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Third House Dem in Three Days Calls it Quits

In what is viewed as a rush to the exits in the face of the Obamacare disaster and the Obama scandal machine bleeding into the 2014 mid-term elections, three prominent democrats in the U.S. Congress have announced their retirement this week.
►On Monday, 40-year Capitol Hill veteran and Pelosi Democrat, George Miller (D-CA)
►On Tuesday, Bill Owens pulled the plug (D-NY)
►On Wednesday, Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA)
This week’s announcements by Moran, Owens and Miller join other House Democrats, including
►Mike McIntyre (D-NC)
►Jim Matheson (D-UT)
The exits of the congressional democrats is likely tied to their belief that 2014 offers little hope in their gaining majority in the House of Representatives. Here

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Good riddance. However, they

Good riddance. However, they will get leftists replacements if we don't agree on our own replacements.

thank God that criminal Miller is finally out of here...

Now he'll go work for a bank and steal money that way.

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Good. However, the Democrats

Good. However, the Democratic party feels either forced or voluntary retirement of some of their members might allow them to hold onto their seats in 2014. We'll see if Americans fall for another round of this con job.


I have a feeling this is not news. This sounds like an average number of people deciding not to run again.

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Unfortunately they will be replaced with other politicians.

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McIntyre is my district

He won by the skin of his teeth the last election and sees the writing on the wall.

Too bad because he was a moderate Democrat & they are a dying breed in the South.

Matheson will run for office

Matheson will run for office again. He is young and a popular blue dog dem in Utah

Southern Agrarian

Nah they have new better paying jobs now that they are connected

They can work as IsUnReal spys or lobiest or whatever name they like to call a traitor from congress. They did their job of destruction already now reward time.


Can you abide them taking off their blue ties?


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Isn't there rules in some states/places

that say when they quit that it means a special election for another of the same party?

I know it may differ from state to state, or I may even be missing some details on how that scenario works, but this coincidence reeks of system gaming just to hold Dem seats.

As in - Have a few duck out now, to lock new ones in via special elections, in the places in danger of losing seats maybe? Maybe abusing technical rules possibly to hold percentage?

Anyone know?

Depends on whether they actually "quit"

If they pack up their bags and go home now, yes. If they retire after serving out the rest of their terms, no. If they are in swing districts, a special election would be very risky, because of the anti Obamacare feeling right now.


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What happened,

They didn't make the Millionaires Club?

Ron Paul Was Right

Not bad

Now, if only another 530 do the same!

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