president, but I don't want him to risk his senate seat.. so I don't believe 2016 (1 cycle) will be the cycle, maybe 2020.. and I see hope in the GOP because of the Ron paul Republicans.. I apologise to not give you the HARD NUMBER. I don't know. Maybe never, but I'd rather work at transforming the GOP and America to embrace it's Bill of Rights and Constitution and enforce it, rather than give up and prepare to assassinate people who may be coming onto my property seeking help, I'm not going to give if America goes to civil war. It will be each man for himself and I definately want the force with me, but them I LOVE life and want to live, actually, I want to THRIVE. And I am.. are you? Doesn't look like it.


Impressive, does your GOP leadership position, come with an official shiny badge?

I wish you well playing in the political sandbox, pulling the same lever over and over and over, ad nauseam and into your old age.

As Mr. Adams once said, Dear Abigail, there is it seems 1/3 Tory, 1/3 Timid, and 1/3 True Blue. I will let you guess who Mr. Adams considered the Tory and the timid.

WGRR DB - rEVOLutionary talk for revolutionary times. Listen LIVE!

Yes, and ribbons

Thank you for the well wishes. We don't pull levels in CA, not in my county, all ballots are mailed.

Since I have this wonderful knack for saying what I think, no matter who, not many people call me timid.

Susan B. Anthony is known as saying that she could tell a Granger woman for as far as she could see her, for the way she carried herself as a man, as many women back in her day were second class citizens, but Granger women ran farms, businesses and got political, in the bog boys club, like Susan, where they carried not just their weight, but those who were too stupid or scared to stand on their own.

What would Suan say of you? All bark no bite.

I Could Not Care Less

I could not care less what Ms. Anthony would say of me, I do not live life weighing my happiness, success, self-esteem, or character based on a long passed human. Sure sometimes our ancestors have wisdom to impart, but they lived their lives according to their own tune, and so should you, lest of course you enjoy the cover of their shadow.

Kill Your Idols.

WGRR DB - rEVOLutionary talk for revolutionary times. Listen LIVE!

No thanks

I never had any idols, but I do have leaders, people who I admire and respect, like Ron Paul.

I do live my life according to my tune, which is to not listen to anyone with a microphone.