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'The Matrix' Discussion Thread

UPDATE: Big snowstorm headed towards Boston (again). It will be a perfect week to re-watch The Matrix. Last week some of us watched Fight Club. The discussion thread for that one is over here. I still have a few observations about that that I hope to write up and share later today.

In the mean time, if you want to discuss the lessons of The Matrix, check back here and share!

- - - -

Like I was telling another member here, The Matrix is foundational. It created a paradigm shift in 1999, and its cultural ramifications reverberate on, especially in this community.

"The Red Pill," is a Matrix reference. Taking "The Red Pill" is your voluntary choice to see the Truth, which is what Neo did. If you take the "Blue Pill" you go back to where you were before: Ignorant. Having forgotten everything you learned over the past 7 years.

Would anyone here like to do that?

Not me. I have no regrets. But the question that Freedom demands is: What are you going to do with what you learned? How are you going to apply it?

I'm asking that of myself, every day. And like the Beatles, I'm looking to Get Back: Get back to where you once belonged.. Who am I? How did I get here? What is this all about?

It is the question Neo asks himself, night after night, until an answer is provided.

So I'll comb through The Matrix one more time. Like Oil Pulling, it can't hurt. But I'd like to hear some perspectives from people seeing it for the first time. That would be interesting conversation to have.

If you haven't seen it, I invite you to watch it and check back here.

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Michael Nystrom's picture

Good night, kiddo

Get some rest. You'll need it. Saturn is barreling down on you and he is a relentless taskmaster. You'll need that kung fu!

Have I ever told you that I Love you?


jrd3820's picture

lol often hvactech....

often. hope all is well your way

"This is your last chance.

"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.... and then there's the white pill, take the white pill and I get to see how deep your rabbit-hole goes." -Morpheus-

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!

Michael Nystrom's picture

Computers are now the superior species when it comes to chess

Computers are now the superior species when it comes to the game of chess. After Deep Blue won it, there is no going back. No, the torch has been passed. The computers are the champions when it comes to chess.

One game they still couldn't win at is poker. Why? Computers are all about logic. Computers can only follow rules. Just like the Agents.

Humans can bluff. Humans use subtle betting strategies to collect information.

Can you teach a computer to bluff? Holy crap, once we teach computers to bluff, it is all over. Game over. Run for the hills!!!

from what I understand

computers suck at the game of go, unfortunately I have no idea on the fundamentals of the game and loose to the computer all the time. So their is hope its just another person. not me.

a few years back this movie help with my insomnia

i probably watched this movie every day for 1+ years(no joke), The 1st matrix would settle me into this comfort zone that would allow me to relax and sleep, especially the opening when neo wakes up and is contacted by trinity on his computer...epic scene imo!this scene sorta reminded of me back then, in a small apartment,half empty pepsi cans scattered around my desk, with an over filled astray and a small pipe ;).a bunch of burned dvd's with no title,head bent backwards pivoting on my computer chair late a night,surfing the net for something but,not sure what i was looking for.

in time i did make the connection with the matrix and the current crisis we are experiencing in our society. Every flower blossoms at different times.

jrd3820's picture

I have to do this one again

What's on that guys playlist Michael? What is his sound? I don't know.
I'm going to go figure it out and try again.
This whole thing is a bit bizarre.
Hey, look what I can do!:)

Michael Nystrom's picture

Did you finish it already?

Yeah, this is a weird one. You have to do it a couple of times, at least.

Those special effects of Trinity, right at the beginning still blow me away. It is a great opening. Takes a long time to figure out what is going on in this movie.


I got a little bit of a late start. I was in Looking for Something Land. I hate Looking for Something Land, especially if you don't find what you were looking for.

I love this movie. Right now he's just signing for that FedEx package that has a cell phone in it. It rings. It is Morpheus on the phone...

Neo: "You can't scare me with this Gestapo crap! I want my phone call!"
Smith: "What good is a phone call, if you cannot speak?"

He didn't see that one coming!

jrd3820's picture

I tried to watch it last night

But some guy online was cracking me up all night. I was dying. I re read one of his emails this morning it still cracked me up.
I'm going to go serious here though in a few with the movie, just waiting for my friend to pick up his dog so I can watch uninterrupted.

Oh, tell her she doesn't have a sound, she has a warmth I can feel though. And my thoughts, she has my thoughts. She is in them often especially regarding her sister. And I'm glad she still loves the CD.

Michael Nystrom's picture

OK. Let us know what shakes out

Like in Fight Club, there is a lot going on in this movie, too.

Visually, it is stunning. So many great shots that just work as compositions.

I'm playing the CD, then I'm going to try to hit the sack early. Looking forward to hearing what you saw.

SteveMT's picture

Taking the "red pill" is not a one-time-only ingestion.

The red pill should be considered a daily supplement these days, like a multivitamin or like your daily log on to DP. This rabbit-hole is really deep with lots of potential stops along the descent. Swallowing one red pill is no longer enough to get completely extracted from this matrix. "The desert of the real" is the brutal truth that with daily exposure is all too easy to minimize. Good idea about watching this movie again. I was completely blown away after seeing it in 1999. I'll give it a re-watch as a supplement to my "training."

How about people who haven't

How about people who haven't seen it since waking up? Like seeing it in new eyes.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Yes, this is an invitation to everyone

Anyone who wants to rewatch and discuss it, welcome to the virtual party!

This is a great idea Michael.

This is a great idea Michael. Like a movie club. A book club is good but it takes me forever to get through 1 book. So a movie club would be good for people like me. Good for discussion.

This was on TV a few weeks ago but I will have to re watch it without the tv edits.

I watched The Matrix, April 21, 1999. I saw it in a theatre.

I had food poisoning the day before from McDonald's, and went to a concert while I had that food poisoning. It was a good & bad time. Anyway, during the scene when Neo is woken up in the "incubator," I had the weirdest deju vu that lasted for what seemed minutes. You know when you have deja vu, but it isn't that strong, so you kind of brush it off as nothing? This was the really, really weird deju vu. And I couldn't remember seeing any advertisements on TV for The Matrix before watching it. Weirded me right out.

Michael Nystrom's picture

I don't remember the exact date I first saw it

But it was in the theatre, and I was blown away by it. I'd never seen anything like it.

Looking forward to watching it again later this week. Thank you for sharing.

I only remember the date

Because the concert was 4/20/99 lol.

You're welcome.

I had that same deja vu

very weird


is déjà vu a real memory or just a feeling that we remember something?

I saw a hawk flying in the sky one day and instantly thought I knew exactly how to fly like that. But I don't believe in reincarnation.

My Matrix moment was in 1977

In a great and rather frightening (at the time) episode of Space: 1999

A hideous telepathic alien race implants psychic illusions into the minds of the moonbase alpha team in order to control them.

Commander Koenig (Martin Landau) is immune due to a freak accident.


My other Matrix moment: Quatermass and the Pit

Ever hear that theory about aliens crash landing on earth and creating humans? This show was from 1958. It was remade by Hammer into a film version in 1967, that version is also pretty good.


Alas, the Matrix came out too late in life to have such an impact on me. I've never watched the entire movie I'll admit, but I get the gist of it.

I like how...

...the Wachowski siblings' movies seem to have a positive outlook on the highest layer of reality being sort of a Platonic realm of Love. Resonates with my worldview. :)

Cloud Atlas:

[1973 - Luisa meets Sixsmith's niece in the Museum of Modern Art]
Luisa Rey: Megan Sixsmith?
[Megan nods and Luisa sits next to her, she gives Luisa the report Sixsmith had sent her]
Megan Sixsmith: Make them pay.
Luisa Rey: You can count on it.
[Luisa gives Megan the stack of letters from Frobisher to Sixsmith]
Megan Sixsmith: Thank you. My uncle was a scientist, but he believed that love was real. A kind of natural phenomenon. He believed that love could outlive death.

I'll leave it for others to discover how this shines through in 'the Matrix' as well. :)

Great trilolgy

The Matrix is.

For those that have a hard time behind the meaning of these great films, I give you this...

The Matrix Decoded

(Not made by me but I've used it a few times for those who were struggling to grasp all the allegories)

It is one of the essential features of such incompetence that the person so afflicted is incapable of knowing that he is incompetent. To have such knowledge would already be to remedy a good portion of the offense.

Bump for allegories

I like allegories.

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

Remember when Neo ate the cookie from the Oracle?

It was a new program, not just a cookie, that made him like the sentinels; faster, stronger, and flexible. Then, he finally programmed himself and did the things he did in the matrix, in real life.

That is what we have to do:

1) Deprogram ourselves.
2) Program ourselves with Liberty.
3) Write our own programs for ourselves.
4) Give the program to others without it. ;)

When did common sense become a super power? –Patrick F. Holman

Michael Nystrom gave me a

Michael Nystrom gave me a virtual cookie once. It was awesome.

The Matrix is About...

To me, the Matrix is about how people, even when shown the way to freedom, prefer to be slaves - slaves to any entity that can relieve them of the stress of figuring out what to think by telling them what to think, and can give them a sense of security, whether that entity be a church, the government, the Matrix, etc., even if they know that that entity is evil.

Case in point was when Cypher betrayed all of his friends, perfectly happy to have them all killed, so he could return to the Matrix.

Another case in point is when Neo was taken from the Matrix and he had a very difficult time adjusting, and Morpheus apologized to Neo, saying, "we never free a mind once it reaches a certain age. It's dangerous, and the mind has trouble letting go."

Notice that Cypher was probably one of the oldest of the free, and he went back to the Matrix (slavery). Also notice that the staunchest supporters of freedom were the youngest. [side note: The youth of this country will save us.]

So slavery of the mind is no different than slavery of the body. Most people crave to be slaves, they beg to give up their freedoms.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Counterpoint to Cypher:

Morpheus, Trinity, Neo, and the rest of them.

Cypher was just a speedbump along the way. He was a nonentity in the big picture. Don't even waste one second of time thinking about Cypher. Keep your eyes on the heroes among us.