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Has Anyone Here Figured out Free Energy Yet?

Governments and Corporations suppress free or nearly free energy as it competes with their monopolies. Has anyone here found on the path to getting a magnetic generator or hydrogen generator that turns water into fuel on the fly? It seems like it's impossible to sort through the 100,000+ videos and articles on it. I wish I knew if there was anyone legitimate out there that has figured it out.

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Pound per pound milk jugs have same energy as gallon of gasoline

Easy to store, doesn't rust or corrupt if kept out o direct sun. Smells bad if not rinsed properly.

We've thrown out a jug a day for 37 years. I don't drink milk. But I've been thinking that's a lot of pounds of fuel, for free.

Free includes debt-free!

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Mic check


He's the man.

I was hoping

Not many takers on this yet..

LOL well isnt this the 10

LOL well isnt this the 10 billion dollar question.