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Onwards to Peacefully Dissolving the STATE

How amazing is it to live during these times, both in bearing witness to the true evil savagery of the STATE and more importantly simultaneously possessing the tools at our fingertips to peacefully dissolve said STATE into obsolescence?

It is true, we the people who inhabit these coloring book lines from the Atlantic to the radiated Pacific, suffer under a Direct Tyranny whose whims are so arrogantly arbitrary and capricious, as to claim "authority" to assassinate, indefinitely detain, torture, endlessly spy, and molest those seeking to travel, at any time and at any location on the globe. Such actions are the purview of Tyrants and thus clearly illustrate their illegitimacy as "rulers."

However, with each additional repugnant action of the U.S. Government, ideas are sprouting up everywhere to wit whose peaceful simplicity is mind-bogglingly beautiful.

Mr. Jeffrey Tucker of Liberty.me made mention in a recent interview that the Twenty-First Century will be the direct answer to the century of government and shall be won by the creative entrepreneur.

Further, BitCoin provides the avenue for people to no longer depend on electing uncorrupted politicians to merely hope to achieve a watered down legislative audit of the FEDERAL RESERVE. With every single Market Transaction whereby actual consumable or durable goods are exchanged, solely for BitCoin, equals one more transaction that is wholly devoid of the U.S. dollar.

With nearly the blink of an eye, Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com announces the company will begin accepting BitCoin now, in lieu of waiting until the second quarter of 2014.

As of this very instant, we live in a world where anyone can buy nearly any item, from a pack of tube socks to an automobile; with a currency that knows no loyalty to any Central Bank or STATE.

Thus, this marks a significant step towards the day when the headlines will scream, "Crypto-Currencies Process More Transactions than U.S. dollar."

More importantly, this is all accomplished without firing one shot or engaging in the STATE's favored game of violence. This is indeed, the click heard round the world, and we are alive to be part in securing a debt free liberty, both to us and our posterity.

Patrick Byrne has effectively accomplished what took Andrew Jackson, nearly two-terms in his battle against the Second Central Bank, all without being President, and without all the violent baggage to wit accompanies Jackson.

This is our moment to carpe diem; to reclaim the Natural Liberties which are ours solely by birthright, and which are wholly outside the purview of all governments. This is OUR rEVOLution, and the revolution is now.

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No Problem

It is fine by me if you need a leader for your life, I too admire and respect Dr. Paul, does not mean I need him or his son to lead me in securing my Liberty.

However, your appeal to tradition, and authority notwithstanding, I do hope you have found the path most suitable to your needs.

Many leaders Alison. I have and have had many leaders.

I feel very blessed for having many leaders.. they taught me how to get the most out of an experience and saved me from hurting myself and others.

I'm a multi-pather, my life embarks on many paths, some short, some long, some sweet, some bitter, some profitable and some expensive, some easy, and some not so easy.

Leaders can take many shapes and forms, teachers, spiritual, political, business, social. I see my leaders as having gifts they are willing to share with me, and I'm happy to collect.

Seems to me, a little leadership would hurt you, might make you appear less immature and nieve?

PS I care very much because the idea of living in a world where people don't care is a form of Hell I don't want to live in.


You Posit a False Premise

The lack of leaders does not equate to People "not caring" those of us who recognize the inherent corruption in the system just seek to direct our energies at more productive outcomes than playing in the rigged political sandbox.

So it's rigged. Wah Wah wah

Instead of getting on Ron Paul's REPUBLICAN ship and start rigging, you're going to sit on the dock and cry abuot it the Democrats who got in during Reagan's years?

It's really a shame when you see Rove, Bushs, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Perle, Rice, so much more capable than yourself IMO.

Since when was crying on a soap box productive? It's a sell out. Real productive.. yeah..

You still fail to understand

Lol you are funny and I guess your loyalty to a totally rigged process is well loyal, but then again dogs are loyal as well.

As they say, the definition of insanity...

Please do let me know how much more free you are after 2016, 2020, 2024, while you are busy "doing something."

I joined the GOP in 2011

After 16 years as a Libertarian, a party that accomplished absolutley NOTHING, and then began nominating Republicans, I registered to vote as an Indy for Nader (one of my former leaders) suggested I register Decline to State Party.. the only people who registered like that at the time were those who worked for the government no matter who was in office. Now it's popular to be "No Party Preference" (this is by design to disenfrancise)

I worked with Nader for three elections on ballot access and open debates in several states. Most of your quips Nader was saying in 1992 when I began working with him. All we won were dozens of law suits in dozens of states that bankrupted the campaigns. We needed at least seven third parties (there are 36 registered third parties) to get ballot access and we never were able to achieve all 50 states (Ok won't go). Ron Paul's campaigns were cake walks by comparison to the brutality, police harrassment, false arrests, vandalism, broken noses, arms, kicks, and talk about dirty tricks.. I've seen so many dirty tricks I can ruin a professional petition team in less than a week.

When I came to Ron paul in 07, I really wanted him to go Indy.. I knew thousands of people.. in dozens of states. Ron Paul refused to budge, and I couldn't bring myself to go Republican.. but I had met Kent Snyder, a number of folks on his staff.. and so when Ron made his bid for 2012.. It actually made me sick, but I registered Republican. I began going to meetings, and I had one hell of a wake up.

The GOP was a huge MSM fabrication, and you promote that because you are not a Republican and you don't know from experience. Know how I became an officer and standing delegate so fast? Because the GOP was gutted by Bush. Ron Paul told the truth.. the party is there for the taking. The Democrats.. Rinos.. who came in remain at the top because they outted the conservatives..

My committee should have had 24 people. There were two, both former Democrats.. the previous chair is in prison for a crime he obviously didn't commit. I never met him. When he was framed the Republicans left. Now it's a committee with tea party and ex Libertarians.. we just had a northwest division conference.. who was there Libertarians and tea party.. and it was AWESOME.

So this is a damn good fight, I'm glad I'm in.

BTW I was a precinct officer for the county of Los Angeles 20 years ago.. Clinton stole the election. It was totally rigged in 1992 and that's how Nader got precinct inspectores from 6 states who knew governemnt policy to work with him.. and we worked very hard.. however, we failed. What we did is assure that no indy will ever get in a debate or have ballot access. We lost every law suit they heard and make adjustnments. It was a shame.. and that's why I appreciated Ron Paul's genius of thaking the GOP.

Follow the Leader....

...into crypto-anarchy......LOL!
Too bad they don't realize that whether they like it or not, they still have to LIVE within THE SYSTEM...
...and most importantly, you cannot pay IRS in crypto-crap:

"When it comes to paying taxes, you can't pay the IRS in Bitcoins, so you'll have to calculate the equivalent dollar price of your Bitcoin transactions to charge the necessary sales tax. The dramatic Bitcoin price fluctuations can make figuring out taxes not just difficult, but potentially punitive as well....."

I'd bet on a political turn-around way before the anarchists gain enough "power" to "effect change".
Example? OCCUPY WALL STREET.......

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


Anarchists are cowards, liars and idiots.

You've made really good points, and I'm sure they can't see them.. they are too full of themselves (shit).

It may just be

...that many are being "duped" by these "villains-in-waiting"...

The "dupes" may not even be aware of their being used as "useful idiots", or to "steer the narrative".

Although I believe in the inherent goodness of most?
....the world is full of evil.
And I do not suffer arrogant academics who use their "narrative playbooks" to entice, subvert, and marginalize.

Some are so evident, it's laughable, isn't it?
See my newest post:
Someone's voted a (-1) within seconds...without apparently viewing the video....I think we know who is at "play", yes?

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

from Michael Krieger

first, my take. Bitcoin really is even better than the most optimistic of DPers hope it is. It paves the way for a far smoother transition away from fiat then ever possible before in history. Gold/Silver is ok but can't be stored at 0 expense, bitcoin can. A thief finding USB drives or burned CDs with bitcoin cannot use it because it is password protected, short of advanced torture interrogation techniques on the password holder. (like dread pirate roberts). Plus, as many redundant copies of bitcoin offline can be made by the owner as they want, all password protected, all at zero expense. A set amount of precious metals can only be stored in one location.

Lastly, unlike Napster which was centralized, Bitcoin is not. Napster could be shut down for that reason, Bitcoin cannot be. Torrents are not centralized and were never able to be shut down, and Bitcoin was designed on that model.


Why China’s Attack on Bitcoin is a Sign of Weakness
Posted on January 16, 2014

For myself and many others back in the 2008/09 period, it seemed obvious what China should to do from an entirely nationalistic perspective on the grand geopolitical chessboard. With the reputation of the U.S. laying in tatters following a gigantic financial collapse and an utterly embarrassing, unlimited taxpayer bailout of the criminals that caused the crisis, the entire world (including Americans) was looking for something else. Something new, something more lawful. Something more just and more stable. The U.S. dollar and the Federal Reserve System had been exposed and entirely discredited in many people’s minds. One of history’s most bold and monumental geopolitical moves was ripe for the taking. China could attempt to back its currency with gold, something I discussed with Max Keiser in a May 2010 interview. Immediately, capital flows would flood into the country, Chinese consumer purchasing power would explode and a rebalancing of their economy would experience a traumatic, but monumental and necessary shift. They could have announced such a plan and then implemented it slowly and with safety nets for manufacturers. It wouldn’t have been easy, but the window of opportunity was open. Instead, they did nothing, and now I think it’s too late.

I think there are two obvious reasons why the Chinese authorities failed to take bold action on the world stage. First, many of the wealthiest billionaires and elites in China have benefited greatly from so-called “free trade” partnerships with the West. The ponzi relationship in which we print pieces of paper and give it to them for manufactured goods has resulted in fabulous fortunes for the Chinese power players. Not to mention their existing personal, social relationships with Western elites. So why rock the boat?

The second reason has to do with the likely political and social turmoil that would have resulted from such a move. The enormous economic rebalancing from such a power play would financially ruin many people during the transition period. Some of them might be locally powerful figures who could then rile up newly unemployed peasants and the conditions for revolution would be ripe. That’s not to say this would be the outcome, but pulling off such a grand move would open up the political situation to such a risk. A risk no one in power was willing to take. So they didn’t.

There is a third possible reason, and that is the U.S. quietly threatened China militarily if they attempted such a move. This is certainly possible as well.

All of these questions were on my mind back on May 2012 when I wrote an article titled: China Better Have a Plan. Here’s a passage from that piece:

The fact that the Central Planners in China are basically standing around like deer in headlights as their economy plunges into the abyss is nothing short of astounding. Sure they have lowered the bank Reserve Requirement but so what? That is an epic joke of a move in light of the gargantuan problems that economy is facing, and is blatantly pathetic in its irrelevance. I’m not going into detail for the thousandth time why China’s economy is nothing more than a Keynesian Centrally Planned house of cards on steroids with mal-investments that make the U.S. housing market look benign. I have done that too many times over too many years to exert energy on that topic once again. That said, what I do want to do is look back at the post 2008 period and try to figure out why they never really took polices to rebalance the economy away from fixed asset investment toward consumption. In fact, not only did they not rebalance but they doubled down on the prior strategy! Well now the chickens have come home to roost and we are about to find out if China has any real “long term” plan to get themselves out of this mess.

Ultimately, what I think the authorities in China decided to do was let the U.S. hang itself. The Chinese elites didn’t want to be held responsible for the collapse of the U.S. dollar or the world monetary system. So instead, they decided to wait it out, buy gold and prepare to take over on the world stage once the monetary system imploded in on itself. This seemed like a reasonable plan, but they didn’t anticipate one very, very important thing. They didn’t anticipate Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the monetary equivalent of some genius programmer coming to the global chessboard, picking it up over his or her head and then throwing it on the floor, scattering the pieces all over the place. This is why I and so many others were shocked that the control-freaks in China were seemingly supportive of it. I believe this was the result of some very forward thinking and brilliant Chinese entrepreneurs seeing the technological achievement for what it is and convincing others of its incredible potential. However, that didn’t last long. Why?

My theory is that there is a very powerful nationalistic element in China with a laser focused goal of becoming the next global empire. They want all that the U.S. has. Military might to make other countries bend to their will. Funded via an unlimited, globally accepted printing press money with which billions of clueless serfs can be controlled and manipulated. Basically, they want to run the next Federal Reserve System of the world. Obviously, Bitcoin throws a gigantic wrench into such plans.

What really gets under my skin is when gold bugs cheer China’s move to push the renminbi forward as the new global currency. Personally, I bought gold and silver and continue to hold it because I see the inevitability of the current monetary order’s collapse. That doesn’t mean I want a foreign nation with less political freedoms than we have to be in charge of the next global reserve currency. Nor does it mean I want China to run a new gold standard. We all know that such a ploy would be used to gain reserve currency status (just as we did at Bretton Woods), and before long you’d no longer be able to redeem your notes for metals. Then before you realized what happened, Americans would be under the thumb of a Chinese Bernanke. You want that? I don’t.

This brings me to the main reason I have supported Bitcoin and continue to support it. Bitcoin brings the concept of decentralized, peer-to-peer currencies into the human consciousness. It separates money from the state. The reason bureaucrats can’t understand Bitcoin is because all they understand is power and control, and Bitcoin’s purpose is to distribute those things. Bitcoin, or whatever may come after it, represents a huge opportunity for our species to grow up and take responsibility for something as significant as money. It also represents a great opportunity for the U.S. economy. With China flatfooted and confused, we should be pushing Bitcoin and things like it every step of the way. U.S. entrepreneurs are perfectly positioned to lead the way in the evolution of money and also do some good for the world. Policy players and thought leaders in the United States should ignore the insane ramblings of Paul Krugman and ask themselves one key question. If you agree that the current monetary system is doomed to failure, what would you prefer, a Chinese Federal Reserve System or decentralized, peer-to-peer alternatives? My choice is clear.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

Consider How NEGATIVE The Attitude Towards Bitcoin Has Been...

The attitude towards bitcoin here at the DP has been pretty negative; not lately, but in mid 2013 there was some serious bitcoin hating going on here. People were dismissing bitcoin as worthless.

It's pretty sad that many were not open to seeing bitcoin as something to be used TO GAIN FREEDOM. It is akin to opposing abolition or voting rights for women. I would hate to say that I started on the wrong side of the slavery argument.

And it would be hard to say that we have a keen eye for freedom IF WE CAN'T NOTICE the tools for freedom when you put them on the table right in front of us!

It kinda disappoints me that we didn't jump on bitcoin from the start as a tool for freedom; WE HAD TO BE DRAGGED into believing it was a freedom tool.

We should try to stay more open-minded in the future.


I still don't compare bitcoin to gold and silver, you can see now what bitcoin is doing, and it is not REPLACING gold and silver, it is becoming a transaction currency, rather than a long-term wealth store.

Anyone care to come out and admit that their opinion has changed from negative to positive on bitcoin?

Or explain how you now look at bitcoin much differently than a year ago?

sharkhearted's picture

BRAVO. Well said!

I LOVE that last part of the article...and I repeat it here:

"This is our moment to carpe diem; to reclaim the Natural Liberties which are ours solely by birthright, and which are wholly outside the purview of all governments. This is OUR rEVOLution, and the revolution is now."


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Thank You

Thank you for your kind words, and glad you found the closing uplifting. :)

egapele's picture


keep at it, Allison.

Small concern...

The crypto-currency situation is a fascinating and altogether interesting replacement for traditional currencies. But beware the prophets warning. The New World Order stands to replace physical currencies with digital ones such that no transaction on the planet can take place without these online tools. At some point I am betting that the path is being laid for future legislation declaring an online currency the new standard. They essentially did the same thing with the U.S. Dollar.
Though the dollar had no tangible backing it has been the accepted currency around the world for a long time. Don't think that the same or similar legislation could not be written for digital currencies as well.
This could ultimately lead to a stamping or barcode to enable you to make purchases in the real world with money from the digital world. But hell we almost have that already it is just with plastic cards rather than physical money. Just a dire warning from a book written long ago.

We must come together to decide on alternative tangible currencies in addition to the crypto model. But let us beware of the beneficiaries of new crypto currencies. The can be used and manipulated as any fiat currency could ever have been.

8% of the Money Supply is Actual Paper

Only 8% of the currency is actual paper, the rest is already just unlimited fiat digital 0's and 1's.

The beauty of BitCoin and other Crypto-Currencies is the OPEN public ledger, that every person who utilizes said crypto-currency automatically downloads and is updated as each transaction in the market place is completed.

This in and of itself was an argument used to justify the central bank, ergo "The centralized clearing house" to wit the Chicago Branch of the FED serves in said capacity.

The key to avoid the scenario you posit is that the ledger must never be decoupled or made private from the end user.